Infinity Ward has started to roll out, in beta form, a new GameBattles integration into Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This feature was first mentioned during Activision Blizzard’s investor call in November 2016.

Players can link their GB accounts to the game and get a free animated calling card to use in-game. Once you link your account, all of the features unlock for you to see.

GameBattles has issued a release, revealing the following features are available in the GameBattles feature. All matches are also played on Dedicated Servers.

Over the course of this BETA, GameBattles competitors will have access to an updated feature set that will include automatic lobby creation with specific ruleset, maps and modes, as well as post-game match reporting directly from the game.

Select Tournaments and Ladders will be available starting today.

SOURCE: GameBattles (Image via @Narcz_)

  • Sweet

  • tuby

    Almost furst

  • Assist Points

    This is on Xbox right?

    • Duke of hazard

      It should apply to both xbox and ps4.

  • bsktballmsu1

    Couldn’t just make a ranked playlist? This still looks like it will take too long…good start but players just want a league play system

    • MVParalyse

      League is no where near as competitive as gamebattles .

  • This is the sweatest thing in Call Of Duty history!

  • Ptrain727

    As a GB player this is honestly the greatest thing I’ve seen COD do so far. Although I don’t play IW, I hope they continue this for all future COD’s.

  • Bryce Henry

    Can’t find a dedicated server in any match

  • Ricky Bentzoni

    I can’t get any competitions I’ve not played a single match it’s so weird anyone know what is wrong lol

    • Ricky Bentzoni

      I’ve got the app and am signed up but as far as getting a match going it won’t let me find one??!

  • Zero

    So basiclly this is ELITE for COD IW to tell u the truth i think the elite was better than gamebattles why? Cuz of the fact u get rewarded dlc or physical rewards i think it was stupid that it died out when u get a lot of cool shit and now that u dont get crap i hear ppl likeing it wtf…