Brand new content has arrived in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Black Market.

Alongside some new Specialist Gear, other customization items, and more, Treyarch has added in two brand new weapons: a new Assault Rfile, the Galil, and a new melee weapons, the Ballistic Knife.

All of the new content in today’s Black Market update are labeled with ‘March Contraband’ icon.

Images via @RonseyBrad and @Wesleye98.

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  • Guest


    • WaGuest

      isn’t it nice when cool stuff comes in and you can only get ’em out of supply drops?

      • Guest

        Yeah it is actually, especially when it’s not some futuristic laser gun for 10 year old try yards snorting adderall and getting 10% off G-Fuel special. I like that treyarch make games for people that can grind it out and get the guns and actually listening to the community. So yeah supply drops or not it’s still better than than the current COD. The player base says it all as well. So sorry but supply drops aren’t going anywhere.

        • Ryan Gorman

          No you can’t grind for these, you can get lucky

        • DJSaviD

          Are you literally fuckin retarded LOL. Literally everyone is begging for them to be removed and the CoD playerbase is lower than it’s ever been. They may not be going anywhere, but they’re sure as shit not a good system.

        • fiendish

          Oh yay, guns you can’t use. Might as well not be in the game at all.

        • Ashton

          Lol… I actually only kind of take offense to that except for 3 x’s the age of 10, but still enjoy doing the ol’ adds and COD on a rare occasion, but basically on zombies!! Lol my question though as I am having frustration with supply drops is that, I’m trying to get a weapon & if I do, is it accessible for zombies as well?? If not then I don’t want to keep trying to get a weapon in a drop if I won’t be able to use it…??… also I haven’t had any luck getting a weapon, I have done a lot of common & rare supply, is it just as equal of a chance to get a weapon out of a common as there is a rare supply drop?? Haven’t been able to find any helpful tips on these matters… πŸ™

  • more pay 2 win. yay!

    • Sup

      How is it pay 2 win when they don’t function better than the weapons which came with the game?

      Learn what pay 2 win means.

      • The whole pay 2 win debate is pretty interesting. But the system Black Ops 3 has is undoubtedly unfair to the player when it comes to new content such as guns.

        • Sup

          How is it unfair?

          • Well considering you have RNG at play to players who wish to grind out the game or player who wish to spend money. It’s unfair. I have grinded out Black Ops 3 countless times saved over 900 keys each time for a hope at a new gun, 30 rare drops, didn’t end up with any new guns.

            The samething for players who spend money, granted, I dont think it’s smart to spend money on drops at all, but hey it’s their money, you could spend hundreds on supply drops and not get the guns you’re looking for.

            Let’s face, guns is really the only thing we want. And AW and BO3’s systems are objectively unfair systems and very anti consumer. Luck and RNG is just all in all not a fair system and not the right way. I stopped caring about guns in Black Ops 3 long ago because the chances of getting one are so low.

            Thankfully the system is a little bit better in Infinite Warfare, and MUCH, MUCH better in Modern Warfare Remastered. The Modern Warfare Supply Drop system should most definitely be duplicated in future games. It’s easily the most fair to the players and definitely encourages you to play the game in my opinion, because thr supply drop system is actually pretty rewarding.

          • adil m

            The mwr and infinite warfare systems are extremely similar you twat.

          • I never said they weren’t you fucking moron. However, if you had a brain cells, you can clearly see that MWR gives you more salvage/parts than IW. Rare drops are actually worth opening. Most of the time in MWR i only need to open about ten drops and that gives me about over 4,000 parts which is normally enough for me to get a new gun.

            I can’t say the same about IW.

            Also, in MWR you can literally craft anything you want, and the loot pool completely flooded unlike in Infinite Warfare. So there some differences you cunt.

          • adil m

            Lmao you sound like you live in your parents basement cunt. Are you that uneducated that you don’t even know what you imply when you write?

            You don’t get 4000 parts if you open 10 supply drops lmao who are you kidding? Not everyone plays this game 24/7 and already has all the camos, kits, melee weapons etc so that they get that much parts. We’re not all sad fucks like you who get to stay home all day. That same logic applies for infinite warfare as well you smelly twat.

          • >Lmao you sound like you live in your parents basement cunt. Are you that uneducated that you don’t even know what you imply when you write?

            I’m pretty sure I knew what I wrote. I never once said their systems aren’t the same. I just said MWR is clearly more fair and a much better version than Infinite Warfare. It seems like to me your reading comprehension isn’t so hot. So I think it’s funny when you call me uneducated.

            >You don’t get 4000 parts if you open 10 supply drops lmao who are you kidding? Not everyone plays this game 24/7 and already has all the camos, kits, melee weapons etc so that they get that much parts.

