In the newest issue of EDGE Magazine, Sledgehammer Games briefly talked about Call of Duty: WWII’s Zombies mode. During the reveal, SHG confirmed the zombies mode is a Nazi Zombies mode but did not reveal more on it.

In this interview, Sledgehammer stated that there’s a ‘back story that’s based on real events’ for the mode. Condrey further stated that the mode will is “unique to our Dead Space signature.”

Before founding Sledgehammer Games, Condrey and Schofield were the heads of Visceral Games at EA, the team behind the original Dead Space titles, which was a horror-based title.

SOURCE: Reddit

  • Bonn Bo

    Fucking. Rad.

  • Already sounds amazing. Hopefully it’s a bit different in terms of gameplay instead of IW Zombies and AW literally taking everything what Treyarch did. Even then, if they have to make it similar to Treyarch, then all I want is for it just be scary and actual good characters. Not goofy or anything like IW.

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    • At least AW had something a little different to offer, but yeah it was mostly based on the same idea that’s been copied since WaW. I really hope they completely reinvent the wheel with WW2

    • i liked the goofy zombies of iw it was entertaining to me. I know everyone can’t be pleased

      • I don’t think it belongs in Call of Duty. It doesn’t fit, the style itself would probably be better fitted for something like Deadrising or just a game that doesn’t take itself seriously

        • Yeah, but at the end of the day it’s entertainment and they entertained me. Plus it was scary kind of, and i praise it so much because it’s the type of zombies i like not bo3 type where it’s focused on 2 hour long easter eggs that everyone thinks they’re a pro and wanna do.

          • I mean yeah it’s entertainment I just think it doesn’t particular fit the style of Call of Duty. And I haven’t seen anything scary about it

        • HeartlessOne

          Does CoD take itself seriously? I thought they passed off that notion with the clowns in AW. If not back then, the dabbing in BO3 definitely killed any chance for serious “gritty realistic” gameplay.

          I do agree that IW Zombies felt extremely far fetched, even with the 3Arc zombies having it’s moments of insanity (bo1 character quotes mainly), they still felt more real. I still don’t see CoD as a game that takes itself seriously anymore, maybe they will change that back this year.

          • Since about AW, no. And that’s been a major problem with me. The gimmick maps, the clowns, the dabs, the cheesy zombies style none of that really belongs in this type of shooter.

          • AW, BO3 and IW are fantasy games set in a massively advanced future, they could essentially get away with adding anything they wanted to it because there’s absolutely no historical accuracy.

            WWII is a game based on World War 2, it’s a much more sensitive issue and if they add dabbing soldiers and silly costumes it will piss off a LOT of people and the game will be absolutely trashed. Sure they’ll still make fat stacks of cash but do they really want to be the company that pissed all over WW2? I hugely doubt it.

            People need to have a bit more faith in SHG.

            (I completely agree that dabbing and all that shit doesn’t belong in CoD btw. It’s ok to have a taunt here and there but when they start trying to appeal to shitty trends it just gets embarassing).

    • Eddie Tupy

      after WAW they started to lower their inhibitions.

  • Samuel Newlove

    I bet its still going to be the same old wave based formula with pack a punch, juggernaut and ridiculous easter eggs that you need to YouTube. I kind of hoped Sledgehammer would break the mould and do their own thing. Maybe it will be different but unlikely.

    • RdJokr

      That’s like saying they should ditch the fast-paced gun-on-gun MP formula and replace it with Battlefield-style gameplay. That’s not how it works.

      • Day Tripper

        Uhh, no, it’s not like saying that. At all. You’re the only one that’s saying that. Look at Extinction: an example of something alternative and practical. So, actually, that IS how it works.

        • RdJokr

          An entirely different mode should have different mechanics, yes. But aren’t we just talking about Zombies? In which case, it should maintain the core formula.

          • The core formula is stale though, I know it’s not popular opinion but Samuel Newlove described how I feel about zombies spot on. It’s been the same gameplay, same format, only bigger and more complicated each time for years. SHG added a decent enough twist with Exo Zombies but I think we need something more like Extinction

          • RdJokr

            And look what happened: everybody shunned Extinction because it “wasn’t Zombies”.

