All new content has been added into the Quartermaster in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare with Patch Update 1.12! 

With the latest update, Infinity Ward has added in two brand new weapons — one new AR (X-EON) and new SMG (VPR). Both of these new weapons are available for free for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Season Pass owners. For those that do not own the Season Pass, in-game challenges are available to unlock these weapons.

Alongside the new weapons, there are brand new customization content for weapons, Combat Rigs, and more! All now live in Infinite Warfare’s Quartermaster.

  • Qaotik

    Yippee free weapons

  • huraaay freeee weaponssss

  • TheDreaded VVolf

    If getting them with season pass is free…. sure they are free.

    • Aceshigh87

      They are available via challenges for everyone else so yes, that’s free. You don’t need to luck out to get them, you can either be given them for the season pass or earn them.

      Yeah, it’s not as nice for non-season pass owners as it could be but I’d far rather earn a gun via a challenge than have to randomly pull it from a supply drop.

      • TheDreaded VVolf

        Yeah but you’re right, That’s fair! I didn’t see they could be unlocked by a challenge. My B.

    • Mohamad Soueidan

      Are you really complaining? OMFG kill yourself. You’re done. Dlc weapons unlockable for non-season pass owners with a simple challenge that can be acquired within a day?? And you’re still ungrateful.. This game is alright at best and knowing its underperforming would-be a better valid point.

    • Mohamad Soueidan

      They’re using a free method to unlock the dlc weapons so yea.. it’s free you just have to complete a simple challenge that takes two hours. Now, the best version of the weapon being locked behind RNG.. is not! Which my point to that is bullshit bcuz the AR has way less recoil and better accuracy (the epic variant) Fucking Activision. Do something right to only twist it another way.

      • TheDreaded VVolf

        Oh yeah! so there is a free method. Fair enough. You kinda lost it over some of these other comments dude. Just ignore the haters man. But thanks. I didn’t realize there was a challenge to complete. That is cool of them.

    • using the season pass is for cucks, literally paying to get a free weapon LMFAO.

      • Mohamad Soueidan

        All you guys do is complain. Up to this point, there’s no pleasing you types. Just kill yourself.. literally. It’s a fucking challenge for non-season pass holders. What is wrong with you? Why all you do is bash bash bash. Is your life that terrible? Why are you so ungrateful?? Do you not have anything better to do with your life, or are you just a troll. Fucking kill yourself. I’m so pissed off at the fact that they’re for the first time giving us an option to unlock these weapons easily without pocket payment. And it’s a straight forward direct way to unlock it. I already have the new AR and it just came out today. Why are you complaining?? Get a fucking life you miserable fuck!!!

        • Bitch i was praising them for the challenge and outright mocking season cuck holders do you know how to read? FOH bitch lmaoooo

          • Filthy Prank’d

            I’m really confused now… so you’re hating on SP holders or are you with them? In any case, they deserve more since they paid more to get more. Can’t say the same for those that only uses CoD Points though.

          • I hate on SP holders and everyone who feeds $tivision more money. Daily reminder that cod games are at 17% markup at Target and Walmart, meaning their actual price is far less than $59.99USD/$79.99CAD

          • Aaron Klein

            if you can show me one business that sells goods or services for exactly what it cost them, then i may rethink my opinion that you are a fool

          • no you don’t understand what markup means kiddo.

            if a company pays ten cents for a CoD nowadays when back then they paid damn near $49.99 for a $59.99 game it is undeniable proof that the product is by the books garbage. proof?

            Apple line
            Call of Duty

          • GinsuVictim

            No confusion here…the guy’s a fucking idiot and now he’s blocked.

          • TheDreaded VVolf

            Nailed it.

    • Tao

      I think its a nice bonus for people who own the season pass as these weapons are base variants so that they arent overpowered

      • TheDreaded VVolf

        Totally spot on. and Fair of them to do. I’d look into a season pass, however, I’m worried I will have a harder time finding good lobbies.

    • ccrows

      That’s how it was before AW, so what’s the problem?…

  • I actually like how they do this, that’s pretty nice to be honest. Something Infinity Ward has done right.

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    • ccrows

      They need to the pop after the DLC split is not good… (especially outside of TDM late at night)

      • Maria Luther

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  • Pirates
  • Michael Romo

    Please continue this in the future and get rid of weapon variants

    • ccrows

      “and get rid of weapon variants”

      ^ +1

      After SBMM and supply drops (which SD will never go away), weapon variants are the next biggest thing ruining COD.

      For anybody that defends weapon variants, “outside of Ghosts” (which IMO had a legit excuse do to a console split) give me one COD game that struggled with the online population this bad – this early in the COD cycle?

      IW and AW are/were in bad shape before DLC2. Every other COD was fine…

      • RdJokr

        Variants have nothing to do with IW doing bad. AW certainly didn’t do bad in terms of numbers, until BO3 beta arrived at least. IW doing bad is simply a combination of pre-release hate, the game itself being an incomplete mess at launch, and the BF1 hype.