            Well, considering the operation has been out since December, and I’m sure people have opened a reasonable amount of drops, its possible to get around 4,000 parts in ten drops or so. Duplicates give you tons of parts, and I mean tons of parts. So yeah, its very possible.

            Also, I don’t even play the game 24/7 and nor do I have every single item in the game, it only takes me about a week and half or so to get around 300 keys in MWR. So that’s a pretty stupid thing to assume. You’re getting so worked up over something so small, its pretty funny.

            >That same logic applies for infinite warfare as well you smelly twat.

            Again, this is where your intelligence shows. Which you don’t have any at all. Your past two comments show it and like I said, if you have any brain cells, and an attention span that’s not of a 5 year old, I clearly stated some major differences in the MWR system that IW doesn’t have. It doesn’t take a no life to notice this, it actually takes less than 5 minutes of playing the game to actually know this. But hey man, I guess we all can’t be the bright crayon, huh.

            If you’re going to reply to me again, just stay away from your mediocre roasting and try not to embarrass yourself, please.

          • adil m

            Didn’t read your essay lmao

          • That’s not my problem lmao

          • Duke of hazard

            You use cunt as an insult and you cant read a small essay? Yep, this kid is 12.

          • BradyAlucard

            You dare insult him and you are more concerned about his lengthy comment? Yep, you’re not just a CoD fanboy, you’re also a basement dwelling trolling virgin too…

          • adil m

            Keep on choking on that cod dick you smelly virgin. Your profile pic checks out.

          • When you are wrong and have no reply left

          • BradyAlucard

            I think I found the CoD fanboy! (adil m).

      • Kian

        its a retard chant

        • It’s not a retarded chant. It’s logic, your denial of reality is retarded.

      • Its pay 2 win because you get an advantage, that’s why. I don’t care if this advantage only comes once in a blue moon, its still there. If I hadn’t payed 60 euros for the game and this was a f2p I wouldn’t mind.

        It’s honestly absurd new weapons keep getting added in with the only way of realistically getting them being to buy in a AAA game.

        And if its not pay 2 win and you really want to take that to heart, fine. Just know its bullshit and apologists like you don’t help in them getting removed.

        • Sup

          So say for example a AR supply drop weapon comes out and if you compare it to two other ARs it has the fastest fire rate over the other two but the weakest damage so it turns out it kills enemies in the same amount of bullets as the other two guns you would call the new gun pay 2 win?

          That’s exactly what Treyarch is doing with these weapons. Another example is a supply drop weapon might have more damage than a default weapon but its fire rate and accuracy is A LOT worse, you would still call that pay 2 win?

          Just letting you know pay 2 win typically means if you pay for the gun you outclass everyone who doesn’t get it. That is certainly not the case in BO3.

          • An example of what I’m talking about when I say it’s pay 2 win if it gives you any advantage whatsoever.

            The VMP is better than shotguns, the shotgun has more recoil, slower fire rate, less range, less bullets but is a one shot kill at close range.

            So according to you it would be completely fine if all the shotguns could only be found in supply drops because they are significantly worse than the VMP? Am I getting you right?

      • An Adorable Fluffy Alpaca

        It’s pay 2 win cause i have a 0.77 KDR on the FFAR and a 1.05 KDR on the Razorback

        • Sup

          Now that comment is just confusing. You did better with a default weapon so therefore the FFAR is a pay 2 win weapon?

          • An Adorable Fluffy Alpaca

            That’s the joke, the point is I don’t think it’s pay 2 win.

      • epicpoke

        If a weapon has different stats than base game guns that can allow for a different strategy, it can be pay to win.

        The shadowclaw, for example. If you are ending games with lower than a 7 K/D in TDM when you have dual wield, you’re probably retarded. It fires quickly, kills in one shot, and has fantastic range provided you know how to aim.

        Or the Peacekeeper. AR damage, accuracy, and range with the mobility of an SMG. This is also a straight upgrade from the BO2 version, as we have High Calliber now, which at long range, allows for 2 shot headshots provided one has a long barrel.

        That is not to say it is ALWAYS pay to win,. however, it creates the capacity to be pay to win. In my opinion, however, this issue is not pay to win, it’s that there is gameplay locked behind an RNG wall that can be accessed only through RNG, meaning there are things players may or may not be able to experience in the game with players with more money having a greater chance of experiencing these things.

  • Mick

    Every time I uninstall this game new content drops lul

    • weewee

      and then you dont get the new guns and you uninstall the game. The cycle continues.

  • Kian

    Black Ops 3 would be ten times more fun if everyone could use these weapons. Still a great game tho.

