UPDATE – April 4: Same Reddit user, u/BullShitAnswer, has posted another wider shot of a previously revealed image. 

UPDATE: Same Reddit user has posted a new image of the WWII artwork. 

Original Story: 

Following the original art work for Call of Duty: WWII appearing online last week, another image of what appears to be an uncropped-version of one of the images has been shared on Reddit by u/BullshitAnswer.

This new image shows that Activision appears to be testing out different logo and artwork placements for a Call of Duty: WWII steelbook case, presumably for Collector’s Editions of this year’s game.

This new angle of the artwork shows the text “Stronghold Steelbook” at the top. This wording links back to a leak from November 2015, which suggested that Call of Duty 2017’s codename was ‘Call of Duty Stronghold.’

Since last week’s news, IGN and EuroGamer have since confirmed with their own sources that Call of Duty: WWII will be this year’s title.

Activision has not commented yet on the leaks. No information is available as of now for when to expect the reveal for this year’s game, although Call of Duty titles are usually revealed in April-May timeframe.

SOURCE: Reddit

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  • What you looking at?

    Stronghold is such a good name for a world war 2 game!

    • joey

      why? are the germans the central characters?

      • Aidan

        That would be interesting

        • joey

          they’d need MUCH better writers.

  • Azir,ShurimasOvernerfedEmperor

    lo… the site that revealed the photo is called bullshitanswer? thats what i can see in the backround

  • Dangelo95

    I would love a prestige edition with like a ww2 bag that has a flask,binoculars and some other cool stuff like that

    • ccrows

      If they promise no SBMM or variants, and use a salvage system, I’m on board with preorder bonuses… 馃檪

      • Danny Hargreaves Kernot

        lol. its activision of course their will be variants probably. if not well ok. as for sbmm. it will probably be in their. dont holy your breathe. or bother preordering if you think otherwise lol. be wasting your money id say

        • ccrows

          “lol. its activision of course their will be variants”

          ^ Ummmmmm that’s not a given. BOTH BO3 and MWR have a SD system, and NEITHER use variants.

          MWR (at least for now) IMO is the best SD system, since you can use salvage for literally “anything”…

          • Danny Hargreaves Kernot

            right. and neither is them not doing it a given either. but hey go ahead preorder its your choice at the end of the day. look at infinite warfare …. activision will do anything for money to milk the cashcow dry

          • Batman

            IW is pretty generous, salvage system, quartermaster collection being moved to regular prototypes, new weapons free for everyone with instant acess for season pass owners.

            AND A LOT OF CONTENT, even the mp announcer can be customized(with the coolest one being free for all)

            I hate the game and infinity ward, that’s why I didnt buy CoD this year

            BUT their microtransaction model is kinda acceptable since supply drops are never going away because dumb people still buy them

          • I say IW does it better, SD weapons can be unlocked via really easy challenges and season pass owners get them immediately

  • Berkay Mert

    Yes, finally.

    Good era
    good name
    and good developers i hope

  • ccrows

    You know what CI/Keshav?

    Good job on being on top of this, when a sea of fakes makes your job harder… 馃檪

  • Emre

    Lets hope for blood and gore and limbs flying off. And that players are speaking to each other in mp matches in they own lanquage.

    • Wizga

      Gore, blood and a good story that reminds me Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, The Pacific and Hacksaw Ridge. That’s what I want to see in the next title. Oh and I don’t want the multiplayer to be a big mess like IWs.

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      • Koriahiggins

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    • Element115Will

      I hope so! That was something that World at War had that us fans absolutely loved!

    • joey

      FOV slider!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • SSR

        isn’t that in the newer cods?

        • The9tailedgamer

          Pc only, and its been a thing for a while

      • Batman


  • Don Willis

    Danglelo95 I like your way of thinking

  • AlexK489

    I still don’t get why they’d go back in time to something their own franchise did years ago. There’s nothing new to come out of this timeframe, especially not from a gameplay perspective. I mean, the only reason SH would be doing this would be to make all the whiney “waaaahhh future settings suck” fans happy.
    I don’t get it. At all.

    • tuby

      Waw is still in my top 4 of best cod ever.

