On Reddit, a user has revealed all of the new Master Prestige Level icons and specific boosts that each one provides.

With the latest patch update for Infinite Warfare, Infinity Ward added in 20 new Master Prestiges — each with their own, different permanent boosts.

Here’s a look at the 20 additional prestiges and each of their boosts and icons:

SOURCE: Reddit

  • To be honest all the boosts are pretty shit and useless (IMO)

    • I mean getting dfe-atomizer strikes on the classic weapons is okay I suppose but meh at the same time

    • Former

      OSA and Mactav De-atomizers are nice. Prestiges 20-30 boosts are pretty lame, though. Oh, boy, more stock ammo…Just run Scavenger.

      • ccrows

        “OSA and Mactav De-atomizers are nice.”

        ^ This, everything else (IMO) is lame…

      • Carolynrharris

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      • awesome_farts

        Stockpile gun perks are actually like built in extended mags. It’s stackable with extended mags too. You can’t get that from scavanger.

        • Former

          I’m aware of how stockpile works. Still, if you run scavenger, it’s not going to make a difference. They could have thought of something a little more original/special for people who grind the game that much.

          • awesome_farts

            Tbh I do like stockpile and stack it with extended mags but I agree about the MP rewards – could use more attractive gun perks. And I would’ve preferred if they rewarded you with a gun perk token, so to speak, for choosing your own desired gun perk out of all the existing ones.

    • Ammy

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  • I can see it now. P2W = Prestige to Win. People will be using more scapegoats to cover their booty when they lose.


      except none of them alter gameplay, retard

      • You’d be surprised. People keep saying weapons coming from supply drops are pay to win, along with variants, yet they barely effect gameplay whatsoever.

        • if they barley affected gameplay they wouldn’t exist

          • Alex Fraser

            they barely do though. maybe a slight edge on certain weapons but in reality they add very little especially in hardcore. and even in normal games a little more accuracy or a static field or better aim while sliding doesnt really add benefit imo only 2 guns see any real benefits and one of those is negated in hardcore anyway

    • Its by prestiging who cares

  • macspengo

    The combat knife can get De-atomizer strikes…. How in the fuck would that work? That would be really dumb to see a montage like that.

  • Alex Brogan

    Advanced Warfare was better, you got amazing weapons, and your attachments did NOT reset.

    • Pretty sure in AW attachments did reset
      In IW it 100% doesn’t because I just prestiged so I can join BA and everything is still there.

      • GinsuVictim

        AW attachments definitely reset.

        • Alex Brogan

          not on the last 15 prestiges

          • GinsuVictim

            Most people never experience that.

          • Alex Brogan

            well i did, and it was better than this IW bull

          • GinsuVictim

            Though both have their pros and cons, like all CoDs.

        • Alex Brogan

          Once you reach Master Prestige, your XP will reset (note: challenges and attachments will not reset in master prestige ranks)!!!!

      • Alex Brogan

        Once you reach Master Prestige, your XP will reset (note: challenges and attachments will not reset in master prestige ranks)

  • Jon Jackson

    These prestige rewards are lame. If IW really wants people to play the game more, they should give an epic weapon token each time you prestige. Meaning you get an epic weapon of your choosing each time you prestige or at the very least a legendary weapon token.

    • lunator100hd .

      …….Or how about every single weapon be available right from the get go like it was back in the days, honestly im kinda happy that IW is trash so i switched to titanfall, masterpiece with everything unlocked from the start.

      • Hitman

        It is a true masterpiece

  • Shelby Snyman

    Weapon variants destroyed this game..

    • Alex Fraser

      not really they dont really add that much advantage in game

  • imBATMAN

    cool to see all the virgins that are max prestige 30

  • jordanxbrookes

    Ngl but these new Prestige Icons don’t look too bad imo. It’s a shame they aren’t the base Prestige Icons because these look better than them by a mile. Probably the only time I’ll say this for a while but GG Infinity Ward.