New GameStop marketing material has revealed that the Call of Duty: WWII beta will be available first on PlayStation 4, similar to the Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare betas. Players can get access to the Call of Duty: WWII Private Beta by preordering the game at retailers. 

The image also says in the legal information that the minimum beta duration will be 3 days, but actual release dates will be announced in the future. 

The new marketing material also confirms the previously revealed November 3 release date for the game. 


  • plOriem Abraham

    first time am excited in 3 years and the exclusive bullshit is still here..

    • James_Hollywood

      I bet you were really enjoying that exclusivity on your Xbox 8 years ago, punk. Sorry your console failed you Mr. Fanboy.

      • LOL i bet he did

      • Bill Nye The Science Guy

        you console peasants are so fucking sad, Just get a gaming PC and play in 4K you 1080p degenerates.
        p.s Xbox is kinda good you PlayStation plug sockets.

        • Bill Nye the Retard Guy

          lol playing cod on PC. that’s scientifically a failure. cod on pc is irrelevant. enjoy your 3-5k players at peak time and aim bots

          • Jester

            Who told you that? I have almost 100 hours of BO3 in PC and I just found 1 cheater.

            In fact, Treyarch’s moderation is frecuently kicking cheaters in PC, dunno about console.

            But yeah, CoD in PC is sadly a joke cause just Treyarch worries about releasing a good PC version. BO3 is very healthy for what you would expect for a PC CoD and it always catches 7K+ players in weekends.

      • progamecasting

        definitely the case lol

      • Smayo

        Enjoyed it so much I pushed the back button in the MW3 lobby through the controller.

        Nobody gives a damn about some maps 30 days later, enabling map packs in CoD only slices the available playerbase in half, and with that the chance of a decent connection in most cases.

  • Well obviously

  • xSilent-Commando

    Love how the Xbox community never said anything about how unfair it was for Playstation users when they had the license now it’s changing. Ugh, these fanboys need to grow up! Back then it was because “Xbox is better”, Is it really though? 🙂

    • Felix Lamirande

      Yes it is

    • MaRico Spikes

      Beta should not be exclusive to console but by preorder, IMO

      • xSilent-Commando

        Actually, the beta is not “exclusive”, It is only exclusive as it is FIRST on PS4, But exclusive to being first not just for PS4…

        • MaRico Spikes

          I meant the beta should not be exclusive first by console but by preorders, I smoked it had me twisted my bad

          • xSilent-Commando

            🙂 I think that PS4 users should still get something exclusive with the Beta like an extra map, mode, weapon, outfit and a extra day earlier or longer. That’s it!

      • Fearoh

        Yeah I agree betas are there to help improve the game everyone should be able to play it at same time no matter of the console or if you have pre-ordered the game

    • MaRico Spikes

      I could careless about the maps being exclusive first on PS
      It did bother me at first but we did have it for awhile on Xbox first
      My parents taught me to share when I was younger

    • Sexy Mcgee

      Back then Xbox was better, though.

    • Giuseppe Petruso

      To be honest, as an xbox player I have to say everyone should be equal. Fanboy or not, were all gamers.

    • W

      The irony in calling people fanboys with a post like that.

    • Massamo

      yes we did and its always makes me not buy games when they pull this dlc first or dlc only on this system stuff

  • Michael Romo

    Why can’t we just all get the same stuff at the same time? As a PS user, I feel guilty

    • Felix Lamirande

      because $$$$$

      • MaRico Spikes

        Exactly ?
        But I think the beta should be exclusive to preorder only not by console
        Their should be a petition

    • Jon Jackson

      I think CoD should start doing DLC kinda like Battlefield does theirs. Everyone who gets the season pass, gets the DLC early regardless of console and receive all of the DLC weapons free or by doing a challenge.

    • guilty of what

    • FunKtioN

      dont be, were you guilty when “they” had first dibs?

  • ScOott

    Il be playing on the Scorpio.. I can wait the 30 days…

    • Smayo

      Same here, I pass the time with some 4K RDR2 or something…

      • XboxISdead

        Yea sounds fun blow $600 on a gaming console with no games xbox lost the war its over

        • Smayo

          Says the guy who happily pays $50 for some extra (mediocre) maps.

          Besides, I suggest stop seeing this console thing as a “war” makes you look a little more mature around here…

    • Mr_ysi42t96

      Where’ve you been babe?

      • ScOott

        Lol.. Playing differnet games and black ops 2… Hopefully Il be back for this game

  • disqus_KZ5dM7mKBK

    This kind of thing more than anything will make me jump ship on the Call of Duty franchise. I paid a lot of money for the game and have to wait a month each time to play the new content I paid for in advance and it appears they are going to do the same thing again with the next version. I may skip it.

    • KdotLamar

      No u aint bitch lol dont lie. See you November 3rd.

      • disqus_KZ5dM7mKBK

        I’m teetering though, and that’s the problem, know what I mean? I’m sure the devs don’t want people teetering on leaving their franchise over things like this. It honestly makes no sense to me. I think they are overplaying their hand and eventually, it will hurt them. I paid $99 for COD Black Ops III and played it for 30 minutes because they letterboxed the split screen multiplayer. I play with my wife and we have a nice television and most of it was blacked out because the devs chose not to make the multiplayer full split screen in that version. Unfortunately for me, I had already spent the $99 that time, but I waited a full month to get Infinite Warfare over that. Same holds true for the upcoming COD WWII, which I think might be really good, but I’m just not into preordering now over things like 30 day exclusivity and messing up the multiplayer. Add to that the issues with getting into games, terrible matchmaking, and things like that we (my wife and I) have had in Infinite Warfare, and you end up with people teetering on abandoning the franchise. When it’s good, its good and a lot of fun. When it’s not, its really not.

  • Thanasishim

    Lol DLC exclusivity is and always was retarded

    • Giuseppe Petruso

      Agreed. Everyone should be equal, were all gamers!

  • Gamerazor247

    PlayStation always wins, baby!!

  • Unfeasible

    everyone is mad at the exclusive, like it was on xbox for a long time, why are you mad? you still get the map packs, and the beta. and I’m soooooo excited for the first time in 3 years, this is amazing. I can not wait until tomorrow

    • Beast Mode

      I can honestly say most people who play xbox are not mad. Especially not with IW and unless this game is spectacular it wont matter much.. Besides we will be playing it on 4k first

      Scorpio bebeh!!

  • snake56

    No beta on PC?

    • Jester

      I hope they do, since we saw how IWs move ended: a fucking shitshow, incredibly bad optimized, and impossible to play.

    • RdJokr

      Nothing confirmed yet. But the fine prints say nothing about beta not being on PC, so there’s hope.

  • Beast Mode

    Play the game on native 4k orrrrrr early maps???

    Scorpio for the W

  • yansel Garcia

    I pre-order ww2 and is not working is not download at al

  • Peewy 978

    Xbone is has a $hitty line up of games and poor Specs thats why it fail this generation console war. Not to mention the Government spying on you through Xbox. Dont believe me Google it!

  • Colin Pippenger

    How do I put the code in I know that I have to go to But it keeps saying no platform selected even tho I selected a platform (ps4). ITS BULLSHIT I WANT TO PLAY THE BETA

  • Carlos Castro

    Xbox maybe better in the Internet connection. But the call of duty developers don’t care about witch is better they going to side with who popular and makes more money out between ps4 and xboxs. Right now its PlayStation with the most sold. But if they were smart they world choose both ps4 and xbox to get maps first.

  • James Kieley

    Free beta codes are at

  • DeeZ_NerdZ

    well xbox need to pick up there game if they are getting demolished by playstation dont blame playstation blame xbox