          • Yeah, CoD fans don’t seem to like change much unfortunately.

          • g-morty

            Huh wait what? Exozombies? Extinction? Both were trash. SHG and IW should stick to altetnate modes their actually good at developing like spec ops and the survivalist missions. Just my opinion and hopefully WWII Nazi Zombies mode well change the trend of returning COD games that aren’t 3arc in just a couple weeks after release.

          • Haven’t played IW but why are Exo Zombies and Extinction so terrible? Exo Zombies was basically the exact same thing but with some tweaks and exo movement. I thought Extinction was a breath of fresh air from Zombies. I guess it just depends if you’re on the side of wanting the same thing all the time or if you’re bored of it.

            I just think people should leave the basic zombies format to 3arc because that’s what most people like, and anything by IW or SHG should be totally different, instead of just rehashing what 3arc does, like Infinity Ward does with their multiplayer

    • Bigi345

      Any chance of a completely different co-op style game was ruined because of the reception of extinction. Real shame really, i enjoyed the different style of extinction after playing zombies for years.

      • I totally ignored Ghosts up until finally playing it a couple of weeks ago and honestly, Extinction was fun as hell, I loved it. I feel pretty bad for ripping on it so much for “copying zombies but with aliens” years ago, it was really unique and much less claustrophobic than Treyarch’s zombies

    • BlazeStorm

      Well, looks like they revamped how your health works, there’s no Juggernog but instead shield you have to rebuy.

  • BradyAlucard

    OMG YES! Just what I expected. This is going to be insane.

  • se7en

    Why are they even calling them nazi zombies when they’re too scared to show a swastika lmfao fuck off sledgehammer….

    • KX virus

      They aren’t censoring the fucking swastika.

      • g-morty

        Yes they are there absent from the ZC remasters so they don’t have different maps for Germany

    • Dante

      There just censoring the swastikas for the same trailer cause it’s a global release and there’s some places that have laws against showing swastikas unless it’s educational.

      • Day Tripper

        Oh no, a weird shape :'((

      • BlazeStorm

        No, the remastered maps in Chronicles have all swastikas removed and they just placed Iron Crosses there.

        In Germany, they only allow nazis when it’s educational, so not for entertainment like CoD

        • Dante

          I’m saying that there just censored in the trailer for the game and there gonna be in the full release when it comes out except for the places that have laws against showing them.


    based on real events lmao. is that like the female soldiers?

    • Oedipus the King

      Female soldiers fought in WW2

      • DEMOLITION12

        yeah and i bet there was like 5 obese retards in wheelchairs that fought too. they should be in the game and it should be a focus of the story

        • Oedipus the King

          Why are you talking down to me? It’s an indisputable fact that women fought in WW2. Are you dense or what?

          • DEMOLITION12


      • g-morty

        Not for the U.S. no females were even allowed in the U.S. millitary at that point. Maybe for Russia or a coyple other countries though. Not sure about any other than Russia though.

        • Oedipus the King

          Not everything is US centric. There may be a side of the campaign dedicated to the European theatre.

    • Dante

      Do some damn research before you say anything. There were female soldiers in WW2.

      • Alexk489

        I think he’a referring to the ladies being on the front lines, which is inaccurate to history. Yes women were involved in the armed forces, but as factory workers, pilots, etc, but not as front line soldiers.

      • Wikipedia is not the most reliable source but yeah

  • Gamerazor247

    Dead Space? Yeah right…

  • Michael Romo

    It’s not realistic if the Hitler zombie doesn’t have a hole in his temple

  • RdJokr

    I am excited to see how this goes. Especially if Glen and Michael are handling the story aspect of the game mode. Everybody is dying to see the true successor to Dead Space 1. If they can crank up the horror factor, then WWII Zombies is already winning.

  • AlexK489

    Man it’s a shame they couldn’t do something unique and fresh like this for the rest of their game.

  • chris

    Thank god

  • imBATMAN

    there better be a Hitler zombie boss

    • If there’s no dabbing Kardashian robo Hitler I’m gonna be seriously pissed