Microsoft has officially announced the name and revealed the look of Project Scorpio. The official name is Xbox One X. The console will be available November 7 for $499.

First announced over a year ago, Microsoft is touting this as the “world’s most powerful console” featuring 6 teraflop processor, 12GB ram, and more. As announced before, all Xbox One games will run on the new console. Microsoft has made it clear that there will not be any Xbox One X exclusive games; all will work across Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X.

Stay tuned for more details.

  • Nice!

  • lunator100hd .

    Looks like a toaster.

    • kairo kitchens

      Everyone criticized the box vcr xbox one plus a smaller narrower console takes less space

    • ccrows

      Honestly it could be bigger in size than the OG XB1, and I wouldn’t care.

      Just as long as it runs cool and never overheats, that’s all that matters to me…

  • Mick

    Xbox One X

  • Element115Will

    Wow. Must have been verry hard to come up with that name. Should have just been Xbox Scorpio!

  • lunator100hd .

    Whats the price?

    • kairo kitchens

      There saving that ford end of E3

    • It’s $499

  • Super hyped!! I can’t wait to trade my normal X1 in to get this!

    • Same that’s exactly what I’m gonna do

    • Elektrobanq

      Do you recommend a certain place to trade in? I have an S and would consider trading it in if I could get decent money for it to put towards an X.

      • jt3z

        Gamestop usually does it. I think MS themselves do it as well

        • Margaretkramsay

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      • I usually just go to game stop and pay the rest. It’s probably not the best place for trade ins but i’ve been too used and comfortable with game stop to care at this point.

      • MaRico Spikes

        Sell it yourself get the most money, OfferUp, Craigslist, Facebook marketplace

    • PDX Guitar Freak

      No I’m keeping both – so I don’t have to compete with my kids for the Xbox anymore LOL ,,,,Well I guess we might end up competing for the X1

  • Emre

    I am gonna buy this 3 years later, when al the bugs and gllitches ans reviews are out and the price drops. New versions with more GB

  • Beast Mode


  • Group_935

    I’m just waiting for Ps4 Pro bundles so I can get something extra out of $400.

  • xboxisdead

    Hahaahah Xbox is dead for 500 bucks i will build a PC. They need to just let sony handle the big leagues hahahahaha

    • Dead? I really don’t think so. Not surprised to see a Sony fanboy attacking Xbox once again, especially when there’s a new console release which could potentially compete a lot better against Sony, which seems to scare the fanboys like you.

      • xboxisdead

        just a little mad?

    • ccrows

      Cool guest account bruh… <_<

    • ToonToons22

      Please, PLEASE don’t start this again…

      • xboxisdead

        they get so mad so fast its always 1 lol

        • truthspeaker

          I have both consoles. Xbox One has been getting amazing backwards compatible games. Bo1, Bo2, Red Dead. I like Ps4 for Bloodborne etc but I spend more time on my Xbox honestly. As is it can multitask better than ps4. I can only run one app in the background on ps4 and several on current Xbone.

          • truthspeaker

            Honestly Black Ops 1 is a new experience on Xbox hardware. I played it on ps3 and 360 and the bc version looks better and runs smooth. PS4 can never have real backward compat due to the weird architecture of PS3 and PSnow fucking sucks. They don’t even have Demons Souls on PSnow. Streaming games is retarded and makes enjoying any online capability pointless or dead laggy. Sony wasted money on that tech. Their indie games bore me too. At least we get decent free games on Xbl. Still… I’m glad to own both CO soles.

          • truthspeaker

            I’m not just talking shit either… BO1 on Xbone BC feels different than playing it on 360 or ps3 due to the extra hardware power. Sadly BO2 is just the same as it was on last gen but it’s wonderful to play it on the new console…especially with stupid Infinite Warfare being as bad as it is this year. Seeing people diss one console over the other is dumb. I had a ps4 and secretly wanted an Xbone for a long time and I am so glad that I got it but cheering for some lame company and their console is childish; it is a corporation not a rock band stupid fan boys. Both have their ups and downs.

          • truthspeaker

            Honestly I think anyone who goes out of their way to flame one console is questioning their purchase in the back of their head and if you feel that strongly get them both and shut up. You’ll feel a lot better.

    • Jon

      you really don’t matter anyway kid

    • Beast Mode

      You cant build a 4k PC for $500. That goes to show how smart you really are. You need your ass whipped

  • ToonToons22

    About that “all games will work” part, does that include the backwards compatible titles? If so, would the graphics be affected or are they unchanged?

    • Dante

      They said they’ll be better graphics

    • Felix Plante

      Graphics won’t be improved for backward compatibles but framerates will (if they’re not locked).

  • BradyAlucard

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Wizga

    Never owned a console, been playing on potato PC for 8 years now. I really need an upgrade. Graphics don’t matter that much to me. Medium is fine but would love more than 30 fps. So what should I do? Buy this new Xbox that promises 4k and 60fps, PS4 Pro, so I could also enjoy great exclusives or decent PC for around 600€?

    • jt3z

      Yea id go with either of the newer ones. Between the 2 its either between more exclusives(PS4 Pro) or better graphics/Frame rate for 3rd party games(XboxOneX).

