A new patch update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, version 1.23, is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



  • General Stability Improvements.


  • Added measures to address exploitative 3rd party peripherals.

Zombies (PS4 only):


  • Fixed an issue where incorrect voice over lines were playing in various levels
  • Fixed an issue where all players would hear the Galil firing audio regardless of their distance from the shooter
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the “fire sale” audio to play too loud
  • The Thundergun will now grant players XP
  • Fixed an issue with time attacks not working properly
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while using the “Eye Candy” GobbleGum
  • Fixed a bug that occurred while using the “Idle Eyes” GobbleGum before a host migration
  • Fixed various collision and pathing issues.


  • Fixed various Elemental Staff bugs.
  • Fixed Panzersoldat pathing issues and bugs.
  • Optimized streamer performance in the map.

Kino Der Toten

  • Fixed an issue where players were being targeted by zombies immediately after teleporting.
  • Fixed an issue where players would experience a black screen while teleporting.


  • Fixed an issue where players would lose their primary weapon after picking up the cymbal monkey.
  • Fixed an issue where wall buys could lose functionality.

Shi No Numa

  • Fixed an issue where Flogger kills were not counting towards daily trap challenges.


  • Fixed a bug that would cause a “connection interrupted” error when deploying the QED.
  • Fixed a host migration crash.
  • Fixed a “Widow’s Wine” exploit.


  • Fixed various Gersh device bugs.
  • Addressed collision exploits.

SOURCE: Activision Support: PS4 // Xbox One

  • Maximilian Nilsson

    Nothing about the M1911? :,(

    • DaRaginAsian

      its unlikely, but if the 1911 IS going to added to zombies, it might be added when zc releases for xbox/pc

  • sesmar89

    I hope they fixed the brecci exploit

    • <3

    • Former

      What’s that? Haven’t been keeping up with bo3.

    • Ervin Durand

      I think that’s what “Added measures to address exploitative 3rd party peripherals.” means

      • Aaron Jackson

        I fucken hate this game bro.there’s always someone modding or camping with aimbot..i mean like the game is a peice of shit.everybody it seems a fucking cheater..

    • Sexy Mcgee

      IW has the same jitter glitch. Even MWR has it to a much lesser extent. Incredible that they haven’t fixed it after all this time even though some of the patch notes claim they have.

      I get placed with the same two assholes, Mollyboy and Rich1, doing this shit every night for nearly half a year now. I’ve even been placed in two separate lobbies back to back with them. How they’re not banned is beyond me.

      • You mad huh?

        same here i tend to run into the same group of guys each night. i dont the the report system even works

    • Combat Maneuvers

      Not the only issue, there’s auto aimbot, auto aim, wall hack and auto drop shot mods. In addition, there are people hosting modded lobbies and using USB mod menus, Treyarch needs to look into this further.

      • Cheesesteakwit

        Aimbot and wallhacks are on PC. They don’t have aimbot and wallhacks on Xbox1 or PS4 for BO3!! I think there trying to stop the Brecci and Sheiva rapid fire mod and jitter mod!!

        • Ryker Benson

          What about modded controllers?

          • Combat Maneuvers

            That’s exactly what this update is targeting third party controllers which refers to modded controllers. As for the so called “Jitter exploit”, it’s not an exploit, but rather a mod modded controllers come equipped with which acts like rapid fire.

        • Combat Maneuvers

          LMAO! yes they do and it’s that kind of mentality that keeps cheaters off the radar. I remember long ago when I played a match of hardcore on Nuketown, when I checked theatre mode the asshole went straight for a guy who was camping in a corner and killed him. Not even would’ve known he was there, but this just kept going straight where everyone was on the map without UAV or HATR up; in addition, he was using an aimbot or auto aim mod. This isn’t the first or last time this happened and it even happens to when I’m playing hardcore, no enemy UAV or HATR is up and having both dead silence and Blast suppressor equipped. Trust me I know what I’m talking about, I was prestige master level 1000 legit before fresh starting and now prestige master 225, I’ve seen it all.

        • Tristan Alexander Connolly

          Thank you lol people are so stupid

          • Combat Maneuvers

            I think you’re referring to yourself…. Imbecile! LMAO!!

        • Juan Carlos Cuevas Imery

          I have seen aimbots on PS4, 100% sure of it, first the aimbot is on rival team, suddenly at the start it changes to your team, they look with random behavior, not a real one, just running toward the enemy.

      • Tech

        There’s no aimbot or wallhacks on ps4 or xbox one. Neither of those console have been successfully hacked. Meaning they don’t have the potential do none of that shit. Jitter was only able to work because the gun needed something in the tac slot in order to keep switching. Its basically an insta swap x10 or so because it’s too fast for it to be registered allow the gun to shoot fast.

