In new feature articles from both Polygon and IGN, Sledgehammer Games has revealed that the campaign will not feature auto-regeneration of health.

IGN reports that if you stay behind cover for a long time in the campaign, health will not auto-regenerate, and you will have to ask a medic in the game.

In addition, there is not way to “pick up” ammo in Call of Duty: WWII campaign. If you run out, you have to ask your squad in campaign to throw you a new magazine to use.

From Polygon, here’s a quote from Glen Schofield on this:

“You have to worry about every bullet,” says Schofield. “You’re not the superhero. You can’t just stand there taking seven bullets, ducking, shooting again. It’s refreshing for us to deal with recruits who aren’t tier-one warriors, to show that vulnerability. They’re naive. It’s been a really cool challenge creating this different kind of gameplay.”

Additional details have also arisen from a GamesRadar article, which suggests that different members of your squad in the campaign have different abilities to help throughout the story. As noted above, one of the can throw you a magazine to give you more ammo, and the medic can provide additional health.

Condrey told GamesRadar that additional squad members have different abilities that can help as well.

“Part of being this squad and working together was about helping each other out in a very different way than in previous games. This is [you] relying on your squad, and so that was a mechanic where you can rely on your squad members to help you, and in that case – when you’re low on ammo – your squad can share ammo. Certain members of your squad have certain attributes that can help you, and if you are in proximity to one of your squad members, and you need their help you can… it’s an active ability.”

It’s also possible to lose squad members during battles, which will affect which abilities you might have available; it will also have an emotional impact on the characters.

“Yeah – there’s possibilities of important members of your squad dying…You can be separated from guys with key abilities that would change how you play – if you’re not with the ammo guy then you have less ability to replenish your ammo. The human loss of your squad is an important emotional impact,” says Condrey, “and there’ll be times that you’re separated and you may lose people that are emotionally important to you, so all of those things can happen, yeah.”

SOURCE: IGN, Polygon, and GamesRadar

  • HYPE

  • XboxWon

    can’t wait to see that glorious gritty campaign in native 4K 60 fps.

    • XboxISdead

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      • Ps4UsersAreSoSaltyXD

        Haha mad ps4 idiot. Pc and xbox will enjoy this game at 4k and you have to play at 1080p BAHAHAHAHA

        • xboxretard

          u missunderstand something son.

      • Smayo

        Says the guy who spends $400 on a minimal updated console…

    • XboxISdead

      The only thing xbox won was the award to play 5 year old games

    • XboxISdead

      Do you know you were so mad YOU MADE A SN? hahahahahha have you checked sales lately? Xbox wont even give the numbers out hahahahahahahahahabah google it

  • JeronimoPW

    OMG… I CAN’T WAIT ;_;

  • CyberWolf

    Nice. I can dig it.

  • Dimitris Stoumpas

    Nice addition !!! It will be a nice change from basically ALL modern games where your health regenerates by itself.The new way to get ammo reminds me of Bioshock Infinite where sometimes Elizabeth gives you ammo to reload

    • kia0525

      Don’t forget the coins and health packs.

  • joey

    how about an amphetamines perk?

  • Alex_JT22

    Sounds intrresting but in reality its going to be annoying as hell. To me it looks like a new feature added just to so they can say they innovated

    • BradyAlucard


      • Alex_JT22


        • BradyAlucard

          yes fight me

    • XboxISdead

      And you sound just like a 12 year old cod hater

      • Alex_JT22

        Far from it, i could easily say your a cod fanboy. All i am doing is stating my opinion. Look it could work and be an interesting take but seeing weapons on the floor and not being able to get ammo etc from there is odd and i can see the medic thing becoming tiresome on veteran when milliseconds count when taking damage in fact the whole thing sounds odd having to keep asking for ammo and medics is going to become a choir.

  • Rodrigo de Souza


  • The Rabid One

    Can we push a button and have the person call of a MEDIC!!! Instead of walking to them during a firefight.

  • snake56

    Press F to call a medic.

  • Wizga

    That is actually a cool feature. Makes the campaign more interesting and a bit harder. I always play campaign first, warm myself up for multiplayer. And of course COD campaigns are incredible, expect BO3 campaign, that was a mind fuck and confusion to me.

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  • Jon Jackson

    In other words, they’re just copying Battlefield lol.

    • SSR

      bf1 has generating health in Campaign

      • Jon Jackson

        I meant the CoD campaign(and maybe multiplayer) is copying BF’s multiplayer gameplay system.

