UPDATE: We want to caution this could be easily faked, and that we are not able to verify the authenticity of the reported leak. Please take this lightly. If Black Ops 2 ever does come to Xbox One backwards compatibility, we will let you know.

Original Story:

It appears Black Ops 2 might make its way to Xbox One via backwards compatibility. A new, unconfirmed report suggested that Amazon UK updated (then removed) the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 listing with a new Xbox One, Xbox 360 box art.

Of course, we do caution that this could have been easily faked, so take this very lightly for now. 

Microsoft has repeadetly stated that they are not going to announce if or when Black Ops 2 will become available, although it is one of the most highly requested games.

SOURCE: COGConnected

  • Stefan Lang

    I was sad about Taker retiring but this got me kind of happy ?

    • Who?

      • Mick

        The Undertaker from WWE. He retired yesterday after his match against Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania.

        • wow he never even got to fight sting what a fuckin dissapointment

    • lunator100hd .

      They are a bunch of actors dumbass, noone is retiring for real, its just the plot of the show.

      • They aren’t actors. They are wrestlers.

        And it’s not a plot, the guy is actually retiring. Daniel Bryan retiring last year wasn’t a plot. He retired due to real life injuries.

      • Stefan Lang

        ??‍♂️ you fucking idiot. I grew up watching wrestling had this been 2001 and you told that to a younger me, there’d be an argument. As I grew older I learned the business better and found out it wasnt real around age 11/12. Why the fuck would a man with 20+ years in the business “act” like he’s retiring? He’s retiring as a wrestler. I’m sure he’ll have another role in the future but as for wrestling, he’s done. Don’t ever comment some stupid shit like that again.

        • lunator100hd .

          If you think this is real, you need get out of your house for first time your life, and try to pick up a real fight. As you getting your ass kicked you will see how real life fist fight looks like.

          • Stefan Lang

            Lmao I JUST literally told you I KNOW it’s not real. And for your information, the actual wrestling is real, outcomes are scripted. Do you think people train to be PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS for no reason you dumb fuck? You learn to sell a move but they take bumps out there and injuries do occur ??‍♂️ And just please stop talking to me about a real life fight. I grew up in Chicago I’ve had a pretty fair amount of fights in grammar school so knocking somebodies ass out isnt a thing to me. Im done talking though. You literally came for me first so I dont even feel shit at all. Implying that I think wrestling is real. What A coon you are ?

    • I grew up watching The Undertaker, last night was really sad for me to witness

    • ccrows

      I still can’t believe that Taker passed the torch to RR.

      Guys like Taker and HBK can never be replaced…

  • Jack-O10

    Guys, this was an April fools joke. Check the source, it is full if mallware.

  • PuddleOfStix

    I want to believe. BO2 was the best BotG Call of Duty after years of perfecting the formula. Fast-paced, powerful weapons, great streaks. Yes, there were issues, like all CoDs, but it was fun.

    • jordanxbrookes

      It’s the best futuristic Call of Duty to date.

      • PuddleOfStix

        Definitely my Top 3.

      • *best Call of duty to date

  • Batman

    BO2 f* sucked but its the best we’ll have until WW2

  • tuby

    Lest hope it wont be a Aprils fool.Bo 2 is in the top4 of best botg cod ever.loved the msmc m8a1 and afther the latest buff the scar is a great option also and dont forget the an94

    • It probably is to be honest

      • tuby

        I also think that but still hope so. I have just install my ps3 to play some bo 2 tonight. I hope that the new cod thisyear will be great.

        • Jack-O10

          No major outlet picked it up, the source is too shady.

          • tuby

            Agreed. Never mind i will play it tonight on the PS3 3 to get some oldschool action.

        • I would still play it if i wasnt a poor fuck that would just buy some XBL. Currently just getting by on free XBL on the one thanks to XBL sharing.

      • tuby

        And we still have bo 3 to play till november

  • Mick

    Reminds me of when they found a leak of MW3 being backwards compatible. I’m a bit optimistic about this. I do hope they both become backwards compatible.

    • Oh man if MW3 became backwards compatible BO3 wouldn’t even be close to out selling MW3 any more.

      • jt3z

        Mw3 is trash lol Bo2 or MW2 are both miles better

        • Are you serious? MW3 was and still is the best cod. MW2 was just for snipers and nobody else, and BO2 was worse than BO1 so I don;t know what you’re on but Jesus clearly you need to stop.

  • JeronimoPW

    I think you missed this

    “Update: Yeah it was an April Fools joke. If you see these images go around make sure to let people know it was a April Fools joke and not legitimate screens.”

    I’m 99% sure that Activision will remaster BO2 in the future. This is why BO2 will not be release on X1 BC.

    • jt3z

      No because PS wants to keep it off of Xbox

      • Sony doesn’t have that much control.

    • BradyAlucard

      Remaster? That game was so flawed it needs to be remade.

    • PDX Guitar Freak

      Exactly, I can’t imagine Activision would give up the opportunity to remaster such a popular game and make lots of money off it. I would be extremely shocked if it was ever added to the backward compatibility list.

    • Batman

      No fucking way they are remastering bo2 before bo1 or the rest of the mw trilogy.

      There wont even be yearly remakes

      Bo1 and WaW are BC compatible already

      The only reason they are not allowing it to become bc is because it would take away the hype for a classic style boots on the ground cod game with good streaks and balancing

      +a possible bo3 dlc 5 zombies remakes

      • W

        I disagree with your reasonings

    • RdJokr

      Oh jeez, that had better not be true. Activision already tainted MWR with a bunch of bullshit (though arguably a very good supply drop system so far). I am sure no one here wants to pay $80-100 to get the game + whatever new game comes out, plus maybe another $50 for another friggin’ season pass for BO2R’s DLCs.

  • xmaccabix

    sorry peeps this was a bad april fools post from a minor “newsite” https://twitter.com/TGGamingReviews/status/848944034223620097

    if it helps this is only the second time in it’s history that i’m aware of that CI has ever been caught out by a april fools .

    • Keshav Bhat

      thanks, we updated with a caution.

    • Aidan
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  • Michael Romo

    Lol April Fools. And honestly, if it did go to Xbone, I’d probably play it for a couple of days cause like BO1, backwards compatibility doesn’t make it’s lifespan longer. If I wanted to play BO2, I’d just plug in my Xbox 360/PS3 and play it from there

    • This is for people who don’t have that option.

  • ccrows

    I’m sure Major Nelson is just “thrilled” about this…

  • ccrows

    IMO, if the DSR was nerfed to being a normal SR, BO2 would be extremely close to being a perfect COD.

    It’s still my 2nd all time fav, which makes this 4/1 joke hurt… 🙁

    • lunator100hd .

      I prefer bo3 over bo2 even with DSR nerfed.