In a new lengthy interview with Polygon, prior to Activision’s Call of Duty: WWII reveal, Activision CEO spoke a lot about the decision to take Call of Duty back to its roots.

In that interview, he also talks about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and what happened this past year with Call of Duty and Infinity Ward. Eric Hirshberg said that he believes Infinite Warfare is a ‘high quality game’ from the Infinity Ward team, but it was the wrong game to deliver in 2016. The company has been working to find the right time to deliver titles, and Infinite Warfare missed that mark.

“I think it’s a really good game,” Hirshberg said about last year’s installment. “I think it can be simultaneously true that it was a really high quality game that Infinity Ward did a really terrific job with and the game was delivered at a very high level, creatively — and that it might have been the wrong game at the wrong moment in terms of getting that rhythm right with the audience and with the culture.”

With the Call of Duty three year development cycle, it’s become more of a challenge to predict the future market and precisely guess what fans want each year. The last three Call of Duty games were all futuristic with advanced movement. But Activision CEO still highlights that the benefits of the 3 year development cycle.

“The advantages of a three-year cycle are clear: there’s more time to innovate, there’s more time to polish, there’s more time to iterate, there’s more time for all the things that gamers care most about development teams having. At the same time, it increases the degree of difficulty, to an extent, getting that balancing act right,” Hirshberg explained, referring to the balance between consistency and freshness, a theme he returned to throughout our call. “The good news is we’ve gotten it right more often than not and more often than most. But I think, in the case of last year, I think both things were true.”

See more about the decision to go back to the roots in our other post here.

SOURCE: Polygon

  • What a fantastic joke.
    >shit netcode even worse than BO1 on launch
    >shit maps
    >shit color palette
    >all base maps are garbage

    • BradyAlucard

      He meant that the game is high quality in terms of polish, and in that regard it’s true for IW but it’s the same way with AW and BO3 because they don’t feel as broken as the last gen CoD’s.

      • But the game literally lacks polish hence why anyone and everyone can and will not hesitate to point out its flaws.

        But BO1, MW2, BO2? Those games are immediately praised, not criticized. Yes, they all have their issues (BO1’s hit detection, OMA DC noob tubes, BO2’s lag comp) but they did not get in the way of having fun.

        Can’t say the same with IW. BO3, maybe. Definitely not AW (hence it being deader than dead)

        • BradyAlucard

          In what way does it lack polish? I don’t think maps have a lot to do with the polishing of the game because that’s more of a design design and when you refer to design that’s where I’m going to agree with you, but there are many factors that go into polish and that’s where I disagree for the most part. It’s not that Infinite Warfare isn’t a polished experience, it’s that the movement was too chaotic and the hit detection couldn’t keep up with it but other than that, the fluidity of the overall gameplay mechanics, performance, graphical fidelity, etc. were all high quality. The complaints stemmed from how said polish was handled.

          (P.S. press [] to pay respects every time I say the word “polish).

  • Infinite Warfare is a great game to me. I legitimately love every moment of it. Probably my favorite one of the current gen CoDs.

    • Ult1mateCarnage

      yes single player is thats it

  • PoonjabMcDaddy

    What in the hell made Activision think it would be a good idea to deliver 3 consecutive future advanced movement games?? That’s just dumb business.

    As for IW, I actually liked the game at first but before even the first DLC the game just had a very BLEH feel to me. The game doesn’t feel like it has any kind of soul or purpose or reason to exist, it’s just kinda… there. No character to it, just so bland. I get the feeling the Infinity Ward team wasn’t really all that passionate about it.

    I’ll admit the campaign does seem cool although I haven’t played much of it. But MP… just bleh.

    Hoping they never do 3 consecutive games in the same vein again. Gotta keep it varied, would love to see the next three games go WW2-Vietnam-Modern/WW3. As much as I want some WW2, three of those in a row will have me hating it again.

