The Variety Map Pack returns to Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Remastered with four more unforgettable multiplayer maps. Battle through the neon alleyways of Chinatown, dominate your opponents in the abandoned news station of Broadcast, snipe across the grassy ravine of Creek, and go all-out close-quarters in the chaotic training grounds of Killhouse.

Get Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Remastered’s Variety Map Pack today on PS4.

  • Thomas Rundkvist Volsmann

    Is furst still a thing?

    • Furst to be a fgt

      • Thomas Rundkvist Volsmann

        Hahaha, I just say it for fun, haha.

        • haha yeah haha

        • Yeah, I know man 🙂

          I call you a faggot for fun 🙂

          lol srsly im jk tho

          • Thomas Rundkvist Volsmann

            I know, everyone who says furst usually gets called a fgt 😀 It’s all fun and games 🙂

  • Jon

    Can’t wait to play these maps

    • grimm joww

      you act like its your first time playing these maps.

      • Maybe it is his first time.

        • W

          Haha what a nub

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  • I think Treyarch makes the best trailers honestly. SHG is up there though.


      they all suck

  • You would think if you had to pay for this they would have their shit sorted, every few games I will be kicked with an error about the file not loading. And this is happening to other people too.

    • tuby

      Yes it aint a greatjob. But still prefer mwr over infinite warfare. I still hope there will be brand New DLC maps for met in the best future

      • tuby

        Met must be mwr

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  • Charlie Pearce

    Any idea when the maps will be made available to Xbox platform?

  • Cassie DarkDeity

    Oh yay paying for maps i already bought n played once. Games are becoming so garbage they have to remake and resell old sh*t. They need new creators otherwise the game is just going to keep going downhill until it is no more.