        • ccrows

          You’re kidding me right?! lol

          AW’s new car smell wore off FAST! People caught on quickly that having Obsidian Steeds, Speakeasys, Instanitys, ETC locked in RNG loot crates was insane, and the introduction of COD points shortly after that was the powder keg that went off big time in the community! (AKA pay to win)

          Heck the hate got so bad, that the community grabbed pitchforks and torches and went after anyone that initially praised it. Nadeshot (for example) made a video talking about that yeah he initially like AW for being “different” but left COD because he was vilified for doing so. There were others that did the same or tapered off.

          The community as a whole has wised up and look at variants as a scam. It completely waters down the game, and gives noobs an unfair advantage at times.

          Guarantee that if SH uses variants (or SBMM), that COD17 will be in the same shape after DLC1…

        • RebornAngel666

          I don’t like crows dumbass, but he’s got a point. ppl didn’t like cod cuz of the shitty variants that made 1v1 gunfights impossible to win. How am I gonna like a game where I have a regular BAL-27 vs someone’s Obisdian Steed / Inferno is gonna shit on me whenever I try to kill them? How? I won’t like it. Shits stupid to have variants. That’s exactly why the game died. idk how TF u don’t think that’s why. Moron

          • RdJokr

            Because I don’t think it matters. Variants in AW went out of control, yes, but that certainly didn’t put a dent on the player numbers. Why else do you think people pour money onto supply drops or grind for stuff?

          • RebornAngel666

            Cuz they’re idiots with nothing else better to do in their lives than to buy happiness with a stupid little microtransaction? Shits stupid. People should not have wasted money on that game. But it’s all activisions plan to make up more $$$. Anyway idc anymore. My opinion is that variants were a joke, and made the game unbalanced and unfair

          • Alex Fraser

            the variants dont add that much benefit in IW. imo the only real advantage comes to those who use scuff controllers.

  • PoonjabMcDaddy

    This is kinda tolerable. Supply drops and RNG variants are still a cancer, but this is a lot better than the way BO3 and MWR are doing it. Probably only because this game is failing though and Atvi wants more Supply Drop money out of IW so they’re trying to bring players back. I promise they wouldn’t be doing this if IW was a success.

    • djml9

      IW isnt even close to failing

      • Thatlazykid

        I believe it sold 50% less than black ops 3 but not too sure to be exact.

      • ccrows

        Actually IMO it kinda is. (at least on he XB1 side of things)

        I’m pretty much limited to TDM late at night on IW. Where I can play Dom on BO3 and MWR.

        Plus IIRC they didn’t use the VO packs in Ghosts until mid summer.

        Finally they are giving out free weapons, that’s extremely un-Activision-like. I guarantee that if IW was killing it, that would have never happened and those weapons would be locked behind RNG…

        • Jon

          I play on XB1 and never have problems finding matches no matter what time of day or what game mode it is. DOM ALWAYS has open games.

          • disqus_KZ5dM7mKBK

            I can’t disagree more. Any time after midnight MST, even of Friday and Saturday nights, it becomes difficult. My wife and I only play domination and in core and hardcore, it’s so hard to get consistent games going that we’ve mostly stopped playing now. We liked Infinite Warfare enough, but we spend more time waiting for a game then playing. This wasn’t like this in Advanced Warfare. We played that a lot and matches were a lot easier to get.

  • ccrows

    As for these new weapons:

    Part of me is happy that they gave them out for free to season pass holders, and unlock via challenges. (Activision deserves praise for that)

    However the other part of me is pissed ATM. I have salvage saved up (for days like today) and I can’t even use it.

    Whatever, I guess something is better than nothing, but IMO it doesn’t fix the bigger problem which is currently the online pop after the DLC split. IMO it’s time to fix this DLC split issue…

    • Alex Fraser

      yeah by doing like titanfall and stop charging for dlc. and if they must charge then charge significantly less. id buy the season pass if it was like 15 maybe 20 bucks at most but 50? thats a whole new game and its bullshit

  • Ryan Moore

    Man this is bs they keep adding weapons in the game i only needed to finish 1 melee weapon to get dark matter camo now 2 more and the axe which is only in supply drops total bs thanks alot infinity ward

  • The X Eon and VPR are amazing guns, I had a lot of fun using them in IW and every game I played with them I’ve gone on some good streaks.

    • Namah

      Hi do you know what the challenge is??

      • I’m not sure since I have season pass but it will be something relatively easy.

  • Jake Scott

    what are the in game challenges?

  • Star Sol

    Why do i even fucking have salvage when it’s useless for new weapons? I have been saving. Got 12,000 salvage and i don’t want any of the other base game guns. Locked behind pure bs RNG. Garbage rewards iw. Garbage

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  • Justc 4Urself

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    • Cookin’ by the book

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      the people who make these bots aren’t even trying anymore.

  • Justc 4Urself

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  • Alex Fraser

    the xeon is broken good. too good too accurate. the smg is too strong as well. but thats why i play hardcore anyway so all the weapon bonuses are negated

  • disqus_KZ5dM7mKBK

    I finally pulled the MkII Bosozuko! Ugh. 5 months waiting for that one. 🙂