        • RdJokr

          COD1 was the first and only COD game till now to have the “no health regen” system. Check again, kid.

          • Jon Jackson

            Lol smh reread my previous comment son. Let me spell it out for you. CoD is copying the class system of Battlefield’s multiplayer. Example: Medic, Support, Assault, Scout. I guess you haven’t played Battlefield before. I said nothing about the no health regen system of past CoDs.

          • RdJokr

            You’re a true BF fanboy if you think it’s the only game where you can have soldiers doing medic and support roles.

          • Jon Jackson

            Lol CoD fanboy alert! Why are y’all keep putting words in my mouth? Did I say BF was the only game that has that system? No. But, is BF the most recent popular game that uses it and it’s known for? Yes. Btw I’m not a fanboy, I play CoD and BF.

          • Duke of hazard

            LOL battlefield isn’t the only fps game with that system. You’re a fanboy if you think otherwise.

          • Jon Jackson

            I never said that, stop dick riding.

          • Duke of hazard

            “CoD is copying the class system of Battlefield’s multiplayer” You implied that that class system belongs to Battlefield. Stop being stupid and learn what implication means.

          • Jon Jackson

            Why are you kids keep misconstruing my comments? I didn’t even imply that the system belongs to Battlefield. However, Battlefield did make that system popular whether you wanna admit it or not. And no other popular fps game has used that system since BF made it popular. Therefore, CoD is copying BF. Stop being in denial fanboy.

          • Duke of hazard

            What stupid ass comment is this? You just contradicted yourself. You say that you didn’t imply it, then proceed to make a stupid excuse on how it’s copying. That makes no sense. How the hell is someone copying you when you’re not the original? Because you made it popular? It’s ironic that you called me a fanboy because that’s an answer only a fanboy would make.

          • Jon Jackson

            I don’t mean to bring politics into this, but I’m guessing you’re a Trump supporter. I say that because you’re dodging and skirting the issue just like Trump and his cronies do. I said CoD is copying BF and gave very valid points to support that. Then you just say “it makes no sense” and call it a “stupid excuse.” You gonna call it fake news next? lol

            How am I a fanboy when I play both Battlefield and CoD? Just because I said Cod is copying BF? If BF put a zombies mode in their game in the same format as CoD, I would say BF is copying CoD because no other popular fps does that besides CoD. Simple as that.

            “How the hell is someone copying you when you’re not the original?” Are you new? Something does have to be original to for you to copy it. Let me paint you a picture, stay with me on this: Twerking has been around for centuries in Africa. Twerking has even existed in hip hop for the past couple of decades. But when Miley Cyrus (attempted) to twerk at the VMAs a couple years ago, it became hugely popular. And did people say “I’m twerking because people have done it in Africa and other nations for years and years”? No, they did it because Miley was majorly popular then and it was all over the Internet and wanted to emulate her and not the original people that started the dance. To reiterate what I already said, “Did I say BF was the only game that has that system? No. But, is BF the most recent popular game that uses it and it’s known for?” Therefore CoD is copying its biggest competitor, Battlefield. Game, set, match.

          • Duke of hazard

            1. You’re making it really hard for me to take you seriously

            2. I ain’t no Trump supporter, but Liberals and Antifa can burn in hell for all I care.

            3. I didn’t dodge a thing, but you can keep reaching.

            4. No, you didnt give any valid reason. You’re not gonna convince anyone with an IQ over 60 believe the nonsense the came out of your mouth.

            5. “Something doesn’t have to be original for you to copy it”. What? That’s literally the entire purpose of a copy, to replicate the fucking original.

            6. So, for the sake of the argument, you’re telling me that if braids originated among Blacks, then Whites made it popular, and then Asians start trying it out, it’s Asians copying Whites? Not Asians and Whites copying Blacks? Yeah, you will not be able to convince me.

    • ThisGuy

      In other words the original cods didn’t have regenerating health.

    • Dimitris Stoumpas

      No, because in Battlefield you call a medic when you are down and want to be revived. Instead in WW2 you will have to call a medic to replenish health.

      • Skillreks

        this is campaign related, first of all, and second, your health replenished in battlefield

      • Jon Jackson

        Nope you’re wrong. Medics throw med packs/crates to replenish health. Smh, you can tell which people don’t play battlefield, yet wanna make comments about the gameplay.

        • Duke of hazard

          Nigga you regen in battlefield without the help medics. Now you’re just being full of shit.

