Another Community Headshot Challenge is now live in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3!

This time, there’s only one reward: Cosmic Pack a Punch Camo. Get half a billion headshots across MP and Zombies across platforms to unlock this camo!

  • Alex Brogan


  • Cosmic?

    What map is Cosmic from?

    • Former

      Nothing. It’s just their name for the camo.

      • Enderlord1496

        It’s from Revelations.

        • Former

          Oh really? Been a while since I played that shit

    • Michael Romo

      It’s a PAP camo variant from Revelations

    • User 1

      It’s a dogshit camo for losers who can’t get Dark Matter still even though the population of BO3 at this point is down syndrome retards.

  • macspengo

    Another one!? Is it the Into The Void camo but with a different color!?

    • Michael Romo

      Yes. And it doesn’t look as good either

  • Michael Romo

    For people who have Into the Void like me, this looks terrible. I’m not going to grind out a bunch of headshots to get a camo that’s basically the same but looks worse. Still, I’ll contribute headshots for the less fortunate who never got the ItV camo

  • Atiendo Boludos

    It’s ok but nothing beats Void and DM camos.

  • I like these challenges to be honest maybe treyarch could add weapons to win for the community like gail, Ak74u or Peacekeeper

    • Cristinadgunter

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    • User 1

      Treyarch doesn’t even give a fuck about half of their playerbase…. the game is fucking unplayable on PS4 if you have the Awakening DLC. And there’s no fucking way to remove it because of their faggot patch gone wrong. Myself and thousands of others literally got fucked over by buying a DLC…

      • Dante

        How is it unplayable for PS4? I have a PS4 and it plays fine for me and I have the season pass.

        • User 1

          Because the DLC is full of tryhard, camping, floating retards and if it wasn’t for the thrusters I would fall asleep every game. And you can’t take the Awakening DLC off. So I’m fucked. Never playing that fucking garbage again.

          • Unclecoon

            Why don’t you just delete it from your system ??

          • User 1

            Oh I did long ago my friend. As well as recycled my PS4. Those parts will probably be put to better use….. so long as disabling DLC isn’t in the question.

          • Dante

            I’m with Unclecoon just delete the game break the disc do whatever the fuck you have to do to get rid of the game and fucking leave the rest of us the fuck alone.

          • User 1

            I never assaulted any of you retards at all… I just said the game is unplayable if you have the DLC and a brain and have no masochistic tendencies.

      • Jon

        you are such a trolling idiot. go plaster your garbage somewhere else kid

        • User 1

          You think you can turn that shitty DLC off? You’re wrong. At this point anyone who purchases a PS4 as opposed to an Xbox One is fucking retarded because with a PS4 you pay more for less. Enjoy your faggot game

    • User 1

      On top of that, there’s no way to even get a refund for the DLC because of Sony’s arbitrary policy. Worst fucking console ever.

  • Is this community challenge a timed one like the boxing gloves were? I honestly haven’t been able to renew my playstation plus yet to even get the zombies stuff. Which I know is now but all done already, but still.

  • Noah

    Everyone gets the camo right?