As announced earlier this week, the new Headshot Community Contract challenge is now live in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 MP and Zombies on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The overall goal is to get half a billion headshots, with different rewards set to unlock along the way.

The ultimate reward is a Pack-a-Punch camo. The challenge ends May 23.

Feature image via @Dysmorphix

  • Kyle Emery

    Wow really!

  • RasIHuset

    I don’t see it on PC.

    • Joshwoocool

      I dont see it either

    • clubpenguin rip

      me too

    • The9tailedgamer

      Check out RDJokr’s comment

  • Yeah cool, but from what map?

    • Michael Romo

      Gorod it looks like. Too bad it ain’t the purple one

      • The9tailedgamer

        Yeah, all the gorod pap camos are nice, but the purple is awesome

  • Khaled Hassan

    Can’t we get a damn dlc weapon !

    • Kayhtripp

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  • Joeynshadow

    This is crazy like come on man

  • Benjamin

    I also don’t see this challenge on pc I want to get this rewards too. Or is it only for ps4 this challenge?

    • AlexK489

      Consoles, not just PS4

    • Jester

      Read RDJokr’s comment.

  • RdJokr

    Just a heads-up for PC guys: Treyarch said the contract will work differently for PC (most likely because we have to wait for the update), and seems we’ll get something else on May 23. So we’re sitting this one out, guys. Rewards will most likely still be given to us though.


      Activision hates PC players dude. I and all other PC players including yourself know how many times we have been screwed over.

      • RdJokr

        I’d say they’re doing us a favor, considering how much shit this patch broke on consoles.

        • Christian

          I was really hyped to do this and I played a game on The Giant and reading this after I wasted my time.

          • hungry velociraptor

            Are you stupid? We need 500 million headshots. Realistically you’re not likely to get more than 1000 in a single game. That’s only 0.0002% of what we need in total. You’d be wasting your time even if it worked. Just play as you normally would and we’ll get it, don’t go out of your way to try.

          • Christian

            I said I wasted my time because the challenge isn’t on PC so the headshots I get don’t matter.

          • Ervin Durand

            1000 per 40 minutes for mediocre players trying. Spend 2 hours, that’s 3000. .0002% * 3 = .0006. It takes 10000 casual players 2 hours to reach 6%. On average, there are over 10000 players on PS4 at a time in BO3 on average last time I checked and about 3 times that at peaks. Try and we can get this done faster.

      • Jester

        Sure, but you forgot Infinity Ward. They aldo hate us, dude. At least Treyarch isn’t like that, and they care for PC.

        BTW, why update didn’t appear for PC?

        • RdJokr

          Supposedly there’s a PC-exclusive thing in the works, and that is causing the delay. We’ll know on May 23.

          • Jester

            You see? This, what we say why Treyarch is a good developer.

          • Joshwoocool

            PCdev has been teasing some big things.I hope it’s a mod tools update that adds missing SOE/DE/ZNS/GK assets

          • RdJokr

            Actually, it’s probably not mod stuff. PCDev said he doesn’t know if the team’s planning to add more stuff to the asset package for mod tools, since it’s already super huge. And it’s not his decision either.

          • Jester

            Hey, but what do the extra assets have? I mean, they are textures and models and that’s it or what?

            Last time I checked they were 80 GB if I’m not wrong.

          • RdJokr

            I don’t have the tools installed, so I could be wrong, but I believe they contain various assets from campaign, MP, and Shadows of Evil + The Giant. DLC assets may be in there, but I’m not sure. So you know, textures, weapon models, vehicle models, etc…

          • Jester

            I don’t really believe that ATVI is going to let Treyarch release DLC assets until they can get the last cent outta people’s wallet. Dunno, maybe it’s just me.

      • 4TG Wither


  • Michael Romo

    I’m grinding out zombies rn so you guys can get this ? You’re welcome

    • romoisafag

      fuck u romo u gay ass beaner hope u get aids u bitch ass niegggaaaaaa!!!

      • Jimmy Griffith

        This guy must really love you ^^

  • ZukiZuhiro

    Should use the dingo on the giant on the

    • hungry cheese monster

      Drakon works just as well.

  • Half a billion headshots for a camo?

  • macspengo

    If we were able to changed the color of the camo (like in Gorod Krovi), then I think this would be worth half of a billion headshots.

  • imBATMAN

    which head?

  • Eddie Tupy

    the reward should be a gun and melee weapon of your choice straight up

  • Caleb Ross

    I don´t know if this is on purpose from the devs, but today I was able to play online multiplayer even though I don´t have xbox live. I am on xboxone btw. So, is this permanent or just for the challenge or what?

  • xHDC

    how many headshots we done so far