    • alex

      If your friends have consoles, go with which ever platform they are on. Show much better with friends

    • idefaultzz

      what alex said, go wherever your friends are. You’ll have much more fun. If all your closer friends have ps4 go with that, imo its better than xbox but lets not get into that. Or get a gaming pc but for 600 idk it might not be enough.

    • Drop 600 on a PC, get like a 1060 or 1070 and an i5

  • ccrows

    I’m just glad that they aren’t making the same mid gen mistakes as Sega did in the 90’s.

    ^ AKA no games designed specifically for the XBOX One X, so people don’t feel left out… (unlike what Sega did with the Sega CD and 32X)

  • Alex Brogan

    more front facing usb ports please

  • Succccccccc

    This is gonna be good!

  • MaxPar

    ?? It’s shocking and one of worst conferences and has no games apart from loads indies. Sony wins this year again sad to admit they’re smashing us Xboxs.

    • Beast Mode

      Console exclusives arent a make it or break
      It deal. Most people dont care about single player games. Multi plats will alll run and look better on the One X. Stop being a follower

    • “us Xboxs”
      don’t try to disguise yourself you ps4 fanboy

      • MaxPar

        PS4 Fanboy? You got that wrong. I’m both fanboy you idiot.

  • Michael Romo

    Ok, that’s just ridiculous: $500 for a console that has nothing going for it besides a couple of good exclusives (literally a couple) and backwards compatibility? It may have super impressive specs and such, but all the games revealed today were not that great. At least not great enough to convince me that I need a $500 console. Hell, I know some people who can build a PC for that price.

    Overall, the Xbox E3 conference sucked. Nothing noteworthy from E3 so far except for Star Wars Battlefront 2 and cross-console severs for Minecraft (which could lead to better relations between console fanboys). Hopefully Sony has some good surprises in store for tomorrow (6/12), cause they pretty much already beat everyone else at E3, and there’s been rumors that a BUNCH of great things are happening tomorrow. Here’s to a strong conference from Sony…

    • Beast Mode

      Most people play multi plat. not console exclusives. Every Multi Plat game from Madden 18 to Call of Duty will look better and play better on the Xbox One X… please allow me to reiterate…MOST people prefer the Multi Platform games and if Destiny 2 is allowed 4k at 60fps Sony will lose alot of gamers.

      But my guess is they wont allow the beast to run it at those specs

      • jt3z

        Agreed People love to throw the exclusive dig at Xbox when a majority of players dont even bother with them. ALthough i for one own both consoles plus a decent PC so im going to get w/e the MultiPlat games do better on, and it looks like that is the Xbox One X. And then when Sony releases a Pro 2 or PS5 ill switch back just like that.

      • Yankeephil

        Its doubtful that Sony will lose destiny gamers because of graphics. Sony still has the 1 year content lock. And Content>Graphics. .

    • Imventing

      If you can’t afford or hesitate to spend $500 on yourself then you have other problems lmao.. I hate when people complain, they price tag the xbox one day edition at the same damn price people still chose to buy it at the end of the day. And exclusives to each its own… not everyone like RPG games which is most of sony’s exclusives. xbox is all about multiplayer, games like anthem attracted me.

      It’s to each its own.

  • Qaotik

    My pc is still better than this thing

    • Beast Mode

      But your player count isnt and thats where you lose

      • Qaotik

        That’s why I never play call of duty on PC, especially when there is a greater selection of games to play

        • jt3z

          But how much did you pay for your PC? Can it do 4k? I have a nearly identical PC and i paid alot more than 500$

          • Qaotik

            My 1K PC can do everything a console can and do it better, last longer than any console generation, have more games, have internet access, being able to fix it myself instead of shipping and waiting, and best of all, customizability.

          • jt3z

            I dont disagree that PC overall is better and no your 1k PC can not do 4k at any decent framerate unless you cut serious corners and hell even then. Also why are you bothering on a console post when you have no interest in one?

          • Qaotik

            To answer your question, it’s because I like to occasionally shitpost. I actually own a PS4 along with a PC

            And yes, my PC can run 4K and have frame rates similar to that of consoles. The Geforce GTX 1070 is a good card

          • jt3z

            The 1070 cant do 4k at a stable framerate on any of the large AAA games. Hell the 1080ti can barely do 60 at 4k and thats a 700$+ card

          • Qaotik

            700? I got mine new for half the price, but no matter. I’m going to get another one and end up linking them anyway

          • jt3z

            1080ti is 700. The 1070 is slightly better than the 980ti which cant do 4k very well at all.

  • Peewy 978

    Xbox lost the Console War this Generation, even with the new Xbox One X it still cant win against Playstation with a $499 pricetag on it. I own both consoles and im just voicing my Opinion.

    • uh are you retarded this destroys the PS4 Pro spec wise stop sucking sony’s dick

      • Peewy 978

        Get off Xbox Nutz!! With a 4k console that has A Shitty Lineup of Games LoL!

        • I’m a PC gamer retard, 8K and every single game… ever. (PS. Great grammar!)

          • Hm?

            8K? Yeah, bullshit.