A new patch update, version 1.16, for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is now live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The patch update is a 2GB update. With today’s update, Infinity Ward has a released a brand new Voice Over Pack, Ken Jeong, for Infinite Warfare, alongside bug fixes and more.

Patch Notes: 

Featured Content and What’s New:

  • Ken Jeong Voice Over Pack
  • CWL Personalization Pack – COD Champs

General Fixes:

  • Updated the Blind Eye perk challenge from “scorestreaks” to “weapon systems” as we have now made this challenge possible by killing micro turrets
  • Gestures – all cosmetic gestures can now be performed while sprinting
  • Adjusted the Blackout Grenade to bring its power level and overall consistency closer to that of the Jammer Grenade
  • Gameplay audio for Defender and Uplink will occur in the Winner’s Circle, interrupting the Announcer’s End Game win/loss VO lines. This has been fixed
  • Fix for the Calling Card notification not disappearing after highlighting or equipping the GameBattles calling card
  • In splitscreen, captured Hardpoint colors would not show different colors with players on different teams. This has been fixed
  • After entering a prestige, the After Action Report for completing a match would display placeholder images and text for calling cards. This has been fixed
  • Fix for an error that could occur when a guest player attempts to open the Friend list in the menu during gameplay on Xbox One
  • Fix for players being stuck on the “Purchasing Supply Drop” screen if they repurchase another drop while the loot ceremony screen is running in the background
  • Fixes for a few mouse and keyboard issues when accessing the Scorestreak Variants on PC
  • Fix for some calling cards not being displayed in the preview pane on the right
  • Fix for the VO line “Last Alive” not playing for the second team with one player left in SnR and SnD modes
  • Fix for users unable to use the “Change-Up” passive for the legendary T.H.O.R. – Nimbus when using button layouts that use the “toggle aim down sight” setting


  • Fix for the CODCaster not displaying the proper team color on the objective icons

SOURCE: Infinity Ward

  • This game is dead. Let’s just face the facts. This game was doomed from the day it was leaked last April.

    • Infinite Warfare is dead? You should realize that your favorite COD games before it are worse than that, thus making IW more alive in comparison. Think about that.

      • Jeremy Burkett

        honestly, ive played since PC and got forced to go console after cod2 was announced for the new 360 at the time, i look forward to the old style and going back to its roots, thou ive enjoyed infinite warfare over some previous, like advanced warfare, which i believe to be the worst, i look forward to no health regen and people floating over me, leaping, get real, those are gonna be the peeps that get fragged the most come new ways, and lets not forget, World @ War introduced the zombie genre of what t is now, so maybe the old skool ways aint horrible? be passive and transparent my friend

        • John Kelly

          Umm yeah..no health regen? Pretty sure that’s been in every cod but idk because I started playing at cod 4

          • Jeremy Burkett

            the modern warfare genre, yes has health regen/pickup ammo, back when it all begain, you had medics to supply troops with health packs/support gunners dropped ammo packs etc, wodern how many are gonna hate on it as most have played black ops and then forward, i dont think i pike the remastered version as much as the original format of cod4

      • Lol Infinite Warfare having more players than game like WaW which is eight years old is obvious and a stupid comparison.

      • Okthen

        Umm. Ok . I.W. Is not dead. it is just Horrible . Is that better ? I tried to give it a chance recently & just going to round 50-60 in zombies & having 4 “children” error messages within 2 weeks . ( on solo) is not a great game . Pay to win, bad server connection for hardcore zombie fans . I mean all they can do is focus on MP That’s it. Maybe there are some good designs & graphics but . This game has not left a good impression on me . And I have 100% completed all trophies excluding DLC.

      • If you think cod 4, WAW, black ops 3, mw2 is worse than Infinite Shit-for-brains, then your head is firmly planted on your booty.

      • ccrows

        You do realize that BO3 is ranked #3 for most active games played on XB, and BO2 is number 5. IW is ranked at 12.

