Looks like Activision is going all in on Call of Duty: WWII hype and marketing.

Big billboard advertisements for the game have started to appear in both Paris and London, with the entire BF IMAX in London covered with WWII ads across all sides.

Image credits: @Rampageinthebox, @_oxygenJF, @SHGames, @MichaelCondrey, @OMGItsAlia, @MaximeChao

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    Hell ya

  • The Gaming Revolution

    Stuff like this is quite sad honestly. Activision needs to realize that when they hype up a game, they raise peoples hopes up for it. If the game is good enough to support the hype, then so be it, but call of duty as a franchise isn’t currently in the position to make their game seem incredible. The only official news about the game is the title and one fucking image and Activision feels the need to spend millions on billboards the size of houses. I just wish they would underplay the advertising and news about the game so that we can all be blown away by it. But instead we are left to think a great game sucked only because it didn’t live up to our even greater expectations due to exuberant advertising.

    • Elite Predator

      Dude, calm down. They want the world to tune in tomorrow. They need people to know that Call Of Duty is back!!!! I don’t think it costs us to look at a billboard it’s there to notify us where Call Of Duty is going. If there’s hype surrounding it that’s because this has been good news since years. Infinite warfare sold less than half the amount Black Ops III. The lowest selling point for Call Of Duty since it’s growth peak. With that said, Activision NEEDS to advertise this game like the way they are.

      • The Gaming Revolution

        I agree with the need for advertising, but there has to be a limit. I’m not necessarily upset with the billboards, but if they are advertising this eccentrically at this point in the games life then I can only imagine what it will be like closer towards the launch. They just release too much info about the game, making it seem better to players. More advertisements = more sales, but it leads to a larger group of disappointed players, which ultimately makes people keep spiraling into the train of hating call of duty. With less advertisements, the game may sell less initially, but it will lead to a more successful franchise in the future. Take Ghosts for example, it was released right after Bo2 in Call of Dutys prime. They advertised it as “the better version of modern warfare 3” and had a ridiculous amount of advertising to the point they would zoom in on their “ultra-hd” dog models as an ad. Then when it came out it sold well but everyone hated it because they were expecting so much from it. With a WWII setting, everyone is getting all excited and screaming “CALL OF DUTY IS GOING BACK TO THE GOOD OLD DAYS!!!” when in reality this promoted behavior is just going to disappoint them at launch.

  • nathan forsthyle

    I noticed this before a lot of people did. it means WATERLOO/STAMFORD/YORK

    • ToonToons22

      Nice find! Has anyone figured them out? I tried researching the names myself and the one thing they seem to have in common are that they are all names of German POW camps.

      • Luis Rosado

        Someone on Reddit already figured out that it’s the roads around the location where the World Reveal will take place.

        • nathan forsthyle

          I found it at 4:15PM On twitter I believe. I was one of the first to notice it. I saw dots and knew it was morse.

    • PDX Guitar Freak

      Wow, great job man… I have to say though, Michael Condrey looks like such a queer. Speaking of… if you haven’t seen it, check out the BallofDoody channel on YouTube – there are some hilarious videos spoofing TmarTn, including one where he reveals he was Condrey’s secret lover. 😉

    • Dylan Penney-Smith

      It translates to Q/ROO/VMFOR/YORK (Roughly)

    • Wizga
  • Felix Lamirande

    Plot twist : there will be exo movements, they just won’t say it.

  • Unfeasible

    the scariest thing is sledgehammer introduced, supply drops, weapon variants, and sbmm… I’m extremely hyped for this game, almost like back in bo2 and mw3. but those 3 things can really ruin this game. no sbmm, no weapon variants and supply drop cosmetic only. also specialist is a scary thing too, NO SPECIALIST. again I’m more then hyped but scared it will be ruined from these things. It might be boots on the ground but that doesn’t mean its saved yet… but MAN IM EXCITEDDDD

    • Psychomaggot105

      Sbmm will single handily ruin the game if it’s anything like aw. I’m all for competitive games but it needs to be a separate playlist.

  • Really hoping it won’t be ground-based movement every year. Change happened because people complained about repetition. I was going to say I’d be down for a SHG History, Treyarch Future, IW Modern sort of arrangement to stir it up every year but I’ve just changed my mind in the middle of writing this. Now I’m sort of thinking Treyarch History, SHG Modern, and IW Future. Love to see if you guys think it’d be a good idea (or not) to have COD set at different time periods every year – I mean, I think it worked pretty well around the times of BO1 – MW3 – BO2 era.

    • I think Infinity Ward should do future next. If people still wanted jet packs, the best time that should come back is 2019 or maybe 2020.

      Even then, boots on the ground is just better fitted for Call of Duty

      • You see I would have agreed with you about 2 years ago, but now the community and target audience has changed, I don’t think WWII will deliver what some refer to as the Call of Duty experience, purely because that’s not what players nowadays want and even if I believed the studios could deliver it nowadays, the level of innovation Activision are forcing on the Devs will mean it’s ruined in other ways. The people you see saying Infinite Warfare is bad are those who don’t play the game, same for the people who say WWII is the best game they’ve seen in a long time. BF1 is another example.

        • >don’t think WWII will deliver what some refer to as the Call of Duty experience, purely because that’s not what players nowadays want and even if I believed the studios could deliver it nowadays

          Pretty sure doing WW2 is considering Call of Duty experience considering that’s where Call of Duty started. And what do mean its not what players want? Do you not see the OVERWHELMING positive reaction that Call of Duty: WWII is getting? What people didn’t want, was last year. 3 million dislikes.

          >The people you see saying Infinite Warfare is bad are those who don’t play the game, same for the people who say WWII is the best game they’ve seen in a long time. BF1 is another example.

          This is a generalization and not based on any actual facts. I think IW is bad and I HAVE played it. This isn’t always the case on bith sides.


    Rip London and Paris

  • jordanxbrookes

    I just hope the game is as good as we all hope. It’d make my day if Michael Condrey said “No SBMM and No Weapon Variants”, that’d be a great starting point lol.

    • All this game has to do is live up. I am already excited for Call of Duty, and I haven’t been this excited for CoD for a long time. I’m just extremely happy to see Call of Duty..be Call of Duty again.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Same here and we’re not the only ones. Lots of people who are old school players/fans are now excited about returning to CoD again, now that it’s gone with the new and back with the old.

    • Epicsand

      What is wrong with sbmm if it does not match you up with people with bad connections?

  • Beast Mode

    World War 2 on Native 4k orrrrrrrrrr

    30 day headstart on maps??

    Scorpio for the W