A new patch update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The version number is 1.22 and is a 2.29GB update; size may vary by platform and region.





  • This update addresses a number of general performance issues.

Black Market:

  • Unopened Supply Drop bundles will now remain in the Black Market after the events have ended.
    • Supply Drops that had disappeared have been returned to players’ inventories.


  • Attachment Icons will load more quickly in Create-a-Class and Gunsmith menus.
  • Addressed an exploit that allowed users to equip some camos before unlocking them.


  • Ballistic Knife
    • Ballistic Knife blades are now recoverable.
    • Ballistic Knife now properly registers headshots with the Kill Counter or Clan Tag attachments equipped.

SOURCE: Activision: PS4 // Xbox One

  • furst

  • christbatman03 Gaming

    No brecci? Smh


      TBH even though the Brecci is a tad OP, id rather have the Brecci rather than the Striker from MW3.

      • InfectedJello

        There’s a glitch where the brecci can be automatic instead of semi automatic. Look it up it’s seriously the most op thing in the game. Idk if they patched it but I don’t see anything about it.

        • KING_BORICUA24_

          Wow i didnt even know of this glitch. I stopped playing Blops 3 after DLC4 dropped on PS4. Is this a recent thing or have i been lucky and not seen it in game yet.

          • InfectedJello

            From my experience this has been happening on black ops 3 for months.

          • Dan

            Yes this is a mod and has been happening for months the sad fuckers who buy scuff controllers there is a turbo button which u can turn on which makes semi automatic become automatic basically making the brecci the god gun fuckers shud get banned

          • A_train28

            Actually has nothing to do with owning a Scuf. It’s a jitter mod, do research.

          • You have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • NY Lunch Break Stories

            There is no turbo button on a scuf. That’s a controller that has to be approved for pro gameplay. There’s no turbo. it’s a button to jump or crawl in the inside that allows you to focus on aiming instead of aiming then removing your finger to jump or whatever….

          • This is been a thing since atleast MW3. Maybe it’s even older.

        • Rampage Robert

          Its not a glitch, its a mod and all you have to do is report them. Its called the jitter mod, please do research before you try to explain something that isnt true!

          • InfectedJello

            It’s a moded controller that specializes the XYY glitch. All it does is map 3 actions in 1 button. It’s a glitch in the game the controller takes advantage of. If you’re saying a semi automatic shotgun shooting as fast as an smg isn’t a glitch then you’re fucking retarded.

        • More of an exploit than a glitch.

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    • Please don’t tell me you wanted that weapon nerfed. It’s a shotgun with a slow ROF that cannot one shot kill in core. There were way better semi-autos before it i.e. the S12 from Black Ops II, the Striker from MW3, and more.

      • Michael Romo

        No, there’s a glitch where it becomes automatic

        • It’s not a glitch. It’s called a “jitter mod”. It’s a controller that is modified to bypass the coded rate of fire. It’s not the weapon itself at fault–it’s the cheaters abusing their power.

          • StabTheNight

            Everybody shut up and and have a moment of silence for the KSG, the most beautiful gun to ever exist.

      • W

        S12 being better than brecci… lol

      • bibi

        come on nuketown dominaton you will be spawn trapped amazingly.. on softcore too.. i think you dont play bo3 since loong time… brecci break this game

    • Qaotik

      Just stop with the complaining about that gun. It can’t even get a one shot kill, even the worst shotguns like the AA-12 could do that and it also shot faster. The brecci is not as power as something like the Argus, which can kill in one hit from any range it can reach. Yet no one says anything about that


    • no wayyy




    • tuby

      And still only 2 inches long

  • Daniel :)

    nice =D

  • Atiendo Boludos

    no new weapons?

    • RuggeD_XBoY

      They never announce that in patch notes, but there probably are.

    • BluRr Clan

      ikr :'(

      • W

        Why are you sad? You probably won’t get them, at least not soon.

    • macspengo

      The AK-74u found with a glitch from the recent patch. https://gyazo.com/80b7cdfb7b3e61c501eba6c38ffa9c97
      The same way people figured out that there was a HG-40

      • Atiendo Boludos

        Good, BO3 needs more submachine guns.

        • RdJokr

          The hell with that, we need some shotguns and LMGs dammit.

          • Christian Hyde

            although im happy about the 74u- i would like to see another sniper/shotgun/lmg especially shotgun.

      • BlackOpsLegend

        so i get ak74u in zombies chronicles too… YAYYYYY

        • Probably not, unless they add it in through an update later on

          • BlackOpsLegend

            i cry every tim

          • I cry too because i love the AK74u in zombies

  • What you looking at?

    What does this exactly means? (PS4 ONLY) Zombies Chronicles Support (available May 16) So when can we preload it on PS4? 🙂

    • DirectingChaos

      its cos Xbox has to wait the month for it

    • InfectedJello

      May 14th you can pre download it and play at midnight may16th 🙂

      • Wait, so then what exactly is on this download?, it’s huge?

        • Just Plain Viizionz

          possibly new weapons such as Ak74u

          • Oh yeah I think my son told me about that. AK74u, for multiplayer only though huh? That’s where IW: Infinite Warfare has us beat, any and every Supply Drop weapon you get you can fully customize in their Zombies mode

  • Assist Points

    So Zombie Chronicles is available now???

    • Ciaran

      No, this just makes it so the game is able to support the DLC when it launches on may 16th. I believe its only available for pre-order at this time.

  • Matthew Watts

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    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

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      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

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    • ToonToons22

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    • Aidan

      I knew a kid named Matthew Watts in Kindergarten

    • paki

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  • InfectedJello

    Just performance issues for multiplayer? Where’s the patch for that automatic brecci glitch, or wall breaches on hunted and exodus?

  • Cheesesteakwit

    I didn’t see PH Flopper on any of the reimagined maps so far on YouTube!! No PH Flopper on Ascension or Moon wtf at least put the original perks on the maps that supposed to have them!!

    • Michael Romo

      PHD Flopper doesn’t work on BO3 cause of the sliding. They replaced it’s spots on the map(s) with Widow’s Wine. Too bad.

      • Batman

        FUCK IT

        They could still have kept the perk without the dive

      • ToonToons22

        PHD Flopper is available on custom PC zombies maps in BO3. The dive-to-prone doesn’t work, but it also cancels out all splash damage, so it’s not completely useless.

  • Michael Romo

    So no one’s ever going to fix the out of map Hunted glitch? Or the automatic Brecci?

    • Christian Hyde

      there is no automatic brecci its called a jitter mod and they cant patch it on non pump action shotguns. its not even that good i went against a whole team of them like 2 weeks ago and they all quit after getting destroyed the first 2 rounds.

      • Aaron Heitz

        They can easily patch it. They just refuse to put a fire rate cap on it.

  • Joeynshadow

    Please be guns tmw

  • luigiboy3

    My game won’t start after patch on Ps4

  • dan

    yeesh, the fu#king game already is hogging over 86 gigs of hard drive space and now another 2+ gigs??? no thanks – I’m done with this game

  • Terry Gartland

    My update is 17 fuckin gig wtf!!!

  • So does this mean that on the 19th if at the last minute I decide to buy Chronicals that I won’t have to download it, it’ll already be on my system?

    • Christian Hyde

      No youll still have to download it..

  • nick scarberry

    They need to add in split screen pausing for zombies cause without it, it has gotten to be VERY annoying


    why is this updated 20 gb