      • AlexK489

        I feel that dude. I loved World at War with firey passion. That game was great.

    • Just like there is nothing new coming out of the futuristic setting anymore? Did you not see Infinite Warfare? Its literally another Black Ops 3.

      Oh boy another year of teleporting, cloaking, wallrunning, wooo never done before am i right? Not like its in other FPS games too

      • AlexK489

        Then tell me what, from a game play perspective, could be done in a WW2 game by going back in time, to a time period already covered by 4 other CoD games might i add, and stripping away even modern technology from a player.
        And I’m not even speaking on terms with Infinite Warfare, but ya know what? At least Black Ops 3 was attempting things the rest of the series had yet to do. They gave us an assload of character customization options. They gave us multiplayer characters with names, backgrounds and identities, and unlocked more info on that character’s story the more you used him. They gave us brand new ways to traverse our play space, both in Campaign and MP. Treyarch wasn’t afraid to play with the standard formula and attempt new things for the series while keeping their story moving in the direction it started in.
        So again Mr. KnowItAll, tell me, what NEW gameplay mechanics can come from stepping back in time again? Or is all anyone cares about is the fucking setting of a game?

        • You see, your entire perspective is “oh ww2 been done before it bad” yet we have had 5 futuristic games that brought nothing new to the table gameplay wise, instead borrowed elements from other games and at the same time made Call of Duty had an identity crisis.

          >They gave us an assload of character customization options.

          That’s not an innovating gameplay feature sorry.

          >They gave us multiplayer characters with names, backgrounds and identities, and unlocked more info on that character’s story the more you used him.

          This does nothing to gameplay and this could easily be done in any setting.

          >So again Mr. KnowItAll, tell me, what NEW gameplay mechanics can come from stepping back in time again?

          Mr. KnowitAll lol
          I dunno, tell me what futuristic games did that was so different to gameplay because as far as I’m concerned, Black Ops 3 took wallrunning from Titanfall and the specialists from Destiny. While Infinite Wafare just did what Black Ops 3.

          Don’t get me started on cloaking, teleporting, all these little gameplay features because they all been done before Call of Duty.

          >Or is all anyone cares about is the fucking setting of a game?

          To extent yes, I mean I dont dislike the futuristic setting, but I’ll go and ahead tell you, if this year was AW2 or yet another oh boy future warfare game, I wasn’t gonna buy it.

      • joey


  • Tested

    Wanted a cod game set in the past for years now, but i know they will just pump it full of supply drops pay to win crap, so no point getting it.

    • SSR

      The ”pay to win” stuff is so minor that a good player with classic stuff can still dominate a noob with guns that have added stats.

      • Tested

        It does not matter, even if the “pay to win” stuff only gives you 0.0000001% extra gun damage, it should not be in a full priced game. I love cod, but this supply drop stuff will ruin gaming, they need to either remove supply drops or give the game out for free, Or i’m not getting it.

    • jordanxbrookes

      If the base game is good and the system is like MWR’s system, then I won’t be as fussed because it’s the best we’re gonna get.

      • RdJokr

        Or better, do it like IW with challenges to unlock the gun. I liked what they did with the latest two guns, where you need to unlock the AR first then use it to unlock the SMG. That’s a good way to entice you to try out stuff.

        • jordanxbrookes

          That way is good too haha.

        • I think they only allow you to unlock guns through challenges because you’re getting the base gun. They’re still locking variants of the guns behind RNG.

          Don’t get me wrong, I like the way Infinity Ward does it. But MWR system is far superior because there is no variants and you could still get a gun in a direct form.

          • RdJokr

            I think the challenge system could work well, because it gives you incentives to do things that you wouldn’t normally do. For example, the new set of challenges for the X-Eon and the VPR are good, because you need the former to unlock the latter. It provides fun. Even though I already have both guns unlocked via season pass, it’s still something that I think would benefit players in the long run. Especially since recent games have really shit currency earning rates and duplicate burning rates, and I don’t expect that to change with WWII.

      • BlackOpsLegend

        I agree

    • Drank Bleach

      This is what it has come to, the words call of duty is now associated with supply drops and pay to win. Cod is only Activision’s yearly cash cow now.

