So a LOT of fans seem to think that this very blurry image is the box art for the next Call of Duty. Nevermind the image first surfaced on April 1st, a lot of people have been blowing up our feeds asking if this is real.

 A Reddit user, u/Tinnothy, has shared an image a few days ago, where he claims he took a picture inside of Activision’s HQ itself, of what appears to be the box art for Call of Duty: WWII.

Users on Twitter have shared a comparison between the blurry image and a previously revealed artwork:

The image is very blurry and way to hard to tell, you can kind of see the “WWII” logo, which matches the colors of the originally shared artwork a week ago. 

Today, this new image seems to be going viral. In our opinion, this new image is a fake or mockup of the supposed real leak, or possibly the one used in the staged original photo. 

We’re still not sure however we feel this Twitter user explained it best…

Again, Activision has not confirmed any of this as of now. Stay tuned for the latest news, im sure well be finding out real soon..

SOURCE: r/GamingLeaksandRumors

  • PDX Guitar Freak

    “Who is that guy? What was he doing at Activision HQ & why did he decide to bring his 0.00005 megapixel camera with him?” I laughed hard at the camera description, but it’s an entirely valid point. More bullshit.

    • Ult1mateCarnage

      yea i know thats funny, inless they told him he couldn’t bring a phone or camera in the HQ so he sneak a small camera in lol

  • Batman

    Most fake rumor ever

  • lunator100hd .

    If its fake, the guy did a pretty good cover, it could be real for sure.

  • PuddleOfStix

    So, CharlieIntel, what are your honest opinions on CoD 2017? You guys generally don’t cover rumours unless there’s some credence behind it, but it’s basically confirmed as World War II without Activision coming out and admitting it yet. I mean, you guys have even updated the background on the website here for it, so you must 100% without a doubt believe it to be true, right?

    • ToonToons22

      Exactly. CharlieIntel normally gets their leaks from reliable sources. A supposed “leak” released on April 1st that was taken by some nobody with a flip-phone camera should not be taken seriously.

      • PuddleOfStix

        True, but I mean about the whole “WWII” concept as a whole. They don’t usually roll with an idea unless it’s confirmed.

        • ToonToons22

          I think they came out with this WWII thing prematurely. It’s probably best to wait a while to hear the official details instead of relying on rumors that could easily be fake.

    • ccrows

      TBF all the CI has to go with is WWII Boots made by Sledgehammer.

      There’s still a lot of unknowns. (especially gameplay)

      I know one thing for sure though, everyone is gonna dissect the **** out of that teaser trailer coming up… πŸ˜‰

      • PuddleOfStix

        Yeah, I figured as much. But updating the website to WWII? They don’t strike me as the type to do this without concrete evidence because on the off-chance it IS wrong, they’ll look misinformed and as professionals, they’d aim to avoid such a thing. Posting a rumour article is one thing. But updating the website is something else.

        • ccrows

          CI already had a bad week with the BO2 BC article.

          They’re proceeding with a little bit of extra caution going forward, and I don’t blame them… πŸ˜‰

        • Ba

          They have been in talks with Activision(confirmed)
          So they probably know WW2 is real

  • keithuniman

    probably fake but the final cover will have a soldier running or shouting with cod: ww2 in a big juicy font

  • Stefan Lang

    Looks like the soldier that was on the early IW cover

  • Berkay Mert

    Finally I will buy a call of duty game after from black ops 2

    • ccrows

      Welcome back… πŸ™‚

  • Unclecoon

    Y’all are kidding y’all selves if y’all think activision is putting more time than they have to into this game…they will clean that image up slightly and change the rating to m when once they release it to the critics…. oh and add a sticker to the plastic that mentions free x amount of supply drops for picking the game up early …

    • ccrows

      Please stop. You honestly think that this game has already gone gold, and those disks are pressed and shrink wrapped?

      What are you gonna say if this game has a beta, and they make changes to the game before the disks get pressed a month or 2 in advance just like BO3?… <_<

      • Unclecoon

        All b03 did was balance the game out with its beta the majority of the game stayed the same Evac and stronghold are the same maps they were from the beta, changed the look/ variant of the purifier svg, made the razorback slightly less deadly. Iw is still In beta stage with full release supply drops. So they might not have the disc pressed and sitting in Walmart but don’t be stupid and think any leaks will be drastically different from the product you will be buying next November.

  • moosebreath-man

    At this point in development they aren’t manufacturing the game cases cause there is no game to put in them. And what is the point of sealing them if there is no disc inside? It’s all bullshit.

    • ccrows

      I mean they probably have the cover art done. Whether it’s printed or not is a different story. Either way, this is fake…

    • jordanxbrookes

      Cover art would’ve been finalised by now, however the manufacturing of game cases don’t start until a couple of months before release.

      • 8 months from release? I doubt it. They’ll still be toying with a couple of designs.

        • Batman

          Not really since they’ll reveal it later this month

      • Easily the right timeframe for box protopypes being produced to use in their promotions

  • Mymedicalis420

    The blurry imagine looks like the advanced warfare cover. Now for the not blurry picture, why would they​ already have a game case (without the disc inside obviously) wrapped and sealed in plastic already. Which is what it looks like to me if u look at the top part of the case he’s holding.

  • ccrows

    Gotta love when “leaked stuff” is usually blurry. <_<

    As for the guy holding the cover. Doesn't Sony have some seal of approval on the edges like Microsoft?…

    • DeniseHernandez1111

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  • Jon Jackson

    Why are we still talking and speculating about blurry images? Call of Duty WW2 has already basically been confirmed as the next CoD.

    • Ult1mateCarnage

      hopefully now were just waiting on a teaser tralier

  • TechaGek.

    A bold claim, but I’d say it’s fake. You wouldn’t expect boxed copies of the game to be around right now, even with their platformed branding or in shrink-wrap for that instance. Besides the logo looks like a five minute photoshop hoo-haa

  • Beast Mode

    This is faker than the work history on my job application

    • PDX Guitar Freak

      … and to think I was so close to offering you a job! πŸ˜‰

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    • Look: Kimberleecmaggio just offered you one.

      • Chandrarcoleman

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  • God

    It would be about time we get an official trailer. Infinite warfare is OK at best but its not the most addictive COD.

  • MurkN101

    The fact that it is beside a trash can actually makes it more believable.

  • Mick

    It’s 2017 and we still get blurry pics every year, LOL. Nevertheless, I’m hyped. This is the time of the year where leaks start to roll in and possibly get the reveal trailer in the coming weeks. I think we are going to get the trailer early this year. My prediction is late April like BO3 did.

    • lol its like they finally have the chance to take a picture of the new cod and they grab the worst camera they can find

  • Andrey Martim

    Of course it isn’t fake! The game is gone gold in April and will be released in November, OF COURSE THIS IS REAL.

  • corraashu

    They don’t even have a retail disc version of the game made until like september so if anyone shows off a case and it’s disc before then is a liar and a fake.

  • Ugh i wish Activision would go ahead and reveal this thing. I’m dying to see the WWII trailer

  • tarheels_forever

    i hope all the rumors are wrong and its actually based in Vietnam. to not do Vietnam would be a big missed opportunity imo.

  • Khaled Hassan

    Not @ all hyped for this (SHG trust issues)

  • ….

    Why would the case in the one pic be fully packaged and wrapped in plastic but the ESRB still say RP instead if M lol fake as fuck