A new patch update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is now live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The patch is version 1.11.

The new patch has added in new prestige levels to the game, allowing players to rank up beyond Prestige 10. With today’s update, there’s now a total of 30 prestiges in the game. (20 new prestiges were added).

The patch also has enabled Custom Emblems in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Patch Notes:

Featured Content and What’s New:

  • Emblem Editor
  • Master Prestige Ranks
  • 20 additional Prestige Ranks
  • Each new Prestige Rank grants permanent bonuses. Bonuses include:
    • Extra XP from challenges (including Camo challenges)
    • The ability for Classic weapons to earn De-Atomizer Strikes
    • Extra starting ammo for Classic weapons
    • Additional XP for using MKII weapons
    • As well as new rank icons, Emblems, and Permanent Unlock Tokens

General Fixes:

  • Fix to enemy names not always appearing on-screen during Killcam
  • Audio fixes for Intel Logs in Campaign
  • Fixes to party indicators not appearing properly
  • Audio fixes for MP and Zombies when having two profiles logged in on PS4
  • Gun Perk: Readiness – now reloads faster when mag is low instead of when mag is empty
  • Fix for the Weapon Level Up indicator not displaying properly mid-match
  • Camo adjustments for the Hailstorm
  • Fix for the Axe not appearing properly in the player’s hands when using the Synaptic’s Rushdown Trait
  • Fix for the Synaptic using a different gesture instead of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” when viewing in 3rd person
  • Various map fixes
  • Fix for an issue where trophy systems could deflect a passed Uplink or Defender drone
  • Fixed an issue where enemy scorestreak callouts would not play in FFA
  • Fix for a bug where the Rigs would be facing the wrong direction in the Winner’s Circle

SOURCE: Infinity Ward (Image via @Alum_xD.)


  • wut

    i can dig it. haven’t been pumped about an update in a while.

  • Milan Wieringa


  • CHRiS

    Its about 2,9 GB.
    20 new prestiges? So 20 permanent unlocks for every prestige promotion?
    I’ll check this update in few minutes and let You know.

    • Jordan Fields

      new wepons??

      • Steven

        No, not new weapons. Still no custom emblems as well -_-

        • Jordan Fields

          Omg I hate this game I love u

        • can you read lol

          • we

            you replied to him 3 hours later bro

        • Christopher Moore

          Custom emblems are up now. I have created a few.

  • lunator100hd .

    Beyond Prestige 10? who even made it all the way there? i play cod since cod 4 and sold back this game after a week.

    • Mr.69

      Ur a pussy

      • William Blocker III

        Add me on Xbox “@Soo HoLy and PS4 @Soo_HoLy” Im better than all you guys

    • KaOz

      why are you here… i feel like you’re lying or wasting time

      • lunator100hd .

        Why am i here? i just said i play cod since cod 4 and you asking why im in a 100% related cod site?

        • Jon

          You keep trolling posts that have nothing to do with COD4. So you are lying or wasting time was a correct statement. Smh.

        • KaOz

          But you sold the game… So whats the point? The changes mean nothing to you if you dont own it

          • Because believe it or not, this isn’t exclusively an Infinite Warfare site. Its Call of Duty. Meaning they do more than just one game. Look at the articles, there is Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered and Call of Duty 2017.

            Him selling the game doesn’t give up his right to come here and nor does it make his opinion invalid.

        • Vlad Shaposhnikov

          Because you sold this game a week after its release. Your opinion from that moment became 100% irrelevant. So again, why are you here commenting on something you aren’t a part of?

          Plenty of people have prestiged past 10 by the way.

