Alongside the limited time Operation Shamrock and Awe event, Raven Software has also released an entirely new content drop for Modern Warfare Remastered, not limited to a certain time.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, Raven has taken a different approach to adding new content. Content is based around Operations. With today’s update, the new content is only available through Operation Lion Strike Supply Drops. Players can still get Operation Article Wolf Drops in the Depot — you pick and chose which drops you want.

The Lion Strike brings new weapons, new weapon kits, calling cards, and more.

New Content includes: 

  • Sniper: D-255
  • LMG: PKM
  • SMG: Mac-10
  • New Melee Weapon

All images via @Avxry

  • PuddleOfStix

    I want to play this game. I just can’t. I don’t find it fun any more and it hurts me to say. Anyone else feel like this?

    • Bob Whackett

      I hear ya Puddle. They need to focus on making the game better instead of focusing on the cash grab. How about limiting frag x3 to one frag to reduce nade spamming? Make dead silence actually silent. Nerf the m16 to give the game gun variety. Up the server send rate and make the TTK not an insta-die. These are the issues with this game.

      • Unclecoon

        Then the game wouldn’t be cod4, but I agree with the send rate

        • Bob Whackett

          The game stopped being cod 4 the second they added weapons and supply drops.

          • Unclecoon

            The 3 new guns havent been properly balanced the core game is 95% the same as the original. And I like you am a search player… I personally don’t mind frag times 3 because everybody usually throws the same nades and people that cook all those nades often get beat to the chokepoint

          • Bob Whackett

            Yeah, the new guns don’t bother me. Nothing in the game beats the m16. It’s the best assault, sub and sniper in the game. I just think it’d be fun to have gun variety instead of only seeing the m16, 74u and m40 sniper.

          • Thomas Murphy

            Nothing in the game beats the M16? now i dont know if you have even played the game for more than a prestige but your an idiot

          • Bob Whackett

            I’ve played cod religiously since cod 4. Back up your stance. Tell me what gun will compete with the m16? Any sub can be one bursted by the m16 up close with hip fire, it’s the best assault and you can kill snipers by simply using juggernaut. Also, it’s “you’re” an idiot…

          • JAq

            Damn son he just corrected your grammar. Get hecked

          • Eddie Tupy

            ak 47 and m4 are better close and mid range. m16 is only good if the person doesnt see you.

      • Dante

        If they reduce the frags to 1 for frags x3 what would be the point in having it in the game in the first place :l

        • Bob Whackett

          I get a load of nade kills with frag x3 , but playing search and calculating that there can be a total of 18 grenades coming from one team is ridiculous. They could sub. frag x3 for something different.

      • I Don’t Read Replies

        CoD 4(MWR) is the only CoD to win GoTY

        • Bob Whackett

          I loved the original. Played it like crazy. The kill time wasnt as bad, you could take cover, smokes actually made it so you could cross without snipers easily sniping you through it. My mentality is they’re already changing the game…why not fix the bs in the game.

      • Bob is wrong

        “limiting frag x3 to one frag” LOL just get better at the game bud literally all you gotta do is wait a bit if you playing search and other game modes well its part of the game so stop complaining

        • Bob Whackett

          I’m good at the game and get a lot of kills with frag x3 as I stated earlier. I can recognize bs though even if it’s beneficial to me. Also, you’re not the deciding factor and we’re stating our opinions “bud”.

          • Thomas Murphy

            You seem like an absolute cunt

          • Bob Whackett

            Why do I seem like a cunt?

      • kia0525

        I’d rather have them integrate tac mask and blast shield somehow, perhaps equipment instead of a tactical and lethal grenade like mw2. TTK can’t be really adjusted since almost everything kills you in 2-3 shots, but it would help out the issue of inconsistent gunfights when you clearly had the drop on the opponent.

    • I stopped playing after getting christmas camo lol

    • Joshua

      I do bc they reset me bc I was just too damn good, and they said i was boosting like wtf man

    • ccrows

      I’m actually fine with the gameplay, it’s the QSers that are just sucking all of the fun out of certain maps.

      I love the fact that those guys complain for a M16 nerf, but also cry their eyes out if their SR isn’t OP for collaterals… <_<

      • Snoop Lying

        They should just keep a dedicated sniper mode and dedicated cargo mode while taking cargo out of main playlist. Last weekend was actually pretty fun while not having dumb teammates constantly trying to sniper.

