Treyarch has announced that, yes, they will be adding in the M1911 pistol to all Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles maps in the next few weeks.

Outrage over this started when Treyarch added in the M1911 to MP’s Black Market but did not add the weapon into Zombies at all.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles is available now on PS4 and is coming soon to Xbox One and PC.

  • Thomas Rundkvist Volsmann

    I ain’t going furst

  • I wanted the AK74u in Zombies more than the M1911, but hopefully itll still be added and at least they listened

    • Bobbiejwang

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    • Tyler

      I think it’d be great to see em both back in zombies. They’re both classic weapons and it would make sense considering the vast amount of classic weapons that have already been brought back/recreated.

    • Goku

      Actually both are coming back Jason said it himself.

      • andrew16312

        thanks goko
        hope you win the tournament of power on dragon ball super


    This is good. Wouldve preferred to have the 74U but you cant play the OG zombie maps with the MR6 instead of the 1911. Bravo @Treyarch

  • imBATMAN

    wow Bungie ads a dumb pistol but we all wanted a fidget spinner instead

  • An Alpaca

    I hope it isn’t put in the box as a replacement for the CZ75.

    • MR6 should have never been the starting pistol to begin with tbh. It should have always been in the box at the start of BO3 and played the role of the Five-Seven in Zombies. It kinda plays that role in MP

      • Tyler

        Honestly, you’re exactly right.

  • thank fuck!

  • macspengo

    I would like to see it on The Giant, and maybe in Revelations as a surprise! (I’m just saying as an idea.)

    But I can see why it’s going to take awhile for the 1911 to be in Zombie Chronicles, because they have to create the gun with the Pack-A-Punch variant into zombies and make it into the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of Black Ops 3.

    So I don’t really mind it taking a while to see the 1911 in Zombie Chronicles.

    • Bindal

      Not sure why it would be complicated to create the PaP Version or take more than a day, the stats would be just copy-pasting the MR6. Both are identical in that regard and the PaP Camo is map depending, not weapon depending. And the MR6 probably is already copy-pasted from the past M1911.

      • PAP camo for it already exists because of the way the camos work.

        • macspengo

          When you said that, I remember seeing a lot of black market camos on DLC weapons, it just seems like a wasted opportunity to give the DLC guns with DLC camos, for free I’m saying.
          It would be “cool” to see the “ice” camo on the 1911 in Multiplayer… Get it? No? Okay..

          • Raul Miranda

            No I get it

      • Tyler

        Probably not, considering in shadows of evil the starting pistol will do a lot more damage and the mr6 also feels like it’s damage is just a little higher than 1911 but, then again, you could be right. They’re probably just waiting on Xbox release.

    • Tyler

      Either that or they’re bringing back the chrome M1911. Which would be a cool little detail.

      • macspengo

        There’s already a camo that looks like the chrome camo, but in another color, they could just simply change the color, then slap it on the 1911. So I wouldn’t think that’s the reason.

        • Tyler

          i figured out what it is, they have to test the weapon in the maps to make sure it works. its actually more complicated than most people think. lots of glitches can occur.

  • DnKJiVeShOcKzZ

    Im not entirely sure why everyones begging for the 1911 as near enough everyone gets rid of it by round 2/3

    • Tyler

      It’s one of those small details that the zombies community really appreciates if that makes any sense.

    • Ed

      It has to do with atmosphere. Would Origins feel the same without the Mauser? No. But personally, Verruckt feels different using the MR6 instead of the M1911.

      The M1911 is an iconic weapon in real life, CoD, and in Zombies. 100+ years of combat service, seen in virtually every CoD game, and was the starting pistol on every map from World at War to Black Ops 2 until Origins.

      Yeah, it’s not the biggest deal, but for the old school Nazi Zombies fans, it’s a detail that should’ve been implemented from the start. But I guess better late than never.

    • Tyler

      It’s one of those small details that the community really appreciates if that makes any sense.

  • AK too plz

  • Peewy 978

    Its useless without PhD Flopper!!

    • Charlie

      danger closest gobblegum?

      • Peewy 978

        It only last 3 full rounds and thats it!

        • Kyle Hulton

          Its a classic which means you can constantly reuse it after getting it again

    • andrew16312

      they could make it like the Boomhilda where is doesnt shot explosive ammo
      they probably wont


    watch when it’s only in the box lol!

  • Batman


  • User 1

    All these great updates but the game is fucking unplayable on PS4 because you can’t get rid of Awakening DLC. BO3 is dead to me.

    • Tyler


  • Astroknight13

    They should have made dolphin diving a thing again but they’re too lazy to code it back in with flopper

    • xGritzz

      Not that easy to “code back in” as it’s not even a mechanic in the engine…..

  • Axel Voeks

    Why hasn’t it been added yet?