        • Combat Maneuvers

          I respect your opinion, but my mine still stands. I can’t say for sure how they do it whether it’s a USB mod menu, modded controller or modded lobby, but the fact remains I’ve witnessed many cheaters using mods that enhance their gameplay. These people I’m talking about never miss a shot, know where everyone is on the map without UAV or HATR and will still find you no matter what perks you have equipped to counter UAVs in hardcore! Do you know what hardcore is? You can’t see enemy unsuppressed fire on the mini map and there’s no kill cam, something cheaters love because it won’t alert the other player that they may be cheating. That’s not all, these mods are undetectable so even if you go to theater mode it won’t show. The way you can tell a person is cheating is by their play style and all assholes who use aimbot or auto aim play the same; in addition, they have start up XBL accounts with low gamerscore (in some cases 0) and in game rank. There was guy with a level 36 (non prestige) with a nuclear card and was using an aimbot or auto aim mod with probably a wall hack. I can even tell the outcome of a match if one these cheaters are on there and they always win, never miss a shot and know where everyone is on the map. Trust me I’m a quick scopper, was a level 1000 before fresh starting and know when someone is using something to enhance their gameplay. I also know the whole “he’s using a headset with super crunch sound settings” BS excuse bla bla bla. I know for a fact that some modded controllers come equipped with auto aim, auto drop shot and Jitter mod/rapid fire. Perhaps it’s auto aim that might make them appear to be using an aimbot, but I’m unsure and there are modded lobbies as well. I’ve had the misfortune of running into a few and you might even be able to see some YT videos of players who’ve come across one.

    • xdarkknightx09

      I think some people are using some program to crap out their connection, once they force the game to give them host as well. Seems like 1-5 lobbys I join there is 1 guy that will not die, even if you dump an entire clip into them before they even see you. Then you hit the pause menu, and you have a constant 400 ping. While in the other 4 lobbys my connection is always flickering between 15-60 and spiking at 120 max.

      • Marlynarodarte

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    • You mad huh?

      is it modded jitter controllers or what? i didnt see it much until the past few weeks and seems like theres a bunch of level 55 guys running around with it.

      • Superstar Wrestler

        Yeah i noticed it’s mainly new account non prestige players, most likely a second account. Fucking bunch of losers that have to use Mod controls or Mouse n keyboard on console cause they suck.

        Then when they start losing they rage quit.

      • Juan Carlos Cuevas Imery

        There is a lot of guys, running with shotguns in every map now, last night I still saw some with shotgun but no one with the rapid fire.

    • Bo3Fan

      They did

    • Qaotik

      There’s a solution for that: get gud

  • Daniel


    Where is the ballistic knife btw? And the OG wallbuys

    • Ervin Durand

      Ballistic knife was replaced in functionality by the NX-Shadowclaw, as its projectiles also insta-revive when packed, and it functions as a superior counterpart in multiplayer. TBH, I don’t know why they brought back the Ballistic Knife AFTER the Shadowclaw

      • DEMOLITION12

        but that’s in one map lol

    • Ryker Benson

      No Olympia no m14 no animation

  • Justin Cocchiarella

    Hopefully this fixes the nasty lag I just started getting about two weeks ago on the xbox one.

    • Josef Beierl

      its for ps4 only it says

  • Vasco Saldanha


  • Guest that’s still a Guest

    Very very very disappointed they didn’t add the M1911 as the starting pistol and add the AK-74U to its respected zombie maps or hell just in the box period with both guns but I’ve been blowing treyarch’s twitter feed up haha hopefully they’ll see the zombies community outrage on our two Classic weapons that they just threw to the multiplayer base, I love treyarch but that’s the shittiest P.R. I’ve seen in a long time especially after paying $30 for Zombie Chronicles and not a week later the two Classic Nostalgic Zombie weapons are released in everything besides zombies? Come on Treyarch

  • Doglover

    Did they fix jitter

    • guest


    • Atiendo Boludos


    • Theo Latour


    • The9tailedgamer

      Yes, they did, dont bother with the trolls, it should be fine now

    • Cheesesteakwit

      I hope they did I hate the jitter mod for the Brecci!! The Brecci is OP enough without jitter mod

      • xdarkknightx09

        Yeah right, the thing two shots from smg range and all you have to do is look within a 90 degree angle of them with hip fire. Then it has flinch on top of that, just why.

  • nicholas

    is anyone else getting richtofen only in solo moon?

    • Ervin Durand

      I think that’s so you can do EE solo, if they changed it from BO1

    • Guest

      yeah it’s because you can do the moon easter egg solo now and you always need richtofen to do it that’s why

    • InfernoReaperZ

      Its guaranteed to be richtofen so you have the golden rod (in your inventory) for the easter egg.