        • ccrows

          100% agree. Let the FaZe wannabe kiddies have their own room to play. IMO that would help this game out in the long run…

      • PuddleOfStix

        I can’t put my finger on what it is. I mean, the maps, the weapons, the gameplay is iconic. But any time I launch the game, I just end up quitting it a few minutes later. I’m not hating the game itself, per se, but it sucks to go beasting in BO3 to barely enjoying a snail’s pace in MWR. It makes me sad.

        • See Swagx

          its the play style now, its changed. I’m in the same boat I was addicted to this game back in the day. But now i play twice a week usually with a mate for the banter etc. Just try and find a bunch of good dudes to play with and just have fun. (beers are ideal :P)

          • kia0525

            The play style has indeed changed unfortunately, I only play mwr when its 2xp.

        • Mariajgurley

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        • famzao

          I felt the same way. The reasoning I’ve come up with is when this first came out I put a shit load of time and emotion into all the prestiges and challenges and doing it all over again almost a decade later, especially w/o any added achievements​/trophies just doesn’t seem justifiable to me

    • Gokhan

      When I played the game back in 2007, everything was more balanced, even noobs could get used to the game in a short time. I really waited paitently for this one as a dream coming true to me, but unfortunatly, I cant play it anymore. So much quickscopers and feels like the game is faster then before. I die like 25 times in one game and I don’t get it how people can play so fast

    • W1LL1AM04

      I just wish they bring back the old TTK. It feels like every Core match is in HC mode

      • billy sucks at cod

        The TTK is the same as the original. You must have had shit internet back in 2007 or are just retarded. You will probably say the same thing when MW2 gets remastered and I two shot you with UMP from 50 meters away.

    • Eddie Tupy

      cod4 was always like this, at least on pc. Its the console versions that took awhile to catch up with the fast pace.

  • Bob Whackett

    I hear ya Puddle. They need to focus on making the game better instead of focusing on the cash grab. How about limiting frag x3 to one frag to reduce nade spamming? Make dead silence actually silent. Nerf the m16 to give the game gun variety. Up the server send rate and make the TTK not an insta-die. These are the issues with this game.

  • ccrows

    6.05GB Update? Really?

    How much garbage did they shove in the SD box? Is there a hidden zombie map in there?…

  • Further and further down the drain this game goes.

    • ccrows

      I’m gonna try to hold on unless they include that HBS, Akimbo, and thermal garbage.

      Really hope that BS stays out of the game…

  • tarheels_forever

    the “stamina factor” in this game totally kills it for me. in any other FPS i play, i can run until i decide to stop. in MWR, your stamina runs out and you start walking. this makes you even easier prey for all the excessive amount of snipers in this game. i think taking “stamina” out of the game would at least balance things out some as far as all the snipers go. however, i understand that if stamina was in the original, then most players probably want it in MWR. but im not one of them. also, without the constant walking instead of running, the game would play faster, which i also think would make it more fun. if i could run continuously until i “choose” to stop, it would be much better imo.

  • djml9

    Can you get the gun from a drop or is it strictly from gathering the entire collection?

  • CJM0929

    I’m die hard fan of cod4 and I really like the new stuff they’re adding, as long as they dont change the gameplay I’m fine with anything they put into the game. I spent 57 days in the original cod4 and was top 500 in the leaderboards without using noobtubes or three frags. I still play MWR every day, gb matches and the new stuff is not affecting me in any way. So stop bitching about it, if you dont like it dont use it. One thing I would like that they implement is to restrict the use of noob tubes in HC SnD at the beggining of the match for 15 seconds.

    • Benchat Benchat Lucas

      Problem is, the game is called Modern Warfare Remastered, not Reimagined. If they wanted to put this crap, they could’ve done it in CoD: O, but wasn’t necessary to ruin the feel of this game by adding all of this.

  • ToonToons22

    I think it would be way better to unlock weapons through challenges rather than unlocking them through supply drops. Here’s an idea for one:

    “Get 100 kills WITHOUT using an M16A4 or M40A3, and WITHOUT using Stopping Power or Juggernaut.”

    Anybody who can do that is deserving of a new weapon for sure.