  • I really hope this somehow ends up being a elaborate fake, i really don’t wanna go back to another WW2 game. Just remaster WAW or something just not a new game please god

    • Group_935

      You rather see another future based game? Come on, you have to admit that Activision over done the futuristic theme.

      • AlexK489

        They’ve overdone it with WW2 as well. At least with a futuristic timeline, or even semi futuristic, they can create new conflicts and stories that hadn’t been seen before.
        Another WW2 game = bust. Too many franchises, not just FPS games, have covered it and the idea is boring.

        • Yeah because a futuristic war scenario aren’t the same or can’t be the same.

          “Oh no bad guy”

          *Bad guy takes over technology and blah blah*

          “We must stop bad guy”

          *bad guy dead*

          “Yay we won”

          • The Rabid One

            Plus a cookie is eaten by the winners.

      • I REALLY prefer modern and futuristic themes to older realistic settings.

        • joey

          maybe they’ll offer bizarro game modes that incorporate advanced movements (i’d prefer AW’s by far to BO3/IW). an ode to their first game, which didn’t deserve the hate it received.

      • joey

        futuristic wallpaper (background, peripheral features such as making bullets glow and go ‘pew-pew-pew”). there’s TONS of room for actual innovation. ask titanfall.

  • PDX Guitar Freak

    The artwork on the back of the alleged case looks shitty – and therefore makes me question the validity. Although I suppose it could be a draft or preliminary artist rendition.

  • Diego Diniz

    WW2??? OK…
    But what about:
    – SLIDE

    This is what i want…

    • iPinkPlatypus

      Well, you’ve already got the games with that and you’re more than welcome to continue playing them beyond their life cycle.

      • W

        But they aren’t boots on the ground

      • Diego Diniz

        i’m still playing Black Ops 3! Sometimes I play IW just because UMP-45 (MacTav) and SPAS-12 (S-Ravage). No matter what Era SHG will bring the next COD title…i just hope a good MP Game!

    • PoonjabMcDaddy

      I’d be fine with unlimited sprint as a perk, but not just be default. Although sprint duration doesn’t need to be as short as song of the older games.

      • jordanxbrookes

        I like the sound of that. Have Unlimited Sprint as a Perk like Marathon, but slightly increase the default sprint time.

    • Pornografia Epica

      Agree with you.
      Less camping.

    • The Rabid One

      I’d be okay with sprint and slide but only as pro-perks. Bring those back

    • Kyle Benner

      Absolutely! I love the sliding mechanic and I’ll be kind of bummed if they take that out of the game. Unlimited sprint/fast paced sprinting is huge for me. Older COD’s were great, but they played SO slow. I love the faster movement in the newest games, and if all they do is take away the boost jumping/jetpacks I’m fine with that.

  • Wizga

    I want this to be true, the setting, but I also don’t want Activision ruining this game with microtransactions. Only reason I’m not hyped for the next title and future ones too. You may think what could they possibly add to a WW game. Maybe ridiculous and cool looking skins like in BF1, possibly find a way to add variants and weapons, if they follow the black market style.
    You can never expected what Activision might do. No matter what it is, it’s going to be bad and make people angry.

    • Batman

      Bf1 only has supply drop camos and you can get them directly
      All camos fit the setting perfectly and look good

  • Drank Bleach

    It’s Activision, they’ll find a way to fuck it up.


  • ToonToons22

    I wonder which route they’ll take when they make this game; they can go COD 1-3 style where they make the story entertaining and somewhat humorous, or they can go for the dark, serious atmosphere of World at War.

    Also, anybody think those WWII guns in the AW supply drops may have SHG trying to tell us this all along?

  • JeronimoPW

    Reveal this thing already

    • Former

      Reveals come late April or early May based on previous years.

  • PoonjabMcDaddy

    Loving all of this. The concept art looks amazing, and I even love the simplicity of the “COD:WW2” name.

  • hungryandrew


    • Aidan

      WE GET IT

      • hungryandrew


  • Group_935

    If this information is true, than I’m all in. There is no way SH can screw up a WW2 era game, unless they really try.