    • PDX Guitar Freak

      I actually enjoy the game, but agree it was a strange decision to do 3 consecutive “advanced movement” futuristic games. I just have to wonder what factors they used to make that decision. Did they use focus groups, or some other method to determine that is what they believed the general COD population wanted? It’s just strange… but something must have happened to pull them in that direction

    • ccrows

      “What in the hell made Activision think it would be a good idea to
      deliver 3 consecutive future advanced movement games?? That’s just dumb

      (Everything IMO) AW was thrash. BO3 was a solid game, and IW “should” have been better than BO3, but Infinity Ward never really listened to the community.

      It’s definitely a better game than AW, but Infinity Ward needs to find a Vahn or a solid community manager before their next game… (especially when it comes to post-launch updates)

    • BradyAlucard

      How was it “dumb business”? That’s where the genre was going and they couldn’t possibly have known, it was only until Advanced Warfare came out that the community found out that they didn’t like the advanced movement as much as boots-on-the-ground and the studios had no other choice but to release the games. Call it whatever you want but it wasn’t dumb business.

  • jordanxbrookes

    It’s a high quality title, at least where the Campaign is concerned, but it wasn’t a “wrong moment” imo, it’s just not what fans wanted.

    • Elite Predator

      That’s because it was delivered at the wrong moment. Remember when we got Ghosts, and it died out fast because the majority got bored of it quick because it was essentially, more or less the same. Some didn’t like it period. The population dropped fast. I’m pretty sure if Infinite Warfare was delivered instead of Ghosts, (but made multiplayer maps more complex and strategical) it would have been amazingly received.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Honestly it wouldn’t have mattered when the game got released. Call of Duty was never known to be very futuristic, never mind going into space. I don’t think the majority of fans would’ve been positive about it at any time. However I guess I can see it being a “wrong moment” in terms of it being released at the worst possible time; when the fans are tired of the futuristic nonsense and the main competitor has made a game that FPS fans want.

        • If this game would have came out in 2013 or 2011, it probably would have a been a better time. 2016 was a bad time very much because at that point, the futuristic setting is overdone, been doing it since 2012, and the advanced movement just doesn’t work well. It’s bad timing, and i think the advanced movement have something to do with it.

          • ccrows

            This is one problem with COD. They see things in their rear view mirror and try to copy it too much.

            I already explained the BF analogy above, but when Titanfall was coming onto the scene, they copied a lot of that stuff too since AW.

            Sure BO3 IMO was a solid game, but it was also kinda a slap in the face to the traditional boots fans.

            With that said, I’ll give them credit for trying (and making a good game like BO3), but hopefully they never get anywhere near “space” ever again…

          • Elite Predator

            Black ops III was received positively well. The game also sold a total 25 million, world wide. The future with advanced movement was a fresh change to me, and an experience to the old franchise. Sure, Titanfall did steal what was remaining of Cod’s shining light. Selling an overall of 9 million units on the Xbox one, Xbox 360, and PC just for it’s first game, and that’s what lead them to Black Ops III, and as you said, it was a fairly well.

          • ccrows

            I think Advanced Movement is over “across the board” for a while.

            Activision has kinda implied that the next 3 years will be boots, and Zampella has already hinted that Titanfall 2 will be the last…

          • Elite Predator

            About time man.. good news to me.

        • ccrows

          “Call of Duty was never known to be very futuristic, never mind going into space.”

          ^ Bingo…

      • ccrows

        “Remember when we got Ghosts, and it died out fast because the majority got bored of it quick”

        ^ Nah, (IMO) Ghosts tried to be too much like Battlefield with the larger maps. It didn’t really matter “when” that game came out.

        It also had a melty TTK, and some of the worst spawns in the entire history of the series… (Stonehaven was the poster boy map for that)

        • Elite Predator

          I like Ghosts. Was it perfect? No!! but that’s also why I wrote several of the reasons summed up why it ultimately died out fast. Re-read what I originally wrote again. To clear it up to you, “some didn’t like it”

          • ccrows

            It still felt more “BF than COD” to me.

