Activision has released many trailers with overviews of different aspects of Call of Duty: WWII. In this post, we’ve embedded all of the videos.

War Mode:

Expeditionary Division:

Infantry Division:

Airborne Division:

Armored Division:

Mountain Division:

Pointe Du Hoc MP Map Preview:

Ardennes Forest MP Map Preview:

  • Trevor H. Mai

    Mission Teams from IW? Anyone?

    • Aidan

      Nope. This is replacing Create-a-Class.

      • Scrawny

        Nope. This is replacing the perk system.

        • RdJokr

          This is replacing everything.

          • Lesliemdayton

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        • Aidan

          Well, both really.

          • Mason Sherman

            But isn’t the Create-a-Class system…

          • Aidan

            Ok, but the Divisions system is still replacing the Create-a-Class system.

  • DnBskillZ

    ok so on the airborne phantom stay off radar only while moving fuck this i only play search and destroy where if someone gets a uav the entire enemy team is fucked i

    • ThrowAway

      Its the same as using ghost

      • DnBskillZ

        yes but it makes search and destroy shit because all it takes is 1 uav and your entire team is fucked

        • Mason Sherman

          This is the way Ghost works why are you complaining now all of a sudden?

          • DnBskillZ

            i hate the fact if youre last man standing in snd and the other team get a uav you automatically lost i always hated the way it worked


    3/5 of the people in the videos are Black. This is complete propaganda

    • PartyStarcherFilms

      Sounds like a compromise to me.

      • crushed

        Now that was funny and I’m not even from Missouri.

  • Batman

    lmao at the PCorrect BS

    • Thang Tran

      Instead of having 5 different characters, we have 5 different accents and TWO genders in high office powers in the cusp of WW2. No Russians doh. They crazy hackers.

    • Elite Predator

      I haven’t seen the trailers yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised. But yeah, it’s starting to be a turn down with all the ass kissing. Like, I don’t mind a females, and Swastikas getting censored in Multiplayer and Zombies, but this is starting to get annoying.

  • Diego Diniz

    What if you want to use a M1 as Primary and a SHOTGUN as Secondary???
    is it possible??

  • djml9

    Not a big fam of the divisions system. We need less restrictions, not more. Wepaons better bot be restricted to the divisions also.

    • Mason Sherman

      It doesn’t restrict anything. Certain weapon classes are restricted to divisions, but that doesn’t mean anything. Just imagine in a previous cod you had a sniper class. Now instead it’s exactly the same, only you are in the Mountain division. No change there. This time around though you get perks specific to your division that work best with the division that you choose. Like more equipment etc. on a heavy class for taking out streaks; pretty much what you would have used before anyways.

      • djml9

        Yeah. It doesnt resteict anything. It justs forces you to stick with pretermeined sets of combinations. Oh wait, thats a restriction. What if i want an SMG, rocket launcher, and a one of the mauntain perks? You cant, cause yore restricted.

        Yes, it is kind of like if you made a sniper class, or a stealth class, or a heavy class, except its already made for you and you have no say.

  • Marc Grierson