Activision Blog revealed the five divisions that will be in Call of Duty: WWII MP:

  • Airborne: First to the fight, where you move fast and stay quiet
  • Mountain: Focusing on precise and deadly sharpshooting
  • Infantry: Be the tip of the spear
  • Armored: Bringing the heaviest firepower
  • Expeditionary Force: Packing heat with incendiary shells

As revealed yesterday on the PlayStation Blog, divisions in Call of Duty: WWII will replace the traditional create a class system in the game.

Call of Duty Twitter account is also sharing small videos of each of the Divisions, with countdown to E3.

Expeditionary Force:




SOURCE: Activision

  • I hate that people are already moaning about this before even seeing what it’s fully about and giving it a chance, I personally don’t like the sound of it but I’m willing to give it a chance, it’s something new and a risk.

    • ccrows

      I think more people would feel OK with this if it was Treyarch/Vahn doing this…

      • Batman


      • Tony Lahav

        shg are the only studio that brought a change

        • OvO

          Are you drunk? Treyarch consistently pushes CoD forward. Sledge and IW always takes idea from 3arc and tries to cram them in their games and somehow make them way worse.

          • Well to be fair, while Treyarch is always going forward, SHGames did change it up a bit with AW. With Exo Suits, upgrading your scorestreaks, supply drops. Two of the changes I mentioned weren’t good tbh but SHGames does change it up a bit. While Infinity Ward literally takes everything that Treyarch did and still makes it bad

          • Tony Lahav

            Even if its the stupid thing SHG could think of its still a change ,and actually SHG are the only studio that gave us a CHANGE, strating with AW and now with this ,the two other studios goes on the same road SHG bulit since AW .

    • Random Hero

      It’s not necessarily New, this concept was first introduced in cod’s early years. Cod 1-3 is evident of That, but not only cod, but medal of honor and brother’s in arms as well.

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  • lunator100hd .

    Team Airborne!


    Airborne is SMG class, Mountain is Sniper class, Infantry is ARs, Armored is LMGs and Expeditionary Force is Shottys. My guess. Idk lol im hyped for the innovation SHG is doing.

    • Stefan Lang

      My same thoughts exactly.

    • Seccer

      Well perhaps they share guns but have different abilities, it is battlefields signature to exclusively put certain weapons with certain kits but in this case it can be a mixture.

      • Didn’t think of that, sounds interesting if it’s the way you put it

    • Jon Jackson

      I wouldn’t call it innovative since Battlefield and other games have been doing it for years. But I’m interested to see how it all pans out in CoD WW2.

      • PuddleOfStix

        Impossible to be truly “innovative” in this day and age. Just ask Hollyweird.

        • Batman

          Chris Nolan be like “hold my beer”

  • Stefan Lang

    People are already crying about this and it’s getting me upset ??‍♂️ Usually I wouldnt give a fuck but yall honestly are the most hard to please people ever. Yall asked for change and then when they changed the game all you did was bitch and moaned and didnt adapt. Now they’re making changes to create a class and you’re bitching and moaning about it again ? At least wait until the fucking beta or just see some footage and then start to make opinions on shit. All of this early judgement bullshit is really getting old.

    • AlexK489

      I mean, can you blame people though??
      They’re COMPLETEY doing away with ome of the fundamental mechanics of the entire franchise, i think people have a right to be at least SOMEWHAT judgemental about this..

      • Not really.. if you’re going back to the “roots” then call of duty never had CaC till COD4. So technically, you are wrong. However, it’s fun to see new things and see how it is. You can’t complain on something that is huge like this

        • ccrows

          I gotta agree with Alex. Sure CAC and KS/SS weren’t there on day 1, but it is a fundamental mechanic when it turned you from being a 3rd party shooter to the most popular 3rd party shooter for over a decade.

          TBF I don’t think it will be as bad as COD2/3, but at the same time i am a little concerned on the customization part of things… *shrugs*

          • Ed

            CoD was an AAA title since CoD 2, which didn’t have create a class. It is one of the best CoD games out there.

            Also, you do realize guns were fairly customizable back in WWII. US Marines created a light machine gun out of an M1 rifle stock, BAR bipod, carry handle, and sight, and an AN/M2 .30Caliber MG, called the Stinger. You had “jungle style” magazines, canvas shrouds for better grips, etc.

            What they will also probably do is blend variants together: IE, the M1A1 Thompson with Rapid Fire replaces the side mounted charging handle to the earlier M1928A1 top mounted one.

          • ccrows

            “CoD was an AAA title since CoD 2, which didn’t have create a class. It is one of the best CoD games out there.”

            ^ Listen, I started playing COD with COD2. It was fun but it wasn’t “that good”.