            I know that there are Ghosts fans out there, but I don’t think that we’ll ever see a Ghosts2.

            ^ Even if they fix the things that the community didn’t like about Ghosts, I have a feeling that they will start a new trilogy… *shrugs*

          • Elite Predator

            Yeah the maps were a bit too big. The thing I liked from the maps is they felt very tactical and felt more immersive. The game had a fair balance such as countering I.M.S, and spotting enemy I.E.Ds with a single perk. I loved the guns, and how the game overall felt. It felt so smooth and gritty. Ghosts 2 sequel may never happen. But that gameplay felt amazing.

          • ccrows

            “The game also had a fair balance such as countering I.M.S”

            ^ How many IED nerfs did it take to get to that point though?

            “I loved the guns, and how the game overall felt. It felt so smooth and as if it were an evolution to the modern warfare gameplay.”

            ^ It had a lot of guns and smooth gameplay, but the Hide and Go Seek and melty TTK turned a lot of people off.

            Let me put it like this. BO2 and Ghosts were my 2 highest KDs in the entire series (somewhere around 2.70-ish). I can play either type of game style, but BO2 IMO was a better game. Especially with TTK in core…

    • BradyAlucard

      I think all three modes have a high quality standard (since they have to). It’s not that the game isn’t polished because it’s a high quality game in that regard, but how they handled the design of the MP. I think Call of Duty has done a good job recently of taking out the stupid broken things that were in past CoD’s, though, but I think that just came with the fact that it’s a new generation and the developers have three years.

    • W1LL1AM04

      Activision should let Treyarch develop classic warfare shooters, Infinity Ward develop modern warfare shooters, and Sledgehammer Games develop futuristic shooters to satisfy all the different genres of the FPS scene and not overwhelm the community.

      • Chocobooo!

        Nope.. Treyarch is good at future settings. BO2 and BO3 are one of the best titles of the series. Sledgehammer Games can take the past/classic settings and Infinity Ward keep the modern/present settings.

  • StudioEvil

    Once again and really, even more then ever with IW. You fucktards will realize just how good of a game IW actually is once WW2 launches. We’re fucking going backwards but you fucking sheep are too oblivious to have a clue. Can’t wait for all the fucking whining once WW2 releases.I truly despise the fucks that hate on IW. You’re the exact opposite of any player I want to play in COD. You’re slow moving, head glitching, aimed down sites fuckwits with zero reflexes. Have a nice day shit brains!

    • jordanxbrookes

      “You fucktards will realize just how good of a game IW actually is…”

      • dickmissle

        i love iw but not one of the best

    • >You fucktards will realize just how good of a game IW actually is once WW2 launches.

      No, I won’t, lol.

      >Can’t wait for all the fucking whining once WW2 releases.I truly despise the fucks that hate on IW.

      I literally laughed at this part.

      >You’re the exact opposite of any player I want to play in COD. You’re slow moving, head glitching, aimed down sites fuckwits with zero reflexes. Have a nice day shit brains!

      I rather have that than a skinny robot with the NV4 flying around pretending the ground is lava.

    • Avatar133

      Hi 12 year old that’s only been exposed to future CoDs! You shouldn’t even be playing this game! Have a nice day! 🙂

    • Elite Predator

      LOL somebody’s angry ??? I’m f***** ecstatic for a WW II !!!!

    • Elite Predator

      Let’s cover what Infinite Warfare got right and maybe.. just maybe you will understand that people just dislike it for different reasons. The campaign IMO was astonishing, besides having a weak antagonist, it was phenomenal. Having strong character bonds and showing how their character arc develops through the story kept me engaged. Zombie maps are fun. The multiplayer can be alright at best. The killstreaks aren’t very good, gun variants; (idc gun variants don’t belong in cod), the maps are not bad, but they don’t require skill at all. The perk selection isn’t very strong. I don’t like the energy weapons. It literally feels like a toy with no grit whatsoever. So there you have my reason. Oh, and btw, I think Treyarch handled the maps, equipment, weapons, perks.. overall, connection, better than Infinity Ward did with Infinite Warfare.

