Following the marketing leaks, Activision and Sledgehammer Games have officially confirmed that Call of Duty: WWII will have a private beta, set to start later this year.

The beta will be available first on PlayStation 4 and with Xbox One beta to follow after. Players can get access to the beta by preordering the title at retailers* or digitally.

Activision has not announced a date for the beta yet. Previously, Black Ops 3’s beta took place in August, while Infinite Warfare’s beta took place in October.

*Check with your retailer if they have beta codes. Majority of retailers worldwide should be participating in this bonus, but varies by countries. Digitally preordering on PS4 or Xbox One will give you access to the beta when it is available.

SOURCE: Activision

  • Lord Beerus

    This exclusivity stuff is nonsense. It was nonsense when it was Xbox that were first in line for everything and it’s nonsense now that is PS that are the first in the queue for all the extra goodies.

    Let’s just hope the beta comes out in time (around July preferably) and lasts for about a 4-6 days.

    • Matthew Watts

      Shut up Xbone peasant!! You should have joined the Sony master race long ago. Muahahhaaa!!!!

      • Luis Rosado

        You’re autistic. He’s probably of the PC Master Race, console peasant.

        • Lord Beerus

          You’re both idiots

          • Daan Eekhof

            Says the one with a Dragonball (Z/super? Whichever it is) name. Hehe JK

        • COD_Fanboy


  • Alejandro Perez

    Amazon. Com included?

  • Aurélien22 in France ? Thank’s

  • Eduardo Medina

    How many codes?

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      • awlagfare

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  • mohammad

    what about pc charlieintel?

    • Eddie Tupy

      only treyarc cares about PC

  • Eddie Tupy

    Cant wait until console hardware dies out and sony MS and nintendo do software / drm stores on PC.