Activision and Sledgehammer Games have provided the first details on some of Call of Duty: WWII’s campaign missions.

Today, they are detailing two Call of Duty: WWII campaign missions.

  • Hürtgen Forest: An old-growth forest on the German border where Allied forces engage in devastating encounters. In the heat of battle, the German Army uses tree burst bombs that detonate at treetop level, showering soldiers with wooden shrapnel. When your unit is zeroed-in-on by hostile artillery, the forest explodes around you as debris rains down.
  • Normandy: From inside a Higgins landing boat, your squad will storm Omaha Beach in a visceral audiovisual experience unlike any D-Day landing experienced in a game to date. You and your fellow soldiers must overcome the enemy defenses to serve as the tip of the spear for the Allied invasion.

SOURCE: Activision

  • joey

    as others have mentioned, please don’t puss out on swastikas. it would be an absurd, damning choice that would be as distracting as (thus) generic german army soldiers dressed in, say, goofy ginger bread man outfits.

    • DJSaviD

      CoD has never censored out swastikas.

      • Batman

        BO3 did both campaign and zombies, the german version of BO1 did too

        • DJSaviD

          Well that’s upsetting. WaW didn’t and neither did 3, 2 or 1 IIRC

        • ThisGuy

          If I remember correctly swastikas in Germany is actually a legal issue. They don’t allow it there.


      They’d never dare censor the commie hammer and sickle when it’s been responsible for 10 million murders in Ukraine alone. Really makes you think…

      • Dattebayo

        Really activates those almonds…

        • DEMOLITION12


    • Stop mentioning the ginger bread outfit it was a dying wish for a kid you lame . You probably trash at COD anyway

      • Ritatdelaney

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      • Draco mouthtoys

        What about the clown costume ? Or the panda ? Or the psychedelic (which actually cost real money)

  • TheSkrillexKill

    Hope that gore is present in this game.

  • Batman

    We need gore & swastikas

  • Michael Romo

    I wonder if the campaign will be linear like AW or choice-driven like IW

    • Alienade

      IW isn’t choice driven. BO2 is.

    • Qaotik

      Infinite warfare wasn’t choice driven. BO2 was, but I doubt they’ll do that again

  • Jesse

    Wow it looks like this game will cover the entire Western Front!

    Normandy is obviously the D-Day mission and the Hürtgen Forest mission sounds like it takes place during the Battle of the Bulge which was when Allied troops started moving into Germany that winter

    • Dunio

      1. Western Front don’t start in 1944
      2. Battle of Hürtgen Forest was not a part of Battle of the Bulge.

      • Earl Palmer

        it was right before the battle of the bulge

  • Dattebayo

    Here’s hoping some gameplay from the German point of view too, or maybe from the pacific front aswell

  • Earl Palmer

    I think they should give you more time to kill the sec set of snipers and flame thrower and the gun they give you sucks hard to hold on target add more check pnts in this 1