    • William Blocker III

      Add me on Xbox “@Soo HoLy and PS4 @Soo_HoLy” Im better than all you

  • I’m not even level 55 lol

    • Unclecoon

      I prestige about 2 weeks ago and only made it to level 16

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  • Austin Watson

    It is kinda B.S. Been playing for almost 2 months now while being master prestige. So what about all the points I would of had to rank up for the next prestige. I know they won’t count. Instead of adding to the game. One big thing they need to fix is being able to keep a party together when backing out of a lobby and fix the problem where people have problem getting into a party. I’ll still play but adding 20 new prestigious this late. Is a lot of work especially since I haven’t played remastered much yet. Trying to work on my guns and stuff then off to remeasure.

    • Jen

      Totally agree with you on the party issue. I swear any time a party member leaves, or someone else wants to join, or we want to back out of a lobby-we all end up having to restart the game and link back up because it all goes to crap.

    • Colin Chatwin

      Same here, Prestige 10 lvl 55 since January, all that XP since then just wasted. How about bringing out a complete game on release or at least count up the wasted XP and jump a few prestige levels when u decide to add more!

      • Nahu

        Get a life how about that…..

    • RdJokr

      How would that work? Every time you need to prestige, you have to go through a confirmation screen that you want to prestige first. It doesn’t level up automatically. How would the game be able to store XP for you then?

  • Steven

    20 new prestiges… a bit late… but custom emblems are even worse that should have been in the game by the release. It’d better be good

    • REMY MA-sturbator

      been waiting forever for this shit…

      • Mariajgurley

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  • REMY MA-sturbator

    soooo is it even faster to level since more prestiges? not saying it’s hard. Just…30?! I’m only 3rd prestige!

  • Cherry

    18gb just for prestige levels??

    • cbns007

      2.9gb on Xbox…

      • Cali2005soldier

        2.892 on PS4

  • Dash

    So I’ve noticed 3 things so far.
    *Now custom emblems have been removed? The place where “coming soon” used to be is gone.
    *They added 20 prestiges
    *the blood anvil mission team titles have been added (nothing on the actual team itself tho)

    • Christopher Moore

      Custom Emblems has NOT been removed. Custom emblems are up and running. Go to custom emblems and click on create new then click on the 1st one.

      • Lars Knoops

        It wasn’t active at the start of the update (this is dash usinga different account btw)

  • Former

    “All challenges award +25% XP”

    That’s the dumbest idea ever. Somebody who’s 10th prestige most likely has done a shit ton of challenges already, so this bonus is going to be essentially worthless. Good job IW.

  • Vic

    New update knocked the servers offline again. I’ve come to accept their incompetence

    • Andrew Parker

      thank sony for shit servers then

  • KaOz


    • ccrows

      It’s a start, but they need to get the rest of the weapons the nuke already.

      Certain guns that have it like the Fallout, would be 1 kill less…

  • You have to be twisting my nipples if Infinity Ward thinks I’m going all the way to 30th prestige

    • highest prestige i ever reached was 8 on bo2 and that was because everyone had that game and me and my friends played it all day for the year lol

  • Nicholas Johns

    damn update every time I get on to play wtf.

  • Dan Arthur

    Good to see you guys are fixing campaign…one problem, you still haven’t fixed that fucking gun spawns for the Gun Nut Achievement/Trophy – JUST FIX THE HVR AND BANSHEE ALREADY

    • The HVR appears in only one mission and it’s difficult to have it spawn. In Operation Phoenix, when you kill the two guards, look at their weapons. One of them may carry the HVR. If they don’t, restart the mission.

      The Banshee spawns often in the mission “Operation Black Flag”. For me, at least.

  • Bedrock

    Is hardcore domination permentantly removed now??

  • Imventing

    I’m still level 1.

  • Deshawn

    What the fuck. Why did they get rid of HC domination and snd. This is some bull shit

  • Tara

    Did they permanently take away hardcore domination?

  • Vanilla_Gorilla

    Ok….so what the fuck happened to HC DOM????

    • You mad huh?

      hc dom is gone?! i been off iw a few days. -_-

      • Vanilla_Gorilla

        They are gonna bring it back.

