The first ever Call of Duty World League, presented by PlayStation 4 Global Pro LAN League kicks off this weekend with Stage 1! Over the next four weekends, teams will compete LIVE in Columbus, Ohio in their individual groups for a chance to advance to the Stage 1 Finals.

The top two teams from each group will advance to the Call of Duty World League Global Pro League Stage 1 Finals. The third place team in each group will not advance to the Finals but will secure a spot for Stage 2 of the League. The fourth place team will have to compete at CWL Anaheim in a relegation match to try and re-qualify for Stage 2.

Here’s a breakdown of the schedule for each week/group:

Group Red: 

Group Red matches takes place April 21 through April 23.

Schedule (all times EST):

Friday, April 21: 

  • 4:00PM — Splyce vs EnVyUs
  • 5:30PM — Cloud9 vs Mindfreak
  • 7:00PM — EnVyUs vs Mindfreak
  • 8:30PM — Splyce vs Cloud9

Saturday, April 22: 

  • 2:00PM — Splyce vs Mindfreak
  • 3:30PM — EnVyUs vs Cloud9
  • 5:00PM — TBD
  • 6:30PM – TBD

Sunday, April 23: 

  • 2:00PM — TBD
  • 3:30PM — TBD
  • 5:00PM — TBD
  • 6:30PM — TBD

Broadcast Talent for Week 1: 

Group Blue: 

Group Blue matches take place April 28 through April 30.

Schedule (all times EST):

Friday, April 28: 

  • 4:00PM — Fnatic vs FaZe Clan
  • 5:30PM — Rise Nation vs Evil Geniuses
  • 7:00PM — Evil Geniuses vs Fnatic
  • 8:30PM — FaZe Clan vs Rise Nation

Saturday, April 29: 

  • 2:00PM — Fnatic vs Rise Nation
  • 3:30PM — Evil Geniuses vs FaZe Clan
  • 5:00PM — TBD
  • 6:30PM — TBD

Sunday, April 30: 

  • 2:00PM — TBD
  • 3:30PM — TBD
  • 5:00PM — TBD
  • 6:30PM — TBD

Broadcast Talent for Group Blue TBA.

Group Yellow: 

Group Blue matches take place May 5 through May 7.

Schedule (all times EST):

Friday, May 5: 

  • 4:00PM — EUnited vs Millenium
  • 5:30PM — Epsilon vs LG
  • 7:00PM — Millenium vs Epsilon
  • 8:30PM — EUnited vs LG

Saturday, May 6: 

  • 2:00PM — Millenium vs LG
  • 3:30PM — Epsilon vs EUnited
  • 5:00PM — TBD
  • 6:30PM — TBD

Sunday, May 7: 

  • 2:00PM — TBD
  • 3:30PM — TBD
  • 5:00PM — TBD
  • 6:30PM — TBD

Broadcast Talent for Group Yellow TBA.

Group Green: 

Group Blue matches take place May 12 through May 14.

Schedule (all times EST):

Friday, May 12: 

  • 4:00PM — OpTic Gaming vs Red Reserve
  • 5:30PM — Elevate vs Enigma6
  • 7:00PM — Red Reserve vs Elevate
  • 8:30PM — OpTic Gaming vs Enigma6

Saturday, May 13: 

  • 2:00PM — Red Reserve vs Enigma6
  • 3:30PM — OpTic Gaming vs Elevate
  • 5:00PM — TBD
  • 6:30PM — TBD

Sunday, May 14: 

  • 2:00PM — TBD
  • 3:30PM — TBD
  • 5:00PM — TBD
  • 6:30PM — TBD

Broadcast Talent for Group Green TBA.

All of the Call of Duty World League Global Pro League Stage 1 action will be live streamed on and in-game in Infinite Warfare on PS4 via the Call of Duty on MLGtv viewer.

There’s a total of $700,000 on the line in Stage 1. Activision says that “each player will collect over $3,000 as part of the regular season prize pool of $200,000.” The Stage 1 Finals will see the top 8 teams go head to head for their chance to win their share of the $500,000 prize pool.

For those interested in attending the weekly matches, there are a limited number of tickets available here.

The CWL Global Pro League Stage 1 Finals will take place May 26-28 in the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Tickets to attend the Finals are not on sale yet.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest CWL news!

SOURCE: MLG (1, 2)

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