During a post show interview on YouTube, Sledgehammer Games confirmed that scorestreaks are returning to Call of Duty: WWII.

One of the scorestreaks was shown during the trailer — a fighter plane.

More details to come.

  • Not surprising, I was hoping Strike Packages would come back but Scorestreaks will do

    • BradyAlucard

      Why Strike Packages? They’re kind of broken. Wouldn’t be a deal breaker, though.

      • Because they were fun and there were a load more streaks because of it

        • BradyAlucard

          Are we sure that’s the case? I know it was probably the case in Ghosts but I don’t know about MW3.

          • That was definitely the case with MW3. Pretty sure there were more streaks and they were definitely more fun.

          • I want them to have 26 scorestreaks.

          • BradyAlucard

            Probably. I can’t really remember.

  • BradyAlucard

    OMG there’s real piloting in Call of Duty now! At least Battlefielders can shut up about CoD’s lack of vehicles now (no shade throwing intended).

    • Diego Diniz

      Dude, Bo1 gunship, BO3 mothership, MW2 AC-130 and Chopper Gunner was the bests ever!

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      • BradyAlucard

        I was never invested enough to earn those streaks TBH. I probably could if I cared more but really as long as I get a positive KD I couldn’t care less about earning high streaks until I actually earn them for a change.

    • Thomas van Herk

      now they are saying that cod copied bf

      • BradyAlucard

        I can sort of see that but they’re just jealous that we’re getting a good game this year. The only real things that I can see that they copied would have to either be War or having pistols on one hand.

        • Shuin

          erm….. the scorestreaks in CoD have NOTHING to do with Air vehicles in BF ! xD sorry to ruin that for you guys … but in BF you pilot vehicles while in CoD you are a gunner ….. this is DIFFERENT…..

          i m not saying its not good , but whoever compares CoD streaks with Vehicle piloting / driving in BF propably should try n see some youtube videos 😛

          • BradyAlucard

            Yeah but it’s at least decent so I’ll give them that.

  • Mick

    I hope there’s a decent amount of streaks in the game.

  • Diego Diniz

    3 Scorestreaks was shown!

    • ccrows

      Just a guess, but I think only the plane is going to be a SS…

  • Ed

    Is there only 12 streaks or will there be more including suicide plane or suicide bomber on foot or dogs?