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  • Legion Pipera

    Ballistic Knife is not a melee weapon.

    • CookieChairman

      “We don’t care.” – Treyarch

  • Shawn Tate

    Been playing this game since day 1! Never got a weapon that I wanted!!!!!????????

  • Joshwoocool

    BO2 Ballistic Knife not the BO one.I like how the BO one looks more

  • Angelopoulos Vasilis

    I had enough with the shitty game “Infinity Warfare”. Back to “BO3” and never look back!!

    • jt3z

      Is anyone supposed to care?

    • Acropouloos Poopeepious


  • Gato con Botas

    COD 2017 Vietnam hint?

  • James Ellsworth

    People these last few weapons PPSH M16 Galil and ballistic knife are either small hints to the next Call of Duty which looks to be set in the Vietnam war or Cold War based off the weaponry or it could just be a case of bringing back fan favourites from World at War/Black Ops 1 i could be wrong but Black Ops 3 teased Infinite War in Nuketown and now they’re maybe teasing the next CoD do not get your hopes up though! Also people still complaing about supply drops no one is forcing you to buy them and if you’re good enough you could beast people new guns or not

    • sledgehammer’s game was literally confirmed to not be any vietnam themed game since 2014 dude

      its just fan service relax yourself

  • BradyAlucard


  • i just splooged

  • Former

    So, yet another weapon I won’t get. Cool.

    • BradyAlucard

      Can’t wait to not get it.

  • Unclecoon

    Can we atleast get contracts that allow us to unlock these guns? Other wise I still got guns from December I’ve never gotten after spending a 1000 plus cryptos (not cod points) and only gotten duplicates…it’s rather pointless because it seems only low ranking players get new stuff or people that payed for it

    • epicpoke

      I actually think this would be a cool system. Either buy CoD points/grind keys for supply drops, or complete a contract for ranged weapons. It would be one hell of a contract, though, and reward a range token, not a specific item. Reset monthly if it has been completed, but if it has not, progress is not lost. 1000 Kills + 50 Wins or something.

      • Unclecoon

        I think since everybody already has 10+ black jack contracts that they aren’t using they should make the weekly contact more difficult since they are very stale and easy and make it so that you have to spend 4 black jacks to unlock a challenge that if completed gives a weapon bribe therefore people that have put time into the game get chances at weapons and people will get a chance atleast once a month on top of the cryptokeys they will be earning actually playing the game

  • TZClamHammer

    I got the m16 and ppsh in the first week with luck, hopefully the galil will be as generous!

  • I’ve forgotten.. again!

    Ah the upgraded ballistic knife. Had some fun trying to save people with that one.

    Such good zombie additions. Hope to goodness they’re getting thrown back in the box for this zombie dlc we’re not getting.

    • epicpoke

      The Ballistic knife in function in MP and Zombies for the most part was replaced by the Shadowclaw.

      In MP, it is also a one-shot kill and fires retrievable projectiles in an arch, just like the Ballistic knife did. In Zombies, the PaP’d version revived players.

      • I’ve forgotten.. again!

        Wow.. Did not know that. Didn’t really feel BO3, but still spent a good few hours playing with a mate.

        Head blown.

  • Dr. Salim

    Anyone know the console commands to get these on PC?

    • An Adorable Fluffy Alpaca



    • Surprising to still see you around here. I thought you left us!

      • Dr. Salim

        Nah I just haven’t been playing the new cod games. I just stop by here from time to time

  • delanzo williams

    you can spend 500 dollars on Cod points and still dont get those weapons.

  • Nostalgia Guy

    It would be nice if they brought back the SCAR-H.. or the MSMC.

  • Again, items behind a paywall/lottery do not make me want to come back to BO3. If I’m bored of the same guns and gameplay then I’m not going to come back to what I’m bored of to grind for days to get a chance of getting a gun.

    At least give a couple guns away to SP owners or something. I’d like to play with the Galil but doubt there’d be any chance I’d get one.

  • I like the new weapons, but I still only have five or six of the 40+ weapons they have in BOIII’s supply drops. I wish they’d just make them available to just purchase them as a separate DLC just so I can get all the weapons already.

  • Hey Keshav, you misspelled ” Rifle ” as ” Rfile “

  • death_the_kid23
  • NY Lunch Break Stories

    Picked up the galil and went 34-2, lol that gun is way better than the M-16 in my opinion.

    • Dickmissle

      i got it gold in like 13 hours and it was fun as hell

      • NY Lunch Break Stories

        lucky, some dude spent over 100 and said he didn’t get it. We laughed at him….

  • Freeway

    Ridiculous method to get these guns. They might as well make them for sale as part of a package.