A new batch of content is now live in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Black Market on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The new content was enabled via an in-game game settings update.

The new weapons include the AK74u SMG and the M1911 pistol.

Alongside the new weapons and additional customization content, there’s a new limited edition camo — Into the Void — that can be acquired from the Black Market for a limited time. The camo is only available in Rare Supply Drops through May 31.

Images via @Incredilag. 

  • Diego Diniz


  • Elite Predator

    Nice, how can I obtain them? Is it like Ghosts where I was garanteed weapons upon purchasing the season pass? As if I’m gonna grind to get lucky or drop hundreds of dollars. Would’ve been nice to have another contract release with a weapon of our choosing.

  • Ak74u

    Furst, im back in the game

  • Diego Diniz

    I’m PRESTIGE MASTER level 450+ and have a few DLC Weapons.
    I think they should release ALL WEAPONS FOR FREE to everybody cause WW2 is coming and you know…

    • Vikrant Singh

      better fork over those cod points sorry fucker

  • Ak74u

    If they can put the m1911 in multiplayer, why cant they put it in zombies as the starting weapon

  • >adds these guns to Black Ops 3 MP
    >Also doesn’t add these guns to Zombies Chronicles.

    Nice one Treyarch.

    • Ak74u

      Yeah I dont know why they do this. Since those weapons are in the game, I would of liked to use the m1911 as starting pistols

    • Mitch

      Trollarch at its finest

    • Felix Plante

      Because Treyarch, the most overrated Activision’s Studio.

      • Oh boy this comment

        • Felix Plante

          Tho, if they do add those guns to zombies, I will buy the chronicles. I didn’t buy it because of this.

          • Poster

            That’s a really stupid reason not to buy chronicles. All the maps are great so what if the weapons are a little different

          • ccrows

            Cool, you’re a zombie fan, but please stop spreading BS about MP. IW isn’t a bad game, but BO2/3 are currently more popular…

          • Felix Plante

            Who are you replying to ? I said Treyarch is overrated and I didn’t buy chronicles because I don’t like BO3 zombies and I actually love IW. It seems we both agree on IW, so I just don’t understand.

          • TheKiwi247

            You didn’t buy Chronicles because the starting pistol, despite doing the exact same thing, isn’t the M1911?
            That’s the most moronic thing I’ve ever heard.

      • Element115Will

        Overrated? Infinity is the one overrated with their annoying MW Series shit.

        • Felix Plante

          You’re serious ? They’re the most hated right now with Ghost and Infinite Warfare.

          • ccrows

            Yeah that makes a lot of sense when BO2/3 are more actively played than IW ATM… <_<

          • Treyarch definitely isn’t the most hated mate..

          • Felix Plante

            Read correctly, I said IW is hated, not Treyarch.

          • Oh okay, I misread it. My bad

          • Felix Plante

            No problem.

          • Element115Will

            Oh, when it comes to being hated, yes that too lol

  • Curious mf

    Will these Guns end up in zombies?

    • Activision Shareholder

      I laughed. Loud. And a lot.

      • Element115Will

        Laughed at yourself for being an idiot? Congrats.

  • imBATMAN

    *grinds doesn’t get camo*

    • lunator100hd .

      Who cares about a stupid camo, we have each other baby.

  • lunator100hd .

    Congruts to 1% of the playerbase, have fun guys because the other 99% will never get it.

    • imBATMAN

      lemme give you a rim job daddy

      • lunator100hd .

        Damn son, this never gets old.

        • Lindashill

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    • Juan Carlos Cuevas Imery

      well so far, from 3 guys we are actually playing together always, 2 out of 3 got the new camo yesterday, 1 got new pistol, so those are pretty good odds.

    • joey

      so now you can get dark matter from a supply drop. not douchey at all!

    • Kyle

      I got it

  • YoungMurf

    Damn, I thought these weapons would have been in MP and Zombies, nice going Treyarch.

  • BradyAlucard

    They could easily add these guns to Zombies. The question is will they?

