It’s here.

Watch the official reveal trailer for Call of Duty: WWII, available November 3, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Over two years in the making, Sledgehammer Games delivers a gritty, personal experience in the setting of the largest worldwide conflict in history to a new gaming generation in Call of Duty®: WWII. Play through the story of ordinary men turned soldiers in the 1st Infantry Division as they fight to preserve freedom in the face of tyranny. Call of Duty: WWII delivers fast-paced, boots-on-ground combat through iconic locations in the European Theater.

  • BradyAlucard


    Freaking awesome!

  • OneTrueKing

    Twitch lagged so hard still hyped but not a good first impression.

    • Ritatdelaney

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  • Smayo

    Can’t watch it on my phone. What happened with CI ? First I had to install another browser to access Disqus, and now with this browser (Chrome latest update) I can’t watch video’s.

    Now I have to wait for Tmartn to upload the trailer…

    • Dickmissle


  • Stefan Lang

    Trailer was amazing as I thought it would be. Can’t wait to play this campaign. SHG did amazing with AW’s campaign so I’d expect this to definitely top that one.

  • Drank Bleach

    Not convinced they wanted to go back to wwII but was forced by Activision, Glen and Condrey don’t seem to enthusiastic for this title as when they revealed AW.

    • Sentinel

      They originally wanted to make a COD in Vietnam…this was the chance they have been waiting for to truly make a game with real details of a World War shooter. The pioneers of a true first person shooter.

      • Drank Bleach

        Vietnam would have been better, wwII is played out already.

        • Jesse

          Yes but Vietnam has been done recently in COD as well.

          They covered just about the whole war in the first Black Ops game!

          • Dickmissle

            that wasnt the real vietnam

        • Sentinel

          To me, it ain’t. Bringing WW2 back to the next gen consoles with the COD gameplay mechanics is a must play.

  • Lord Beerus

    Gorgeous trailer. Didn’t give too much but gave enough to entice me to see much more.

    Looking forward to this game.

  • OneTrueKing

    Nazi zombies woo

  • Mick

    I’m stoked! Wish we saw some more gameplay but this game has got my attention!

  • Sentinel

    Watch it on my Galaxy S8 and ohh boii it looks beautiful on that widescreen!

    • Dickmissle

      i got one to

  • It looks very beautiful. The singing in the background, the facial expressions, the gritty feeling. I’m excited for an emotional and serious story!

  • Jayb0n3rluvsu

    Oh my god this looks so fucking stupid. Really Sledgehammer? You had to go and fuck this one up too? Everyone of you gaybois got so damn hyped for this world war 2 shit just to be even more disappointed. Where is the advanced movement system? Where are the supply drops? At least give us grappling hooks/ space battles. Or tanks and horses for you idiots that want this arcade shooter to be more “realistic”. Wake up Activision, without vehicles or some other kind of innovation Battlefront, rainbow six siege, battlefield 1, and Medal of Honor are going to continue to kill you guys on sales. This game is so loose butthole

    • That shit’s lame, cut it out.

      • Jayb0n3rluvsu

        Yes master. Please don’t punish me.

    • Issam Nasiri

      Maybe there are but they didn’t want to show weirdo

      • Jayb0n3rluvsu

        That’s very true. We can only pray to the almighty god that is Activision to add game breaking mechanics or money-stealing business models before the game releases! Bc right now it just looks like a solid game relying on the basics. Who wants that?

    • ICutOldPeople

      “Kill you guys on sales” lolololol

      • Jayb0n3rluvsu

        It’s true medal of honor is has the highest recorded sales followed by titanfall and shark attack deathmatch

        • ICutOldPeople

          Lol i love comments like this, i know ur no being serious and it makes me laugh.

    • jordanxbrookes

      That’s ok, you can stay on IW while us old school vets will play WWII.

      • Jayb0n3rluvsu

        That’s the plan. Iw is so tight butthole. I’m going to keep playing IW and opening supply drops until I get so frustrated about not getting elite variants that I crack and spend all my hard earned cash on cod points. And don’t say I’m not an old school vet my kd is over a .5 now and I’m getting better everyday. I’m on the come up baby

  • Not excited nor disappointed. Just :/

    • Graphics are amazing though.

    • Element115Will

      Youre bored with it already? You want Exos back? Sheesh, like I said, never happy.

      • Siftblade

        People who like exos don’t deserve happiness Kappa

      • 1: I never said i wanted exos back.

        Plently have seen me wanting modern or close future timeline BOTG like black ops 2. So in fact, quite opposite.

        2: I am not happy, but am i upset either? No. Just :/

    • ccrows


  • Berkay Mert

    Graphics are awesome. Watch on 1080p

  • Alex_JT22

    Activision memo – word of the day is visceral.

    Looked ok and will certainly be interesting to see a big budget ww2 game but have a feeling with kids attention spam these days ww2 wont have enough diverse content to kerp people playing.

    I still dont see activision learning from their mistakes it will still be the same 12/13 maps at launch and then charge for any extra content so the average gamer will be bored within a few months and move on like they hsve been doing for the past few years.

  • Abhishek Jain

    i am gonna enjoy titanfall 2 this year with overwatch

  • Steve Dominick

    I just don’t know where they can take this…. I’ve stormed the Normandy beach, fought in France, Britain, Germany & Russia in at least 3 cod installments… Fired the same mp40, bar ,m1, grease gun, etc. No one will ever match treyarch’s zombies, but its hilarious that activision keeps making other devs try..And then there’s the impending supply drops.. Beyond a ghillie suit, what can they offer? I’m not saying that I want jet packs and laser guns, but to go from hyper advanced/creative weaponry back to ultra basic will be a challenge for me.. not trying to bash, just my thoughts…

    • Guest

      Yes the game will feature the same locations.. same weapons.. same “story”.. but what won’t be the same is the experience. The way the game is played.. The graphics are going to be extremely impressive compared to the last WW2 Call of Duty we had… the multiplayer will continue to evolve.. Its not going to be the same experience. Its going to be all new using the same old stuff.

  • Aidan

    This game looks and sounds so damn gorgeous. I’m definitely hooked.