  • Junior Santos


    • Guest

      No point due to no ability to “flop”

  • Macii

    One thing Treyarch could fucking do on the PS4/Xbox One/PC is fix the fucking textures taking so long to load…

    It bothers me so much ;(

    • Daniel E


    • GinsuVictim

      It’s fine once the match starts, so not a big deal.

    • Combat Maneuvers

      Amazing how many people don’t seem to mind because it absolutely pisses me off! Weapon & character gear textures, scope reticles and attachments not visible when selecting a class at the beginning of a match need to be patched.

    • The9tailedgamer

      Especially aquarium, it takes a full minute for the textures to START appearing

    • Emre

      Lol they never load. Fucking crappy game. Even after so long.

    • Mick

      I also noticed that attachments take some time to pop up when your in game choosing a class before the match starts.

  • InfectedJello

    Haha no more automatic brecci for you cheaters

  • joey

    i was wondering about that kino issue. every time i’d teleport back from the pack-a-punch room, an unstoppable swarm would be waiting to rip me to shreds.

  • Still no M1911 or AK74u added to ZC

  • ayezaily

    I really thought with how many gigabytes this was we were going to be getting mob of the dead or the original wall buys on the zombie maps or at least some new guns for multiplayer. I’m pretty pissed we got weak ass maps like shino nu ma veruckkt and didn’t even receive mob of the dead I almost feel like I wasted 30 dollars please give us something worth wasting half of our internet for the month come on treyarch you are better than this

    • Ganjalf ✔ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      shut up i diot

    • Yankeephil

      I’m willing to bet that MOTD will be in the next game as a pre-order bonus with Richtofen and Co being the characters.

  • imBATMAN

    I had an affair with Moo cow…them utters are milky goodness…..sorry lunator );

  • Dream

    I have a glitch where I get “Deadshot Daquiri” every time I hit the wonderfizz I wish they would fix this.

    • Juan Carlos Cuevas Imery

      “You have a glitch” so and so and so you use it and exploit it. You are not better than a cheating jitter gammer.

      • The Gaming Revolution

        He doesn’t mean that in an exploitative way. He’s just saying that he’s experiencing a bug that gives him deadshot daiquiri every time he hits the wonder fizz, which if you actually played the game you would know that is a shitty perk and would be impossible to “exploit”

      • Why you so stupid bro?

  • Anthony S

    I am an owner of a jitter mod controller and was using jitter just before the update. And right after the update on xbox one i am currently unable to use it. now the brecci just acts all wierd and just doesnt work. I think this update patched jitter for some controllers. not sure for all but i know mine doesnt work anymore.

    • romoisafag

      Thank god you people should be perma banned from the game for fuckin cheating

    • Barbacuechicken

      Hahahahahahahga unlucky son get to grips and learn the game properly

    • Juan Carlos Cuevas Imery

      May I ask why you use them ? seriously, you are not gonna be a better player if you don’t push yourself to improve your gameplay, cheating just ruins the game for everyone.

  • Keon Phang

    I like that loud fire sale sound tho

  • BananaWaffles

    But firesale music is best musics 🙁

  • Mbhada

    I love black ops 3 zombies but i am not able to use gobblegums in game

  • ߷ Malcolm Merlyn

    so the mud wasnt fixed in Origin’s

    • InfectedJello

      I feel you on that but it would make the map too easy imo

  • Hermione Granger

    it was about time they put a stop to the exploitative 3rd party peripherals.

  • TARDIS Jedi

    Have they patched the truck jump in the Shadows of evil starting room? I feel like they’ve added a hidden barrier that I’m hitting

  • Anti Jitter

    there is a way to jitter still not as fast tho it is changing after shooting the brecci over and over and it glitch go faster.

  • Anti Jitteer

    there is a way to jitter still not as fast tho it is changing after shooting the brecci over and over and it glitch go faster.

  • ccrows

    FYI – There’s a new 100 win contract for BO3 this weekend. All you need to do is Activate it for now.

    Once completed, you get 10 rare supply drops, 1 Melee Weapon, and 1 ranged weapon… 🙂

    • theargaminggroup

      thanks for letting us know. I feel like Charlie Intel doesn’t post any articles anymore. I remember seeing every little event starting in CoD on CI, now I miss a lot.

      • ccrows

        NP man. I’ve gotten to the point of just logging in in every weekend myself to see if there’s any big specials going on.

        I’m just happy to have a new weapon to work towards… 🙂

  • Jake

    Triple play contract babyyyyy

  • Nostalgia Guy

    Did the pander under the map glitch get patched?

  • Jack

    For some reason 4 player split screen on zombies doesn’t work anymore. If they’ve tried to sneakily do away with it i swear somebody is gona fucking die.