Users have found new images on the Classified Call of Duty: WWII teaser website, which was first discovered yesterday using codes found in the live reveal stream.

New images from that site include four characters — Daniels, Zussman, Rousseau, Crowley — alongside additional weapon images, maps, letters, and more have all been found on the website. One of the new codes to access the site was found on the Paris billboard for Call of Duty: WWII.

  • omg stein

  • Element115Will

    I really hope they bring the creepy vibe back like in World at War Nacht, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese, and Kino from Black Ops, I also thought Acension had the creepy vibe too, but Mostly World at War.

    • BradyAlucard

      I was genuinely scared when I first played Nacht (with low brightness). Hope I can feel like that in this new Nazi Zombies mode all the time. It doesn’t even have to be round-based, just let it be horrific and fun!

  • Wizga

    Stop with these awesome teases. You make November feel like light years away.
    BTW to the people who figure these secrets out – you da real MVP!

    • BradyAlucard

      I would go ape if the Campaign guys and the rest of the people in the files were zombies in the Nazi Zombies mode. lol

      I think that’d be pretty cool.

  • ScOott

    I allready busted a wank over the reveal trailer, not been able to do that since Bo2… Felt awesome….

    Just need them to confirm sbmm gone n il be back on board with CoD…

    • I busted a wank over you bby <3

      • ScOott

        Aghh I wondered where that white stuff came from.. Thought it was Icecream I spilt, I ate that shit up.. ..

    • BradyAlucard

      If SBMM is gone ENTIRELY I don’t know what I’d do.

      • macspengo

        I don’t want to sound dumb, but what is SBMM? Specifically?

        • Mick

          SBMM stands for Skilled Based Match Making. It’s where the game pairs you up with people of your skill level.

          • Duke of hazard

            What people dont understand is that SBMM has alwasy been a thing in Cod.

          • Mick

            Right it has, but in the past it was nothing compared to how it is now. AW during its life cycle was pretty bad.

          • macspengo

            But why do people want it gone?

          • Austin Mohler

            i am as confused as you are man

        • Shawnagrobinson

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    • noahgoa

      Them sbmm rants though, would hate to see those return lol.

      • RdJokr

        I blame the idiots that know nothing about how SBMM works, and just assumes the problem with AW’s matchmaking somehow is related to skill level.

        • ScOott

          “the problem with AW matchmaking”

          Doesn’t matter what u want to call it, the only blame should be with SH… Everyone was right to complain..

          • RdJokr

            Not saying everyone shouldn’t complain, but you gotta label things properly, otherwise it makes for a very confusing conversation with devs. Devs understand SBMM as one thing, but players understand it as another. We won’t get anywhere with that in the way.

          • ScOott

            Ok.. But I’m pretty sure the devs know what the community were talking about.. Just becuse the correct terminology isn’t used doesn’t mean anything, it’s not hard to figure out if it’s ur field..

            Happens to me all the time, I personal train a few people n they don’t know what they talking about, but they explain the issue and stick what ever lable they want to it, I can still identify the problem and help them.. People only self educate with stuff they are really interested in, I’m not going to get into and learn the technical side of what ever was wrong with A.W cuz I dont care enough I just want it fixed.. It’s there job to identify the problem and sort it, which they refused to do and it cost them, I don’t know if it was as simple as that but they made no effort to suggest otherwise.. Like I said no one to blame for sbmm rants but them..

          • RdJokr

            The thing is, with so many folks pointing at the wrong direction, it confuses devs and they can’t know where to focus their effort in. Granted, SHG was lacking communication, but we sure didn’t help them.

            Another thing is that under developer’s testing conditions, some bugs may take forever to be reproduced, thus is unable to be fixed. Take the Uplink jitter bug in BO3 for example: for a while, devs had no idea how to fix them. Vahn had to go on Reddit to ask everyone to give them proper (and I do mean proper) directions as to how it may be reproduced.

            And then there’s the part where only a portion of the community have this issue. My K/D in AW was around 0.9 or so, and I keep getting matched with guys with super high 2.5 – 3.0 K/D all the time. So the problem that plagues everyone supposedly doesn’t exist for me, and a bunch of other folks. With that being a problem, it makes it even harder for devs to look into things, especially with people not providing proper feedback and just going “REMOVE SBMM U FUCKWADS”.

            So, for whatever issue WWII may have, we need to approach this matter in a professional, educated manner.

          • ScOott

            I didn’t come back to get involved in all this again but I honestly don’t understand why u stick up for them, this wasn’t a bug like bo3, bo3 is understandable, they were trying to fix it even tho they didn’t know what the issue was, like I said if it’s ur field thats what u try and do..