  • Vanilla_Gorilla
    • John Pasto

      WTF!!!! to fix some bugs? REALLY!!!!! how about we pay for a game and you just have the right to “remove” a game? WOW!!! Higher some real workers!!! YOU SHOULD BE SUED FOR THIS CRAP!

      • Vanilla_Gorilla

        I know right?…shit pissed me off…that’s the only game mode I play on IW….

  • Brandon Walter

    They also did away with hardcore search and destroy and domination . This sucks. I don’t like playing team death match. I like haVing objectives. This is total bs.

    Xbox one: HvAc Head 420

  • You mad huh?

    sniper missions should be changed from head-shots to one shot kills like how it was on bo3 and past cods. its damn near impossible to get head shots with these slow snipers

  • Jack nipples

    Fucking Bullshit, they can make it were you prestige 30 timesec but won’t fix the fax that the sabotage won’t down load on my ps4

  • Andrew

    What about hardcore domination? It is no longer available since the update!!! WHY!?!?!?

    • Bob Balfe

      So messed up!

  • Mark Counts

    They removed game types from hardcore! What sort of update does that?

  • G.j. Best

    Why did you assholes take the only good game modes off hardcore!!!!! Stupid!! Don’t even want to play it anymore! Garbage ass tdm free for all kill confirm seriously???? No search no dom???? Messed up!!!

  • James Snider

    What happened to hardcore all we have now is team deathmatch, confirmed, and free for all. It b.s. if you ask me

    • John Pasto

      Thing is we don’t get asked.. we pay …they take away!!! PURE B.S. they should be liable for this crap!!

  • Bob Balfe

    I am so pissed hardcore domination was removed! Why!!!!!!!

    • John Pasto

      … its not why!! its HOW THE HELL can they get away with this CRAP without being liable of being SUED!~ WE PAID they take away? WRONG!! I WISH TRUMPED PLAYED THIS GAME HE WOULD STRAIGTEN THERE A**

  • Justin Death

    what happen to Hardcore dom on this call of duty i spent 100 on the game an put fukin 60 bucks on here for the drops an now u remove hardcore dom wtf is wrong with you?

    • John Pasto

      Class action suit needs to be started!!! We pay WAY TO MUCH for this crap to be going on!

  • The Dude

    what happened to HC Domination. It has been taken off. WTF!!!!

    • Vanilla_Gorilla

      It’ll be back,they said that they’re working on some bugs in it.

      • John Pasto

        That is some serious B.S. Thanks for the update but WTF is wrong with theses people? You don’t take away a part of a game to “fix it” after the game is been out for this long!! No Hardcore Domination is freaking outright a suable offence, a class action suit needs to be started! THIS IS BULLLLLLLLLLLSHHHHHHHHH*******T all theses messed up patches/fixes = we are lazy and cant write code correctly due to the fact we are making to much money laughing at you guys!!!!! GET IT RIGHT PEOPLE OR PAY FOR YOUR MISTAKES!!!

        • Vanilla_Gorilla

          I went back to black ops 3 and I believe IW might have made me better at HC DOM on bo3….sure feels that way.

  • ʟ ɪ ɴ ᴋ

    yeah they’re retarded if they think anybody wants to prestige 30 times. they’re lucky to have any prestige 1’s in this game. only 8 year olds like this trash ass game

  • Jose Angel

    When tf is hardcore search coming back

  • John Pasto

    This NO HC Domination is some serious B.S. Why a company is even allowed to sell you a game then take away the ONLY part millions of people ONLY play!! To me you make millions and millions off us then “remove” the game for some fixes? REALLY? THIS IS PURELY A MESSED UP SYSTEM! YOU TAKE IT AWAY AFTER WE PAY? CLASS ACTION SUIT Should be granted and awarded , to let you guys understand you do put a product out on the market for 6 months and then take it away!!!! Something has to be done to theses ppl!! Where is TRUMP when you need him. LMAO!!!! COD GIVE US BACK HC DOM NOW!!!!!!