During the new multiplayer reveal trailer, tanks were shown as part of the experience.

In an interview on YouTube, Sledgehammer Games has revealed that Tanks are limited to the new narrative based War MP mode. Tanks are objectives in the War mode that can be used.

  • Bigi345

    i’m guessing the attacking team is supposed to bring the tank to a certain point and the defending team is supposed to destroy it before it reaches it?

    • Dirty Dan

      Kinda like safeguard, that would be neat as safeguard is one of my favorite modes in BO3

      • Super S

        That’s a great mode if you have both sides trying

        • Bigi345

          if you don’t, you get spawn camping simulator 2017

        • Mario Rivera

          Well im sure the side with the tank will be aggressively trying to trap and the other side will be desperately trying not to get massively fucked up by the tank lol

  • Sounds pretty cool honestly

    • Ireneocallahan

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    • IW is better

  • BradyAlucard

    Bummer. 🙁

    Was hoping they’d be available on large maps only, but at least we have them at all!

    • I was hoping they’d take the risk and put them in some large maps, but regardless, only in War mode is cool too.

    • Mario Rivera

      They did it right, nobody can really complain. Tanks shoved down our throats would have gone over worse than the whole jetpacking era lol

      • BradyAlucard

        What difference would it have made in comparison to having boots on the ground? It would have made the game a bit more fresh. Oh well, it’s in War mode at least. I’m not complaining.

        • Mario Rivera

          Just like this move shows us, there are ways to make things fresh without shoving massive changes down everyone’s throats. Its very cool and refreshing to have tanks in a optional mode but its also great to have the classic familiar tank free, boots on the ground options as well. You know, the style of gameplay that made us fall in love with the series in the first place… We just had 3 years straight of massive change shoved down our throats, that obviously didn’t go very well so lets learn something and go with subtle changes and optional additions from here on out.

          • BradyAlucard

            That’s what I want; subtle changes. Some people want copy and pasted games. At that point, is it even a “new” game/entry to the series anymore? The answer is no.

  • ccrows

    This is great for people that do and don’t want tanks in MP… 🙂

    • snake56

      CoD used to have vehicles in the multiplayer.

      • Harry Flink

        Grand Theft Auto used to be 2D.

      • ccrows

        The only one that “the community” would care about is WAW, and that one map in BO3.

        Tanks used to be known as the noob-tube on wheels/tracks. It had a love/hate relationship with the community back in WAW.

        ^ I personally like that SH is trying to appease BOTH crowds…

  • Johtoboy

    Just like that mode in Battlefront with the AT-ATs.

  • Oh my god this is fucking sick

    I didnt even realise there were tanks the first time

  • TBK Joshua

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    • Hitman