            COD4 was the Halo killer, and took the series from being a “AAA title” (as you put it) to the most popular FPS over the past decade.

            What were the 2 biggest factors to that? CAC and KS…

          • Ed

            CAC and KS were by far the two biggest factors of CoD’s success; yes they played a role, but it’s less substantial than you think. What made CoD4 unique was it was going to represent Modern Warfare and fighting in the Middle East, something that was questionable with Afghanistan going on and all.
            Many people also forget the single player element of the game, it is in my opinion still the best SP. It took an approach to the modern day combat setting not really seen in other FPS’ at the time.

            But, what’s not to say you can’t change your soldier mid game like changing a different class? How would it any different than from choosing between the preset classes when first starting?

          • ccrows

            I’m not buying the setting. The “BO Series” didn’t use that setting and it was extremely successful…

          • Divisions has been hinted several times since the announcement that it’s customisable just like CaC was

    • ccrows

      “Yall asked for change and then when they changed the game all you did was bitch and moaned and didnt adapt.”

      ^ The “change” that the community asked for is “Boots on Ground”. (and move away from the future setting)

      I don’t recall the community asking for changes to the CAC system.

      With all that said, I still hope that everything works out. Sure AW is something that I don’t want to remember, but I’m still a fan of “COD”…

  • Sounds like the way Battlefield is, but it looks like its just categories in which the guns are in so if you wanna use an LMG you gotta use a certain division, looks like everything else is probably still going to be customizable

  • AlexK489

    “We’re particularly looking forward to revealing more on Divisions. Divisions fundamentally redigines how players invest in their Multiplayer soldier career. Replacing the Create-A-Class system, players chose from five iconic World War 2 divisions each with specific basic combat training, division training and weapon skills”

    So first they take away the time period advancements that were made, now they’re conpletey doing away with Create-A-Class???

    I don’t like the sound of this at all…

    • Neil

      It’s literally Battlefied

      • Actually no

        • Thanasishim

          Actually, yes. All the fun of just hoping into a game just to play and relax is done

          • Actually no, once again, it’s been hinted several times that Divisions is just as customisable as no.

  • djml9

    Im not gonna have a freak out until its officially revealed vut i really hope this is just an extra layer on top of CaC and not them actually getting red of CaC.

  • Bonn Bo

    Honestly sounds pretty fucking cool so far, but I saw the outrage coming a mile away.

  • TechaGek.

    Do the final two divisions kinda confirm tanks or not?

  • Diego Diniz

    Airborne: KNIFE RUNNER (like Ghosts Maniac)
    Mountain: OP Sniper (like IW Phantom Marksman)
    Infantry: Golden Gun Pistol (like BO3 Seraph)
    Armored: Juggernaut LMG .50 (like Ghosts)
    Expeditionary Force: Flamethrower (like BO3 Firebreak)

    • Aidan

      These aren’t specialists, this is replacing the Create-a-Class system.

  • This hypes my boner to new levels!

  • PoonjabMcDaddy

    I’m a little nervous about it but COD obviously needs some innovation and this sounds like a bit of a shakeup, I’m willing to give it a chance. Also, according to some people “in the know” it sounds like you’ll still be able to choose any gun you want regardless of division. I would imagine you choose your division like you choose a specialist, except you choose one at the start of each match and can freely switch between in game as well (just like classes). Only difference is, there is probably a whole set of perks/traits/abilities/whatever that are unique to each division, all tailored towards that division’s playstyle. So like with Airborne, you get a bunch of mobility and stealth stuff to choose from. Armored: maybe health, ammo, team-supporting stuff. Think along the lines of IW’s rig traits. Merc is obviously geared toward LMG use, but you can still use an SMG or whatever if you want to.

  • stillaras

    why name the sniper as mountain. it could be reckon at least.
    not moaning ,i dont judge a game from a small detail just seems a bit strange

  • jt3z

    No ty COD is trying way to hard to innovate with boost jumping/Exo suits and Specialist to this crap. COD sells 20 mil copies a year for a reason, its simplicity.

    • PuddleOfStix

      But… it’s World War 2. There’s no boost jumping here.

  • Altered Vista

    Nope. Not the innovation I’m looking for. Neither was a Destiny style hub world to walk around in 3rd person. But I like Ghosts and Titanfall 1, and dislike everything since so I guess I’m just getting too old to keep up with the “innovation”. I still wish Sledgehammer made a Modern game and 3arc did a Cold War style game. I’ve had enough of “innovation” when it comes to Activision. Sure WW2 could be great if taken as seriously as something like the Modern Warfare trilogy in campaign at least. Looking forward to how stupid the loot system will be. Activision has to make money so I expect some pay to win or completely out of era shit. Which means RIP WW2 feel. Good luck fam. I’m probably skipping this one.