    • Infinite Tears

      I got no clue what you’re smoking cause I want some of that. That’s the only explanation I can come up with for the reason why you’re so fuckin delusional

    • Duke of hazard

      “You fucktards will realize just how good of a game IW actually is once WW2 launches”


      “You’re slow moving, head glitching, aimed down sites fuckwits with zero reflexes.”

      I will bet my life savings that I will destroy you in IW. I know the in and out, what to do and so on. Hell, you’re probably trash, no wait, you are trash.

    • PiNK

      Too early to judge.

    • Go away.

  • >High quality game
    I think this game is mediocre as hell.

    You know what what is high quality though?? THE SUPPLY DROP CONTENT IS LLLIIITTTTTT ????????

    • BradyAlucard

      He means high quality in a different way, as in polish. People may not like the design of the game but overall the game’s fundamental issues are with its design and from what I gathered that’s why it’s such a hated game.

      • The game is mediocre. It’s definitely a mediocre Call of Duty game.

        • BradyAlucard

          In our humble opinion, but that doesn’t mean it’s not polished and held to a high standard of quality because it is/does. I don’t think Activision is talking about design here but the overall production of all 3 modes.

          Design-wise, MP is a mediocre experience but Campaign and Zombies aren’t.
          Production-wise, none of the modes are mediocre.

          • Multiplayer is mediocre as hell. Campaign is the best thing out of Infinite Warfare.

            Zombies, I don’t really care for in IW.

  • AcePhoenix007

    The campaign is most definitely high quality. Zombies was good enough and multiplayer was half-assed, yet somewhat fun. I can agree with this.

    • Element115Will

      IMO Zombies look ridiculous.

      • BradyAlucard


      • Zac M

        Zombies IS ridiculous. That’s the f****** point.

      • CookieChairman

        IMO Rave in the Redwoods far surpassed my expectations for a Zombies map made by IW

    • Jesse

      I agree.

      It wasn’t really a bad game itself but the way they did it was bad:

      Futuristic when people wanted something else

      Microtransactions when people DO NOT WANT THEM !!!

      Need to buy Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition for Modern Warfare Remastered when IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN SEPERATE

      As I said Infinite Warfare was not a bad game but the way they did everything for it was bad.

  • Ak74u

    Infinity ward always has the best DLC multiplayer maps thats the only thing I like about them at the moment but the lauch maps are always trash for infinty ward since ghosts. Campaign was good, zombies is okay

  • ccrows

    Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer BOTH need to step up their game and communicate with the community like Treyarch.

    ^ That (IMO) is the most critical ingredient for success with ANY COD game…

  • If IW was more imaginative with the multiplayer I might have given it the benefit of the doubt. It had so much potential to push the space setting and movement to create something fresh and unique, but instead fell on tweaking Black Ops 3. I prefer risk taking and innovation, that’s why I loved AW, and hopefully will love WWII.

  • SSR

    I have been enjoying IW mp alot lately. The Campaign was really awesome but ending was weird. I thought they’d leave a chance for IW2.

  • TepidBlack

    Yeah it was delivered at the exact time that cucks with non existent reaction times became the majority of the CoD playerbase and denounced aiming 10 meters above the ground to be too difficult for them

  • scrotesmd

    I actually enjoy iw it’s not a bad game and doesn’t deserve the flack. Infinity ward also at least give you some free content, black ops 3 sure I havent even tried half the guns. The supply drop system on blop3 is the worst by far.

  • Cheesesteakwit

    High quality? The Multiplayer is atrocious! More people play BO3 over IW on a daily basis

    • Abyss1992

      Going back to BO3 makes you feel how unpolished it really was.