  • Nothing shattered my heart more than spawning in on Kino with the MR6. Now, my entire soul is scattered. They’re locking the Revelations camo behind supply drops, something I can’t earn because playing zombies doesn’t give you cryptokeys, AND they release 2 classical zombies guns only in multiplayer a week after ZC releases. Damn, that’s a dick move.

  • You can’t blame all this crap on just Activision, hard to believe Treyarch haven’t had a say in what content is added to their game and the amount of dlc content,.
    No clue why they couldn’t postpone the release of Zombies Chronicles till around this time and hve these guys in the maps.

  • Mick

    Welp, I had 172 crypto keys a couple of nights ago and spent them all. I knew I should have saved them! Luckily I got the FFAR from the 100 wins contract 😀

    • jt3z

      Dude it doesnt matter you would not have gotten any of this anyways.

      • Mick

        You’re probably right lol.

  • Terrible timing, it should’ve been with ZC but seriously though AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MY FAVORITE SMG IS BACK WOOO

  • Stefan Lang

    BO1 is either being remastered with Treyarchs next game or their next game is based in the cold war, or both. Just put the pieces together. SHG added in WW2 weapons into AW and wala, we’re getting WW2. Treyarch adding in BO1 weapons… you get the picture ?

    • doubt it

    • Austin Michael Titus

      god i wish that was the case, but i dont see it happening. the fact they remastered all but 2 zombies maps for the game already leads me to believe it wont be remastered.

    • Yeah I’m thinking Treyarch has to be doing another Cold War game or maybe a modern game

  • Batman

    Ballistic knives
    The only reason these are fan favorites is bc of zombies….yet its not on BO3 Zombies

  • Mimikyu

    Why not the scar-h? ?

  • Michael Romo

    *Gives us Zombie Chronicles knowing full and well that these two classic weapons that everyone loves is coming out a week after release*

    *Probably won’t give us a patch to add them into their respective zombies maps*

    I honestly can’t wrap my mind around this. I see no logic here…

  • Bogs Bunni

    i don’t understand why some of the classic weapons aren’t in the remastered maps.

    Like the MP40, it’s in the box but not on the wall in kino. The M16 is in the box but not on the wall on kino. Let’s wait and see if they release some sort of patch where we can buy the old weapons off the wall.

  • Beast Mode

    Im level 1000 and still havent gotten the marshalls or the peacekeeper or the m1 garand or………should i keep going?

  • ToonToons22

    They did poorly on the Zombies Chronicles with regards to weapons.

    The MR6 is the starting pistol on all maps where the M1911 used to be, yet they had the ability to port the old Mauser C96 into the new Origins.

    The MP40 and STG-44 are only available from the wall in Origins and in the box on all other maps. The MP40 is not available on the wall in Kino or any of the WaW maps, and neither is the STG-44.

    I don’t know about you, but for me, the inability to use some of my favorite wall weapons doesn’t give me the feeling I had on the original maps. The fact that some of these weapons are actually present in multiplayer and not Zombies means they half-assed it and didn’t give it their full potential.

  • DJSaviD

    NUT. Too bad I don’t buy supply drops

  • Dr. Salim

    With all of these Vietnam-era weapons being released (m16, ppsh, Galil, ballistic knives ect), maybe they’re hinting at another Vietnam war game.

    • Ed

      AK74u and Galil were not used in Vietnam. The 74u was introduced well after Vietnam and the Galil played no role in the conflict. Neither were ballistic knives, they were only used really tested by Soviet special forces, thats it.

      Your impression of Vietnam weapons seems to be inaccurate. Yeah, the M16, M1911, and PPSh 41 were in Vietnan; but those are iconic Vietnam era weapons.

  • Ayob Rossi

    Now, why the hell would you not include the m1911 in zombies chronicles??? The true and only starting pistol.

  • Fucking christ. When are they going to learn that releasing lottery items won’t bring people back? I mean it’s great if you already are still playing, but if you’re bored of the game and need something new to bring you back, random chance loot won’t do it. Drop some free non melee weapons, or atleast one?

  • Atiendo Boludos

    I just got the camo, is better than dark matter.

  • Eoin Campbell

    playstation get weapons bribes and Xbox dont why