  • Altered Vista

    Meanwhile Destiny looks to have basically no innovation, but removes your shotgun and sniper slot, removes LMGs completely, nerfs rockets and adds a noob tube. Makes all the classes bland and similar with just different animations and stupid jumps. Activision needs competition because their games are just getting so damn lazy. Skip Destiny 2 and skipping WW2 unless they really blow me away at E3.

  • Ed

    The whole “divisions” things looks like they apply to the character themselves and has nothing to do with limited weapons selection or anything like that.

    There were infantry regiments amongst almost every division, yes, even armored ones. For example, the US 41st Infantry Regiment was part of the 2nd Armored Division back in 1944. Even so, with a few exceptions, weapons were not really specific per division.

    Here’s how I see it:
    Airborne: Flanking (SMGs)
    Infantry: Jack of All Trades (Rifles)
    Mountain: Ranged Combat (Snipers)
    Armored: Heavy Weaponry (LMGs)
    EF: Run and Gun (Shotguns)

    This is not to say you can’t be an Airbone soldier with an M1 Rifle, but your training is better suited to the roles an SMG fulfills than a rifle.

    Similarly, you can use an MG42 if your part of a Mountain Division, but you are much better off using a sniper rifle.

    As you rank up, your character becomes more proficient with other weapons in the class. Just my two cents

    • That makes perfect sense if that’s what they’re going for

    • Elite Predator

      Sound like an idea, but I don’t think that’s what they’re going for. It fell off when you got to the sniper/LMG part. It just sound like it would be a DUMB broken system.. I hope that’s not what they’re going for. As linear and in detail it sounds, sounds like they’re going for strategy and every class in its own place. Sounds really cool. Who knows really, it’s a lot to take in like.. for example, the SMG is faster with it’s exclusive perks, perks you can’t use with a rifle. We just really have to see how it plays out, with what they’re planning, the best we can do is give these guys a chance.

      • Ed

        That’s not what I meant. You can probably choose any weapon in any division; it’s just some are gonna be better with one weapon group than the other.

        So, if you want faster movement with a rifle, you can.

        • Elite Predator

          I understand what you’re saying. But are you saying with that freedom, I still get an advantage to the division? Which I highly think it’s going to be limited to what weapon classes can be used per divisions. Each division sounds very unique to each weapon class, such as the last one. It’s very descriptive on what it’s for.
          In other words, even if they gave us that freedom; it just wouldn’t work out such as the 5th one is targeting “incendiary shells” or the 4th one bringing the heaviest fire power. We both know an SMG wouldn’t deliver in that regard.

          • Ed

            Now that you mention it, I think what it might be their take on the “Specialist” type system. In that, choosing your primary shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Not only that, but I can see how some Divisions may have access to different attachments.

            I think this is what they could be going for:

            Airborne: De Lisle Carbine, a suppressed pistol caliber carbine used by the SOE; Only class to have “Stock” attachment for SMGs.

            Mountain: PTRS41, Russian AT Rifle, pretty much the Barrett of the game. Only class to have Sniper scopes for Bolt Actions.

            Infantry: M1A1 Bazooka, 2.36in rocket launcher. Only division to have Rifle Grenades

            Armored: The Stinger LMG, USMC field modified version of an AN/M2 .30Cal Browning aircraft gun. Access to bipod attachment.

            EF: M2 Flamethrower, best flamethrower of WWII. Class has access to shotgun incendiary shells.

    • love

      you were right

  • Batman

    Chill ppl IW’s payloads had the EXACT same description last year

  • Diego Diniz

    This teaser show us how HIT MARKER SOUND will be!

  • Tony Lahav

    Even if its the stupid thing SHG could think of its still a change ,and actually SHG are the only studio that gave us a CHANGE, strating with AW and now with this ,I like their minds.

  • ʟ ɪ ɴ ᴋ

    really stupid how everyone is hating on this game already and we don’t even know what to expect. it’s a new game with new features and it could be amazing. (this coming from me who has hated AW-IW from their first leaks to me actually trying the game.)

  • W1LL1AM04

    divisions sound like Mission Teams from COD: IW

    • ccrows

      I don’t think it is, but we’ll find out soon enough I guess…

  • Pdndbsjcjc

    It’s good to have a change. I was getting sick and tired of the Pick 10 system..

  • TupperwareNinja

    Im actually pretty happy about this news with the Divisions. The games starting to sound like it has a new system for balancing class choices which is amazing. No more will I be taken out by a sniper that has the relative perk to Juggernaut. I’m very interested to see what it’s all about and definitely am losing patience waiting for full release. As I say every year, Bring on the next COD!

  • BigMacMan

    Am I the only one looking forward to this change?

  • Diego Diniz

    Divisions = Specialists