Infinity Ward has announced that, for the first time ever, there will be a Double Mission Team XP weekend for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare starting Friday, March 17 and ending on Monday, March 20. This coincides with the launch of the newest Mission Team, Blood Anvil this past week. 

Demolition Returns: 

Alongside this, Demolition mode makes a return to the Featured Playlist for the next week — starting March 17 and ending on March 24. 

SOURCE: Infinity Ward

  • I can get behind this, and hopefully Search and Rescue make it to the featured playlist one of these weeks

    • The9tailedgamer

      I hope so too, snr was pretty cool in aw, but was so deserted

  • W

    We ask for 2xp, IW doesn’t deliver

  • PDX Guitar Freak

    Considering how ridiculous many of the Blood Anvil missions are, this is okay by me LOL.

    • Kerry K

      I know, one mission was multiple kills with one bullet. Does blood anvil know how crappy some of the guns are? Sheesh

      • beamer

        Yeah I saw that. WTF, how many times does this happen accidentally much less trying to do it…and multiple times in match to get gold?

      • PDX Guitar Freak

        Hopefully you can just switch to Hardcore for that challenge.

    • BAMozzy69 .

      Just means we can get 2000XP for completing the match without doing any of the challenges – the same as if we completed them to Gold standard…

      • PDX Guitar Freak

        I did not realize that… I thought we only got 1000xp for not completing the challenges (like the other Mission teams). I guess I had better pay closer attention

      • PDX Guitar Freak

        Yeah I’ll take that 馃檪

  • Vanilla_Gorilla

    Nice,I called that one…?

  • ccrows

    Why is it that I find more 1 bar players and Host Migrations in IW than BO3?

    Infinity Ward (IMO) needs to fix the MM and servers more than anything else ATM.

    This “Mission team promo” is nice, but it’s a band-aid on a sinking ship. Also, I really hope this is the last COD that ever uses weapon variants, because AW and IW failed compared to what Treyarch can do without using them.

    BO2 & BO3 were great games. IW and especially AW, yeah not as much…

    • Corinepsanchez

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    • disqus_KZ5dM7mKBK

      I think the variants make it more fun personally. It also gives me something to hope for in the supply drops. All of the games don’t need to be a copy and paste of Black Ops versions. I know opinions vary, this is just mine. Getting that super hard to get gun with special perks is really fun to my wife and I.

      • ccrows

        Variants make your launch weapons instantly obsolete. You just paid $60-$100 for that to happen.

        As for, “It also gives me something to hope for in the supply drops”

        ^ OK, but look at MWR. There are no variants, and you can save your salvage for whatever you want in the game.

        I honestly hope that every future COD game from here on out uses the MWR, “No variants, and salvage for everything” system.

        IMO that’s the best balance that we’ve seen with the SD system, and the best to use going forward…

        • disqus_KZ5dM7mKBK

          Yeah, I know there are wide ranging opinions. As for your last point, I am certainly disappointed with the difficulty finding domination matches at night for sure. And then it’s usually the same groups. I’m not sure that has much to do with the weapon variants, but it is both frustrating and disappointing at the same time. My wife and I skipped black ops 3, because split screen multiplayer was letterboxed for some reason. I spent $100 on that one in preorder and literally played one match with her because of that.

          On the up side, this COD has the best Zombies variant I’ve played on any COD. We’ve spent a lot of time in there.

          • ccrows

            *real talk*

            I get your situation with your wife (especially with the split-screen), and completely respect your opinion about having things different.

            With that said though, we are now 2 for 2 with games that have failed with using weapon variants with the community.

            BO3 in year 2 (hands down) is the game that is doing the best with finding matches at any point during the day on this gen.

            Anywhoo.. Unless a COD can prove me wrong down the road, variants definitely hurt the COD cycle more than help…

          • disqus_KZ5dM7mKBK

            Rumor is this years COD should make traditionalists happy. :). Thanks for the good dialogue.

          • Blew

            I like the variants personally. It’s more guns to play with. You can get most of them with salvage an there’s more guns to play with. Bo3 was ok for weapons but being a sniper user it was limited on what to use. Also all the weapons outside of the ones that already was in the game came thru supply drops. Everything shouldn’t hv been just locked behind keys an money. So i hope they keep variants in the game.

    • beamer

      I’ve got Fios 300/300 Mbps. I’ve never really had trouble with connections. I did make a few router adjustments.
      However since the latest update, I’m getting those funny little symbols on the left side and getting stuttering and all sorts of crap.
      Also, taking a long time to find a match. Probably 20% of online time is looking for a lobby.

      Mission team is nice since I reached 50 in all teams (except BA) and it’s 20,500 for each level.
      Blood anvil also has some crazy missions.

      • ccrows

        I have good internet as well with all the proper ports forwarded.

        All I want to do is just play Dom with different people in my area, but this game’s MM has been a mess since the DLC split. 1 bars popping up with other country flags should not be happening before DLC2. (or seeing the same people showing up)

        IDK, whenever I can’t take it anymore, (especially late at night) I can switch over to BO3 and I’m usually finding full bar lobbies with a good MM player pool.

        Honestly, I really do want to like IW, (mainly for being a change of pace) but it’s gets frustrating watching “Captain 1-bar” dodge/sponge bullets like a champ… <_<

      • Carolynrharris

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      • Nick Doonan

        You might need to check your NAT type. It tends to find people of the same nat type. i changed mine to open and i find i become the host more and less migration and less 1 bars.

        • beamer

          That’s what I meant about router adjustments, created static up for xbox, dmz. Not until this update has connection been so bad and since my first post lobby searches taking even more time.

    • Skirmantas Aleknavicius

      I have PC and Xbox version. Had no problems on xbox, but on PC, i had problems connecting to people which i guess is fault that Activision Region locked the fuck out of the game

  • Khaled Hassan

    What’s the player population like? PS4, Xbox and PC?

    • Suttyom

      2,164 players in 24 hour peak, based on Steam Charts. The only gamemodes i can play is TDM and Demolition. F***ing frustrating, because this is my favourite CoD episode ever.

  • Joshua Nyauncho

    I have reached a certain mission in call of duty black ops 3 where only one player has a rifle on a split screen situation.
    Can anyone explain why?