Earlier today, Activision updated Call of Duty’s Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook header images with new ones as the countdown to E3 continues.

On these images, there appear to be new codes for the classified Call of Duty: WWII site, which first came to light from codes found on billboards during the game’s reveal in April.

The Twitter image has a new code on the helmet in the center, the Facebook has a code on the helmet on the person to the right, and the YouTube header has a new code on the strap of the person in the center. Like before, five codes are needed. Two more codes were found on the Call of Duty: WWII’s main site and beta site.

The codes are as follows (enter on callofduty.com/wwii/classified in this order):


The site now has personal files on characters from the campaign of Call of Duty: WWII and what appears to be a radio from World War II. You can listen to different things by changing the frequency. We flipped through the radio, and when we changed the bottom right setting from Low to High (or switching Off to On and back and forth), two new dossiers appeared with two images inside of each.

We’re still searching through the site and will update if we find more.


    Gotta love how cryptic and creepy these new images are. Cod WW2, i have high hopes for. SHG please dont dissapoint!

  • RdJokr

    This is really good interactive stuff. Takes me back to the GKNOVA6 days with BO1.

    • Cristinadgunter

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    • User 1

      Retarded kids will never remember


        It’s more like young kids will never remember…

    • jordanxbrookes

      Yeah I quite like the interactive cryptic stuff again too.

  • Noah Nickles

    What did the code with “ZCKBM” return? I wrote down all the other letters that it showed after inputting the code, but I yawned on this one… -_-

    • Thiago Socca

      Entire phrase is: “Take the beaches and trees now”

      • HyperFirez

        Thanks mate! 🙂

  • Connor Reid

    Why not run those codes through the QM cipher. All the pieces as one, I mean, could turn something up.

  • Nick

    after signing into my xbox account, i am redirected to a screen where it asks for another code at the top of the page it says Redemption Code. What is that code?

  • Jesse Dixon

    There’s codes can’t work some of the letters r not on
    The buttons