          • Jon Jackson

            Once again, I never said that. I was just replying to the kid that said you can’t throw med packs to replenish health in BF. Which you can and that BF made popular. Reread my previous comments before you reply to me next time.

          • Duke of hazard

            “the kid that said you can’t throw med packs to replenish health in BF” Except he never said that

            Cod has had the no regen system in their very first game back in 2003. Theyre just bringing it back, and of course you battlefield dumbasses come out of the closet saying “THEYRE COPYING BAATTLEFIELD HURR DURR” without bothering to know anything.

          • Jon Jackson

            “No, because in Battlefield you call a medic when you are down and want to be revived. Instead in WW2 you will have to call a medic to replenish health” is what the kid said. He implied that you can’t replenish in health in BF via med packs/crates.

            And of course you’re one of the CoD fanboys that believe all the bs and hype that Activision and the developers tell you. I bet if CoD puts destructible environments in the next CoD and Activision calls it new and innovative, you’re gonna be sitting there believing that shit and saying “BF IS COPYING CALL OF DUTY HURR DURR” without realizing that Battlefield and other games have had destructible environments for years. See what I did there? I copied your all caps comment. Are you the first person to type all caps in the comment section? No. But you’re the most recent one to do so(at least that I’ve seen) and I copied you. Just like CoD copied BF. There I prove my point.

          • Duke of hazard

            Thank you for showing me how new and obtuse you are to this comment section. I’ve continuously argue with cod fanboys that defend Activision and th dumbshit that they do on this website.

            ” I bet if CoD puts destructible environments in the next CoD and Activision calls it new and innovative, you’re gonna be sitting there believing that shit” Ghosts did that back in 2013 and not a single cod fan said it was innovative to the genre. Good job there, dumbass. And yeah, I see your failed attempt at mocking me.

          • Jon Jackson

            Lmao being able to blow up very isolated, small parts of buildings, logs, and glass is not my definition of destructible environments.” That’s pseudo-destructible at best lol. You know damn well what I meant by destructible environments. I.E. blowing up buildings, changing a way an entire map looks, and not just turning it on it’s side(I think you know what map I’m talking about in Ghosts) you’re just trying to be a smart ass. “Not a single cod fan said it was innovative the genre.” May I see your survey results please? I’m sure the CoD fanboys thought that was something new even though it wasn’t to the extent that BF is.

            One more thing, if you “argue with cod fanboys that defend Activision and the dumbshit that they do on this website” then why have you become what you hate? You’re acting just like a squeaker fanboy. I made one statement “In other words, they’re just copying Battlefield lol” which is true btw, and you’ve become so triggered by it. What’s next you’re gonna type in all caps? lol.

  • SSR

    wow wtf. Dat’s going to be hard 😀 nice

  • ToonToons22

    Those are some pretty radical changes. Does the same thing go for captured enemy weapons? Like, if I picked up a Kar98k, do I still have to ask a teammate for ammo?

    • Skillreks

      I think that would be cool if you couldn’t, but you could pick up ammo from fallen enemies. add an extra tier to being careful with your resources

  • Michael Romo

    Health bars?

    • The Rabid One

      Protein snacks

  • Dude. This game is going to be amazing

  • iluvInfinteWarfare

    Really? We can’t regenerate health? What’s the point of even playing call of duty at this point…? Activision ruined it. They were doing great with Infinite Warfare and I was excited about future innovation and advancement in the call of duty titles to come! Now we are taking a giant leap backwards into WW2?? A war that has been covered by multiple games over the last 2 decades. I used to love cod. Now I hate it. Why can’t they listen to us? I’m tired of this. I’m just going to go and grind for 30th prestige on IW and unlocking giant bundles with my keys that I earn through the exciting and riveting gameplay that Infinite Warfare has to offer. See you guys later! Have fun with this sorry excuse of a game.

    • PenguinGamer

      I think that you are a 12 year old that only played modern cod titles. Lol ” Why can’t they listen to us?” majority of a player base wanted cod to go back to ww2, this is were it all began. These are the roots of the game and it should have stayed that way. It’s all about emotional gritty brutal campagin and multiplayer not some childish shit like IW where you can dance wearing an unicorn outfit. Say what you want but this is a giant step in the right direction for the franchise. Last good ww2 was actually cod waw, that was released 9 YEARS AGO! SO PLEASE DON’T SAY THAT THE GAME ERA HAS BEEN COVERED FOR A REALLY LONG TIME. WE GAMERS ACTUALLY MISSED IT! THE BEST TIMES WERE THE COD2 TIMES, OH MAN I GET A BONER THINKING ABOUT IT.

