A new patch update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is now live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

This new update brought two new weapons and has introduced the long rumored Scorestreak variants to the game.

New weapons:

  • Trencher (SMG)
  • Auger (LMG)

Alongside new weapons, the new patch has added in Scorestreak variants to the game. All of the Scorestreak variants can be unlocked via the Scorestreak Tab in the Crafting Lab with Salvage. Common are聽150 Salvage, Legendary聽are 300 Salvage, and Epic are 450 Salvage.

SOURCE: Activision

  • FraMarte

    Scorestreak are kind of cool. But IW’s dead


    FFS. Scorestreak variants? Game is dead.

    • BigDickE

      lmfao you keep writing the game is dead all over the articles. Pinche chuleta. You troll hard AF

    • Alex Fraser

      you actually played? the score streak variants dont really add much benefit over the regulars.

  • BradyAlucard

    Infinity Ward’s next game is WWII confirmed? Lol nah probably not but that’s how Sledgehammer first teased CoD WWII.

    • Hopefully it IS fun to use. Despite all their flaws, the Chain SAW from Ghosts and XMG from Advanced Warfare were a blast to play with.

      • The9tailedgamer

        Thank god im not alone, i didnt play to much ghosts, just when i went to my friends house, so i never used the saw, but i had aw, and the xmg was awesome with gung ho, just running in rambo style

    • Oh man if the next three games were WWII that’s just as bad as the last three year to four years when it was futuristic. Hopefully Infinity Ward is doing modern

      • Eddie Tupy

        i agree. We need variety, the same shit 3 years in a row is bad no matter what reality its set in!

      • jordanxbrookes

        Yup, we need variety each year.

      • BradyAlucard

        They can do whatever era as far as I’m concerned, plus I have seen that being said many times and I agree with it. Treyarch should do the Cold War/Vietnam War and Infinity Ward can do any of the eras and even keep doing the future thing without the jetpacks.

        • Personally think Infinity Ward should go modern as there hasn’t been a modern game since MW3.

        • DirectingChaos

          I have always said that one studio should do historic, one modern and one futuristic, that way it keeps it fresh but if you don’t like one game hopefully you will like the next one (instead of not liking several years games one after the other).

  • Gatling Gun and Scorestreak Variants? Well I’m so glad Overwatch exists! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f8a7c2a5572a22fea080208d1bab0662539ed44a618895cf242adf9ddf8d7b7b.jpg

    • Chocobooo!

      Yeah, right. An Overwatch fan but keeps on reading news and updates about Call of Duty.. Pathetic..

    • Ryan Gorman

      Overwatch? Terrible matchmaking and boring asss content. The game is worth $30 dollars but they sold it for $60 (console wise). They scammed people more than Activision has

      • You truly are a dumbass!

        • Ryan Gorman

          Please explain

          • Overwatch is a wonderful game with tons of replay value with all types of strategic opportunities that can present you and your teammates with tons of character variety with 24 heroes to choose from that can fit any type of first person shooter playstyle in a team based shooter setting that’s all within a MOBA-style of environment.

          • Ryan Gorman

            No replay value, no new content and strategic opportunities? That requires a team which is very rare in that game. Also 24 hero’s? that’s why I always see the same 13

          • Try competitive 馃檪

          • Retard fucking leave me alone!

          • The9tailedgamer

            Ill explain for you: hes a naive fanboy who cant take anything that isnt saying you like the game as much as him

        • Rookie Fictioner

          No, you are a dummy for thinking that!

          Overwatch and Infinite Warfare are in the SAME UNIVERSE.

        • Rookie Fictioner

          How can you explain some of the Variants are named after the Overwatch Heroes? Infinity Ward and Blizzard worked together on both of these games.

      • Overwatch = Blizzard = Activision.
        hater gonna hate =D

        • Ryan Gorman

          Got me there…….but I am not a hater, just stating a fact

    • Dickmissle

      lol that gay ass weeb shit

      • Umm you might just be bad at the game!

  • Michael Romo

    I’m guessing that they know this game is mostly dead so they’re experimenting with scorestreaks variants? Variants are stupid in general

    • Kathleenebadger

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    • Mariebross

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  • Dickmissle

    season pass holders get it right?

  • I still think AW had it best with scorestreaks. The customisation was a nice change and the choices were pretty balanced and not too OP, unlike BO3 with the goddamn RAPS.

    • Alex Fraser

      boy raps were the scariest shit. had to make sure i had a class with cold blooded just in case. the rest of the score streaks were normal otherwise

  • Rookie Fictioner

    BASTION is in Infinite Warfare!!!

  • I would like one classic COD…blops, me, waw one year a jet pack the other. It wound make them different enough and it would encourage 2 yr support system as such.