  • Sal Dibenedetto

    Look it’s Battle Field 1 ! umm, i mean the new call of Duty….smh.

    • Because WW1=WW2. RIGHT??? HAHA

      By the way, Battlefield doesn’t own history and Call of Duty has done WW2 games before.

      • Batman

        +this game has been in development for 3 whole years

        WAAAY earlier than BF1 announcement

        • jordanxbrookes

          But Battlefield 1 has been on the table since 2008 and in development for 3 years since 2013.

    • Pretty sure this is a troll post.

      • RdJokr

        Prepare to hear more of those fuccboi comments when the reveal trailer comes out.

      • Sal Dibenedetto

        Pretty sure ur a Snowflake….so easily upset. Pay a mortgage, do a tour in the service, raise a child. You’ll become a grown up sooner.

    • God forbid developers listen to what the fans want ?

  • Batman

    I want to blow heads with a shotgun

  • Batman

    Reveal it already ffs

  • Thatlazykid

    Cod needs dynamic weather 馃檨 itll make the maps look more fun

    • Definitely agree. If this game has dynamic weather thatll be awesome

      • joey

        couldn’t agree more.

  • > …………………… https://exglnk.uk/wbf5x

  • Piotr Piter

    I wonder how much guns variants there will be. Sledgehammer introducer of supply drops…

  • tarheels_forever

    i feel they should have went with Vietnam over WW2. Vietnam would have offered a better variety of weapons.

    • ccrows

      That will be next year…

  • Jacob

    This makes me so freaking happy


    You know what we’re getting. We’ll have people of other races representing European countries, and we’ll be killing the ‘evil nazis’

    • ToonToons22

      What’s wrong with that? Maybe we are tired of seeing the same old whites and Asians that we see in every other WWII game. We should at least be able to customize our soldiers to be of different nationalities instead of having it all forced down our throats as in BF1.

    • JohnWhale

      Well, I think everybody universally agrees Nazis were evil, so hopefully we will be killing the evil Nazis.

      Also, CoD has already had black characters in a WWII setting – ever played Finest Hour?

      • KX virus

        FH had a black character? Doubt it. I would remember such thing if it was true. What character are you talking about?

  • christbatman03 Gaming


  • Stefan Lang

    The pace of this game needs to match MW2, BO2, MW3.

  • Anthony

    I’m hyped

  • It looks pretty cool.

  • tarheels_forever

    i know this is supposedly WW2, but the gun selection in Battlefield 1 (WW1 era) suck imo. there is a particular lack of submachine and infantry type machine guns. was the machine gun selection in WW2 significantly better than it was in WW1? i sure hope so, because when it comes to machine guns, and gun selection in general, the guns in Battlefield 1 are very disappointing. hopefully COD WW2 (if thats what is) doesnt suffer the same fate.

    • Yes, the weaponry is better in WW2 and there is much more.

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  • Justc 4Urself

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  • Shane Lee O’shea

    All I want is a game that is complete at release. None of this “wait until March for leaderboards”.. None of the “Coming soon” in game bollocks, none of this having to quit the game before just because you want to connect to a friends party.. Just a game that works..

  • Justc 4Urself

    really impressed to watch Movies coming out in 2017

  • Maria Luther

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  • Andrea Premuda

    At this point i just want to see the trailer, enough with the rumors, now they gotta grow a pair and let us see what is coming.

  • Diego Diniz

    What you guys think about SGH bring back SPECIALISTS FEATURE on COD2017???
    I mean, Grenade Launchers and FlameThrower can be SPECIAL WEAPONS.
    We can have a Sniper Guy, 1 shot kill pistol, knife Thrower, Flame Thrower etc etc etc

    • Kurisu

      Specialist should have no place in cod anymore. Just cheap abilities gifted as participation bonus for baddies

      • Diego Diniz

        I think Specialists is one of the best things ever! Feels like a nice Scorestreak every Map…

  • 薀 瑟 纱 岽

    COD:WW2 our savior.

  • Daniel McFarland

    Those coins in the second image… Supply drops confirmed.