      • Skillreks

        you just got jebaited

    • Jason Libby Booher

      Are you serious?

    • Jester

      Please refer to Infinite Warfare sales before calling it great. Did you see IW trailer? People had enough with the futuristic setting, dude.

      Also, you can’t say ATVI and SHG didn’t listen to the people, since they brought the so wanted WW2 setting (I wanted it too).

      Last, the unique sorry excuse of a game is Infinite Warfare. It’s a pile of crap (except for campaign, that was just awesome) and everyone can see it. Broken netcode, horrible maps that don’t match the movement system, and that horrible zombies mide, that can’t be more childish.

      Heck, even Jordan and SXEGreatness like this year’s title so it must be good.

    • You must be confused. This has so far only been confirmed for Single-player, and let’s face it, they will have regenerating health in MP.

    • The Rabid One

      I guess obvious troll is not obvious

  • Mako Shark

    This is a start. The game needs medics and engineers.

  • This isn’t Call of Duty any more it’s “We got complained at by people who don’t like call of duty for what it is so we decided to create a completely different game and slap Call of Duty on it”.

    • AlphaPoppy

      That would be Advanced Warfare

    • Duke of hazard

      “This isn’t Call of Duty any more it’s” You never played the first few Cods if you think that. This is literally what Cod did back in the day.

      • Lol like is that dude trolling? Literally the first three Call of Duty games were in WW2. This is the as Call of Duty as Call of Duty is gonna get.

      • Just because someone did something years ago it doesn’t mean if they did the same thing now it would be massively successful. The only reason it will be is because COD has such a large and stupid fan base which will buy any crap labelled Call of Duty.

    • Lol. Are you trolling?

  • Christopher Loughrey

    As long as it’s not in multiplayer it’s great. This feature makes Battlefield multiplayer stupid.

    • PenguinGamer

      Battlefield 1 has health regeneration feature in multiplayer lol. Only hardcore modes have this disabled.

  • The Gaming Revolution

    Wow this is such a cool feature! Having squads and medics to refill health/ammo! I can’t believe no other game has ever thought of this!!!

    • loser

      *cough* *Battlefield* *cough*

      • Duke of hazard

        You regen in Battlefield, but okay.

      • The Gaming Revolution

        Yeah lol that was the game I was trying to reference

    • Clayton

      A lot of games have thought of it…
      Half-Life 2 (albeit you have med kits)

  • Playing this in coop will be battlefield all over again

  • destsicate

    Is This in multiplayer aswell

    • Smayo

      I really hope it is. A BF/CoD hybrid would be the perfect game for me, 48 player lobbies/servers, different classes (which are confirmed already) with specific tasks icw CoD’s fast past gameplay and the ability to earn vehicles and air support by consecutive kills and playing the OBJ.

      I know it’s probably not going to happen but it would be my most played game for months if WW2 MP is like this…

      • The Rabid One

        Imagine screaming on the head set for a medic. MEDIC MEDIC they shot me in the ass.

        • Smayo

          Knowing CoD, a shot in the left ass cheek would probably mean instadead…

  • jordanxbrookes

    This is what I’m talking about, a bit of realism for once. When your medic dies, that’s it, no health regen or if the ammo guy dies, you’ll have to go and continue the mission, even if you’re down to the last bullet in your sidearm.

  • Roberto Melchor

    Yeah, supply drops will give you additional health/ammo for campaign mode LOL

    • Qaotik

      Maybe he’ll give you a better joke as well

  • Ray’

    I can’t believe no one else has… guess I’m going to have to.

    Health packs and ammo clips only available in supply drops!

  • Callum

    *cough* Everyone who says this is copying Battlefield is clearly not aware that this is WW2 and not WW1. Also BF1’s campaign was nothing like this. Also BF and CoD are completely different games. Its like comparing Destiny to ArmA. *cough*

  • Dre Lane

    Can everyone give my donation a look? Thanks

  • rest assured the MP will be the same exact bargain bin garbo it’s been since MW3.

  • Febelez

    Just when I thought they were going back to their roots they come up with this. This will alter the gameplay probably even more so then the exo-suits. It won’t feel like COD.

    If I wanted to play a shooter with medics and different classes for that matter, I play Battlefield. Looks like it’s going to be another year of BOIII until Treyarch releases their next game.