        I’m saying that IW is thrash, (it’s a mediocre game), but currently the community is playing BO2 and BO3 more than IW. Just sayin…

      • Matthew Preece (Youtube)

        IW is good it was just released at the wrong time I think

    • Slothigans

      If it’s dead why are you on this specific article? Smh.

    • John Byrne

      I love it. But it requires skill which most players don’t have.

      • >Skill
        >Infinite Warfare

        Pick one

      • ItsNot Trevor

        Really? You mean who can fly with a nv4 the most?

        • Alex Fraser

          skill if you dont use a scuff/elite/modded controller yes

    • Octant154 is Tarded

      shut your cock sucker IW is the bes

  • Michael Romo

    I like IW, but BO3 coming out with new DLC is honestly way better and more appealing

    • Lols

      What do u mean zombie chronicles its already out

    • Il Tonno

      3 months and 80% of players go play destiny 2

      • ccrows

        Yeah I heard that same garbage before TF and TF2 were released.

        I also heard that same garbage with BO3 before Owerwatch was released. BTW BO2 and BO3 are BOTH more active than OW, and TF/TF2 is pretty far down the list…

        • joe lee fong

          that’s because most people are casuals n’ have no taste. COD is the mcdonalds of fps’s.

    • SMH Treyarch

      Except they mainly seemed to do that to lube everyone up for the fuck of a lifetime with the new supply drop shit. Treyarch has become the absolute worst devs with their shady shit lately. It’s not even activision at this point.. Remember that 8 days of the undead? Yeah, we never saw anything past day 1 on that as far as rewards/daily bonuses/double xp goes. The only surprise we got was the micro transaction dick shoved down our throat yet again with the m1911 being added to multiplayer in supply drops, and not to zombies like everyone was asking for.

      • Hitman

        Preach the word brother! That’s why I stopped COD but still go onto this site. mDLC turned me off this franchise a long time ago.

        • DoMan

          Riggggght that’s why you STOPPED playing COD but still show up on this website lol logic. What do you show up for then? It’s like an alcoholic that stopped drinking and is recovering but still shows up to happy hour for all the activities lol my ass.

          • Hitman

            For kisses and hugs

    • Lindashill

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      • Andy Ringwood

        fuck off linda and all your spamming ilk

    • Anthony Archie

      The new dlc for bo3 is just zombie maps right?

  • Probably going to ditch this game as soon as I hit 10th prestige like I did with Ghosts.

    • Felix Lamirande

      I ditched it after one prestige lol

      • AC

        Feel so lucky to be able to respond to the cool kids!

      • Hitman


  • The9tailedgamer

    Ken jeong? Excuse me, but who?

    • GinsuVictim
      • The9tailedgamer

        Oh, okay then

      • w

        you really picked the best possible gif.

      • ccrows

        I already know that if I ever met Ken Jeong randomly IRL, I’d mess up.

        I’d probably get all excited and scream CHOW! and then feel bad afterwards that I just messed up. I can recognize Ken Jeong’s name, but whenever I see him on TV, I keep forgetting his name IRL.

        Either way, (IMO) he was so freakin funny in the Hangover trilogy… 🙂

        • GinsuVictim

          I would probably call him Señor Chang (love Community).

  • Emre

    Shotgun buff would be nice!

    • Are you serious rn? imo snipers, shotguns, and lmgs need nerf

      • Ervin Durand

        Snipers? No, either buff all guns to be as good as the NV4 or nerf it. Snipers especially don’t need a nerf. They are slow to draw, out of place at close range (all CoD maps), and have glint.

        • Alex Fraser

          cant tell you how many times i knew my barrel was pointed at someone for a quick no scope when they ran up on me and missed. i thought i was just shit at no scoping. but the snipers do ads really show but i think they did that to prevent quickscoping

          • out4blood PyRo

            I’ve never had a problem with sniping close range, and the ads might be slower than bo3, but quickscoping is still possible. Hell, if your timing’s right, you can quickscope with the p-06 on bo3.

