According to an image sent to us on Twitter by @ParadigmShifti, GameStop stores are starting to receive notifications that marketing material for a new ‘Activision Title’ is arriving in stores starting Tuesday, April 25. This could be the date near when preorders for the title will start.


The top of the image suggests that it is related to COD, with marketings APRL24.END.COD. It appears Activision is also sending new marketing material for Destiny 2 to GameStop next week as well.

Activision has not announced any details yet. Stay tuned.

SOURCE: @ParadigmShifti

  • Imfirstfam

    first, give me attention

    • Zypher


    • AC

      Oh yeah I will! “Something something another year of Call of Duty? They need to take a break! I haven’t played since MW2. I am sick of microtransactions! Fuck Activision! Greedy bitches!”

  • JeronimoPW

    I can’t wait for weapons variants, scorestreaks variants, weapons in supply drops, incomplete game, unbalanced and glitched game (months and more months to fix it), and of course: lagging as always. But even so people will gonna buy it? Yeah, no problem…

    • AC

      And why do you still visit a COD website?

    • Batman

      Its not Infinity Ward developing this

      • Piotr Piter

        @Batman You know that Sledgehammer was first studio that introduced weapon variants? Its them that made cod have shitton of microtransaction
        I just hope that Battalion 1944 will take over Call of Duty.

        • Pretty sure it was Activision that bought the money into it

  • pls no ww2

    • PuddleOfStix

      Too bad, brah.

    • WW2 BITCH



        edgy name

        • its just a kid, ignore him.

  • Batman

    Dear SHG




    • joey

      yup. otherwise it’s like that version of mike tyson’s punch-out that they released whilst mike was finding allah in the clink.

      bad guys are important.

    • PDX Guitar Freak

      Yeah I agree, so long as you can’t play as a Nazi (although that’s probably a no-brainer).

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