It appears that Transformers star, Josh Duhamel, might be involved in Call of Duty WWII afterall..

Yesterday the very first in-game images were accidentally posted on the official Call of Duty web site. Many fans initially wondered if that was Josh Duhamel seen in the game, and now CI reader Sean O’Mahony just alerted us to a tweet from Josh last month which shows him in a mo-cap suit, which could be for anything however he recently started following @CallOfDuty… Hmmmm

  • nathan forsthyle

    First boisss

  • nathan forsthyle
    • Håvard Lillefosse

      Wow, aren’t you cool.

      • nathan forsthyle

        cooler than your dead grandmas coffin

  • If that character is him, it looks like one of the factions in the game will be the 1st Infantry Division (AKA the Big Red One)

  • Michael Romo

    Can someone tell me who tf this guy is? I don’t remember his name in the credits

    • He’s one of the soldiers on the Transformers series he’s been on the movies since the first one

      • Tagger

        I remember him mostly from ‘Las Vegas’ (TV show).
        He was great in that.
        Pretty decent actor, with great charisma, that’s for sure.

        • Aleksandar Beumer


      • Yeah, I believe his character’s name is Lennox.

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  • Diego Diniz

    I hope Michael Condrey remember this:
    We dont care about Actors etc etc etc
    What we want is an AMAZING MULTIPLAYER!

    • Aidan

      You’d think the story would be the most important part of a WWII game…

    • Speak for yourself, please. The campaign is always something to look forward to, at least for me.

      • Jon

        I agree, but let’s be real…the campaign isn’t what sells a COD game it is the multiplayer that does.

    • Maciej Ray Marcin Zaremba

      Why not both?

    • TheSkrillexKill

      As always, you’re talking for yourself, not the community.

    • Campaign is still as important, just as long as they don’t do a half arsed copy paste job with the multiplayer like Infinity Ward did with Infinite Warfare it’ll be fine. Since SHG did something totally fresh with AW I doubt we have anything to worry about

    • Byoski


  • Peewy 978

    Who gives a $hit about actors in video games really? Thats not gonna get me to buy their game!