        • IMO the only nerf they really need in AA removed

        • I just want them to make a game mode without the ability to use shotguns, snipers, pistols, knifes, lmgs (maybe), and launchers. That to me is what Infinite Warfare aces at, it’s SMG and AR selection. It’s a fast-paced game, something like a shotgun or sniper that kills you instantly with little to no accuracy or ability to counter at close/long range really dumbs down the fun, speed, and intensity that this COD game is the best at (or that OP LMG variant that fires a vertical line of bullets, for that matter).
          Maybe a thing like Tactical TDM only with boost jumps, slides, wall running, and all I’ve stated previously. I’d play the f. out of that.

      • Isabeljsullivan

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      • xincellia

        your stupid

      • xincellia

        kbs longbow has one shot one kill glitch. they need to look into the sniper class

    • Emre Is Dumbass

      shut your cock sucker

  • biggunz lu

    I enjoy when people come to this forum to hate on IW. If you hate this game why are you reading about it

  • Andy Ringwood

    Just end the ‘Pay to Win’ system that has taken over and I’m looking forward very much to WWII ‘Boots on Ground’ fighting. Somebody must have noticed Battlefield’s back to basics approach which took massive numbers over to their ‘Dark Side’.

    • GinsuVictim

      There is nothing Pay-to-Win in CoD.

      • MVParalyse

        It drives me mental when people complain about this non-existent pay to win system in COD .

        • Andy Ringwood

          I refer to the purchasing of COD points to unlock more ‘random’ crates, thus increasing the chances of unlocking a legendary weapon variant which is undeniably a gamechanger – pay… to… win!

          • MVParalyse

            Lol … “A game changer ” my ass . These variants offer a minute advantage . Even if people choose to use variants , I’ll still shit on them regardless with my base model gun . The fact you have only earned the REKD is deserving , as I’m assuming you haven’t played the appropriate amount of game time to earn more . You can’t expect these guns to be handed to you for a lack of commitment and dedication to the game . With regards to people who pay for cod points – these people are deluded and gullible for thinking that a gun will automatically make them better at the game . For your information, I rarely use variants and I’m still able to maintain a 3.7 kd . I choose not to use variants as competitive doesn’t permit them .

      • Andy Ringwood

        I refer to the purchasing of COD points to unlock more ‘random’ crates, thus increasing the chances of unlocking a legendary weapon variant which is undeniably a gamechanger – pay… to… win! The only legendary weapon I have got from just playing the game and unlocking crates is the REKD variant. Any others I’ve had to grind salvage points to unlock. Go ahead and argue with that. I’m done.

        • GinsuVictim

          I haven’t paid a dime and have unlocked almost every Epic / Legendary I’ve wanted. There are tons of people paying money who can’t say that.

          NOT PAY TO WIN.

          If you could buy the guns outright, that would definitely be P2W, but since you can’t, and you can earn the supply drops in-game, it isn’t.

          Also, the variants don’t make a shitty player better. A good player will still wreck a lobby with the base models.

  • Matthew Fick

    Seriously? 2gb for that……fuck this game and its 40gb in patches

  • Gabriel Ramos

    What about the issue where you cannot play split screen without an internet connection in Local Play?

    I encountered that problem last version while I was about to set up a split screen session without working Wi-Fi connections.

  • Anan Mahir

    a volk buff in tactical tdm is needed

  • Anan Mahir

    the hvr needs a 3 shot kill range buff because the vpr has a 3 shot kill range at about 5 meters same as the hvr but vpr has a faster fire rate

  • dnager

    Had to stop eating my dinner because these comments ruined it with all this fucking salt.
    Look at all these angry 12 year olds and lonely 30 year olds waring over a mother fucking video game. If you don’t like it fuck off. If you do like it leave the developing to the developers. Fucking hell.

  • Dan Arthur

    Good to see they still don’t know how to fix a simple achievement (Dominion – Win 5 MP matches) – about 50 wins in and still don’t have it – seriously, it’s not even hard to fix, it’s essentially a matter of “if player Wins = 5> (5 or greater) – award Trophy/Achievement”
    It’s beyond a fucking joke at this point