            If the correct lable isn’t sbmm, what is? Ur so quick to tell people they are idiots for blaming sbmm.. U seem to know the problem? Why didn’t u just tell SH lol…

          • Ray

            whether it was SBMM or not, the matchmaking system was very flawed. I think that is enough direction from the community for the developer to do something about this.

            The fact that they didn’t act on this, the fault is on the developers end. Certainly not the consumer.

            We really need to stop creating this culture of defending bad practice, like when people say”You dont have to buy supply drops just cos its in the game, STFU”

          • RdJokr

            I’m not sticking up for the devs. But if you want to tell them to fix something, you gotta speak their terms. Like I said, SHG was crappy with their communication during AW, but it didn’t help that people keep saying the problem is SBMM when it’s not. Vahn even spoke on this when BO3 got that hotfix that fucked up matchmaking during Christmas:

            “We don’t understand why “lobbies were harder to get into” just yet.
            It was a scattered report, without the data on our side to validate it.
            I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I believe you.
            We just don’t have the data to make it conclusive that it was widespread or where the problem was.
            Anecdotally, we were not having problems matchmaking, but we live on
            the west coast and near a data center and have giant connections to the
            To what extent the problem was, or even IF it was, caused by the FFOTD/hotfix is unclear.”

            So this sheds some light into why AW might be the way it is. I don’t know the term to call it, but I know that various folks have debunked SBMM being the problem. So it seems to me that people are still too ignorant to use SBMM. It gets even more annoying that whenever they get one sweaty match, they just go “SBMM?” like they’re an expert on that shit.

    • Ptrain727

      SBMM is in every COD, but Sledge implemented it in an insane fashion, basically now it gives fresh ranking players more of a chance to play against lower ranked players and not get dominated against higher prestiges. I doubt Sledge will make that mistake again.

    • Khaled Hassan

      Even if weapon variants are there ?

      • ScOott

        Hopefully they learnt some lessons..

        • Elizabethhmartinez

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      • Dawnmstafford

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    • tuby

      Good to see you back on track

      • ScOott

        Thank maynnn

  • The hype is real

    • noahgoa

      Very real indeed. 😀

      • I see a lot of old faces coming back to this site lol

        • noahgoa

          Yeah, it’s good to be back 🙂

        • Dickmissle

          I got banned lol

          • noahgoa

            I don’t remember you but rip.

          • Dickmissle

            I’m the motha fuckin truth

          • noahgoa


  • Peewy 978

    Pre-order on Gamestop for 5 bucks down just to get the Beta! If you dont like it you can always cancel your Pre-order and get your 5 bucks back! Lol Thug Life !!!

  • Sean

    I was able to unlock and see these on the web site. Clicking “First in, First to Win” brings up a page where you can redeem a calling card. It gives an error “Entry Limit” when I submit the form. Check it out:

    • Smakced

      Happened to me too I’m not sure if it worked or if it glitched. A lot of other people are having this problem too so hopefully we get the calling card.

  • Lincoln Osiris

    There are smudged numbers on most of those files with the photos of soldiers, the Daniels guy has a 4, the French chick has an 8 on the bottom right, plus shees holding up 4 fingers but one is cut off. And then then top right hand corners have some numbers written in pen, could be a clue. Also Daniels is wearing a German helmet.

  • Lincoln Osiris

    The 8th image shows Tunisia, which is where the majority of the African portion of WW2 took place, i uploaded a map that shows positions in 1943, i think Battle of Tunisia is where the British dude comes into play, this portion will probably be played earlier on as the American character will be coming into play in 1944.

  • Lincoln Osiris

    The 16th picture of Chicago is hiding some numbers 72, 25, 25, 35, 50

  • Giuseppe Petruso

    Nothing brings the community together, like trying to solve a big puzzle to satisfy the hype till E3! I cant wait to see what they hide in game like with Nuketown last year.

  • So now we have a general idea of how Rousseau will look. Nice, I really like her hair.

  • What were the codes used to discover these ones? Can anyone tell me, please?

  • Can someone tell me the codes used please?

  • Anyone have the codes?

    • Sean

      See my reply to Commander Wolfe.

  • Can anyone send me the codes to these images?

    • Ray


    • Sean

      Enter these first: IUFDJ, BHLOP, and JMUBA
      Then these: GNULV, YGXSH, CEODL, IBHQB, and QKEQW

  • Peewy 978

    Who Cares about images? Show me Multiplayer Stuff!!! Agree? Thumbs Up!!!

  • Good Ol’ Tricky Vik

    It’s been a while mates

  • Gonçalo Castro

    2. Read through the dossiers of Crowley, Rousseau and Zussman
    3. Scroll through all dossiers until you reach the one labelled “First in, first to win.”
    4. Click on it and claim your free calling card for the launch of Call of Duty:WWII on PS4, Xbox One and PC. CHeers.