      • VAQnotVAG

        haha I didn’t even have to go back to it to know that. I put on about five hours of time on IW and gave up on it. Terrible game

  • Alex_JT22

    You could say that but a monkey could tell you 3 futuristic games(which is far away from the roots anyway) in a row would be bad timing.

    To be honest i don’t think going back to ww2 will bring cod back to its heyday as activision and all of the devs have their heads up their ass.

    What they have failed to realize is people after so many years people mastered the gameplay, got bored of the same progression system, got fed up with the same problems plaguing the game year in year out.

    What activision done was change the gameplay up with advanced movement, added more complexity to create a class, made the same progression system longer and adding more of the same progression system in seperate parts, they took the fun out of the game by lisening to mlg players, added gimmicks to sell the game and make it look like they have added a new great feature.

    What they should of done is each developer should of had a certain time period to fill to keep it fresh, while many had mastered the gameplay and complained it was getting stale instead of changing it this should of been combated by more content (the same 13 or so amount of maps just get stale very quick when gameplay mechanics have been mastered) new maps/content should be added for free monthly to keep the game fresh and keep players engaged something we know isnt going to happen with the announcement of a season pass. A new progression system needed to happen which i bet my bottom dollar will not be different. Lastly instead of giving new players killstreaks for free every few minutes they need to make the game accessible for these players while not ruining for the hardcore.

    • Abyss1992

      Oh no I can do more now it’s so horrible dear god do you even hear yourself?

      • Thorpy

        its actually true

  • Sherwin Gravesande

    As a hardcore COD player like me my best COD titles are Black Ops, MW2, MW3, and Ghost this advanced futuristic approach they took these past games are turning ppl to Battlefield where there are actual human soldiers and modern technology.

    • GinsuVictim

      Not really, they just go back to the older titles. I enjoy Battlefield 4, but it’s no CoD substitute. They are totally different types of experiences, and depending on my mood, I’ll play the one that fits.

  • Elvis Mcnair

    Boots on the ground .that’s what we asked for not fly in the air so you can so you can dodge bullets. Then you bundle the game up and make us buy it. That was the first Call of Duty game I did not buy.

    • Abyss1992

      No people asked for something different and dis not specify what they wanted different quit being stupid.

  • Stefan Lang

    I’d have to agree. The campaign was amazing but multilplayer was TOO similar to Black Ops 3. Literally felt like I was playing the same game again.

    • VAQnotVAG

      Yes, the entire multiplayer experience felt the same, but in a space setting


    “I think it’s a really good game” – (((Eric Hirshberg)))
    well you would wouldn’t you

    • joey

      too bad cal lightman isn’t available to expose how eric really felt while claiming that.

  • Unclecoon

    It’s high quality in the fact that there is high entertainment value , lots of stuff to do easy to access it, + plus there is a huge community, its low quality in the multiplayer customer service… they gave us everything that nobody wanted and then when we said we didn’t like it they gave us more… more supply drop items, more overpowered specialist, doubled the supply drop weapons all in one day increasing the odd of getting guns you’ll never get while increasing irritating shit to die to. And the original maps are all very meh because of there is a trillion ways to die from and had no flow …. with that being said people still liked the game those that stayed

  • ʟ ɪ ɴ ᴋ

    high quality lol. go comment that on the most disliked game trailer on youtube history.

  • Peewy 978

    High Quality my Azz!!! Leaderboards weren’t even up when the game came out!!!

  • Peewy 978

    I would rather play Cod Ghosts than Infinite Warfare!!!

  • Al True Trax

    Worst connection of any cod

  • Dexterity x

    Yeah matchmaking is a joke – none of the new maps ever populate in team deathmatch. Also, I love the jerk offs who jump all over and magically kill everyone with ease. Ironically they are all prestige 10 and higher.