Activision has announced a new preorder bonus for Call of Duty: WWII. Alongside getting access to the beta, players, at launch, will also get a new Divisions Pack.

This pack includes five Premium Gear Sets, one for each of the five divisions in Call of Duty: WWII MP.

  • Infantry Division riflemen are always in the thick of it with finely-tuned rifles and impeccable marksmanship.
  • Well-equipped with incendiary rounds and tactical grenades, the Expeditionary Division’s shotguns literally pack heat.
  • Airborne Division paratroopers endure extreme physical conditioning to outmaneuver opponents with their submachine guns.
  • Focused on stealth and target identification, Mountain Division snipers generate constant fear in the enemy and strike when least expected.
  • Armored Division soldiers are the best supplied in battle and hold down positions with their explosives and light machine guns.

Sledgehammer Games has stated that Call of Duty: WWII will feature character customization.

SOURCE:Β Activision

  • imBATMAN

    first to see lunators nudes

  • Hitman

    Here we go with the pre-ordering…
    That apparel is not authentic WW2 gear so ill shake my head as I wait for the dabbing and neon weapons

    • Tony Lahav

      activison will drop this shit in evrey game … ppl buy this thins they earn money .

      • Hitman

        I looked at the gear colors and shaders only to cringe at what else they will change.
        “the most authentic WW2 experience”……aha yeah right

        • Ben Hawkins

          In there defence, they don’t HAVE to mean the multiplayer when they say that, the campaign may be the most authentic WW2 experience we’ve seen. then in the multiplayer there’s still things like this, like not being funny but what’s a multiplayer if there’s no camos or anything to earn by playing it and ranking up, pointless.

          But I can see why it would bug people or make them take the piss because it isn’t exactly what they had back then.

          • Hitman

            Valid points and agreed. For me I’m just tired of the bait and switch tactics these guys pull. It starts out pretty good and then it just goes to ruin becoming literately a paintball game. MWR was completely ruined from what was a near perfect remaster to a Remainged. I hold off and see where WW2 goes

          • Ben Hawkins

            Yeah I get what you mean

          • Elite Predator

            I’m full on for customization, but what the fuck happened to “Dark and Beautiful” instead “cool and pretty”. They literally said that on it’s fucking reveal. I was fine with women in Multiplayer, and Swastikas getting censored from Multiplayer and Zombies, but now I’m getting pissed off. This is over board, and what’s with all the Black solders. Sorry, but there just wasn’t that many black soldiers in WW II to be the face of the frontier. They should made them by countries that had women and black folks. The customization is bright and shiny colors dude. This isn’t what they advertised for. At all!

          • Saxon Hale

            “not being funny but what’s a multiplayer if there’s no camos or anything to earn by playing it and ranking up”

            Oh I don’t know… maybe the game could actually have fun gameplay instead of pretty stuff?

    • i’m waiting for dabbing black german soldiers with neon fidget spinners that shoot sandwiches

  • joey

    i want my official ww2 winston churchill gingerbread comando gear set. i. want. it.



    hahaha bright yellow scarf and gloves, some Authentic as shit WW2 camo there…. you know the guy in the gasmask is about to break out into the running man followed by a dab….

    • snake56

      Since the game will be as authentic as Battlefield Kangz, I’m expecting to see Churchil dabbing instead of making the victory sign.

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      This is why Black Ops 1 the most. No bull shit pure real gritty call of duty.

      • Lesliemdayton

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      • TheCoolGuy

        I liked waw but yah bo1 was amazing.

    • DANTE

      Character customization in a FPS… what $$$ can do, only on Call of Duty Pre-order now

  • macspengo

    ‘Sledgehammer Games has stated that Call of Duty: WWII will feature character customization.’
    Oh no, don’t tell me that’s going to be a focus in supply drops for about 2 months into the games life cycle, then people would get worried about it being pay-to-win, then Sledgehammer Games will say: “Oh don’t worry, were going to do ‘cosmetic items only’.”
    That’s what Black Ops 3 said, MONTHS BEFORE THE GAME WAS RELEASED, then a couple of months later, we got the MX Garand, and the HG-40, then it changed the game forever.
    Even though I’m going to pre-order this game, I’m not saying I will hate this game when I first play it, I’m saying that this game could turn out to be shit with the supply drop system if they decide to go that route.

    I just hope to god they learned what they’ve done in Advanced Warfare, with the cheap Pay-To-Win weapons AND DLC weapons.

    They started Supply drops and this bullshit pay-to-win content, now it’s time for them to take it out (or to at least make it fair, and not Pay-To-Win).


      All this complaining yet you’re still gonna pre-order the game…smh

      • macspengo

        It’s not complaining, it’s a opinion.

    • Treyarch never said cosmetic only so stop crying about that

      Vondahaar himself even dared people to find anywhere where it was said and nothing was found.

      • macspengo

        Not crying about it.

    • Jon

      get a job kid.

      • macspengo

        Says the guy who can’t even take the time to capitalize g in ‘get’. Good job at the period at the end though. Hell, I can make a job of correcting people who can’t even capitalize.


    this is obviously the winners circle screen lol. what a joke

    • Sentinel

      The fuck you talking about…lol You are obviously jumping onto all these conclusions.

      • DEMOLITION12

        your iq is negative

        • Sentinel

          That ADHD crazy.

      • User 1

        Sentinel is a light skinned nigger, thus susceptible to his brains being blow out. There’s a conclusion we can all agree on.

      • Jon

        give him some slack. poor kid has never been part of a winners circle. Except if you count the time he was on his knees shooting that bukkake scene with Batman.

        • TheCoolGuy


  • W1LL1AM04

    Where’s my Gingerbread gear set?!

  • Jon

    bring on the Mountain Division please. I am ready to play

  • Tryhard Saint

    You guys honestly piss me off, it is cosmetic. Noone is gonna give a shit if you have a little bit of color in your life..

  • PDX Guitar Freak

    Are we talking about free cosmetic outfits… if you are excited about that, well, perhaps you should go play dress up with your dolls.

    • TupperwareNinja

      Oh I will

  • Qaotik

    People seem to have forgotten that the modern warfare series had gold guns, fall, and blue and red tiger camos

    • Batman

      MODERN being the keyword here

      MW didn’t have a shitload of females or colorful suits

      • Qaotik

        Yeah, just recycled skins for every other player

        • Jon Jackson

          Exactly, also soldiers didn’t use sniper rifles at close range and quickscope the enemy but no one seems to bring that up when talking about realism.

          • Qaotik

            Same, I don’t get why people ask for realism when in reality, they don’t

          • elliott atkinson

            There is a difference between realism and making a game believable.

          • Qaotik

            Games don’t have to be realistic to be immersive like Doom or sonic the hedgehog

          • TheCoolGuy

            Exactly! Like everyone is like it’s not realistic but when the fuck is the zombie Apocalypse real? Because no one complained about waw zombies.

    • Jimmy Glatfelter

      You do realize that those camos actually exist in real life right. They were never some fantasy bullshit that doesn’t exist.

  • Batman

    Cant wait to dab with my gay transgender black JEWISH female NAZI in a colorful suit in front of the iron cross with my AK47 supply drop weapon with a neon camo

  • Cody Smith

    omg everyone whining about “oh its not authentic whaaa” you guys wanted change they did it. now Stfu and stop complaining. if you don’t like it don’t buy it simple….

  • rw

    the best cammo is in mw3 mission map, the red hat men

  • Campaign = authentic WW2
    Nazi Zombies = obviously not are you fucking stupid
    Multiplayer = Not fully obviously

  • TupperwareNinja

    IN this picture, what Character represents each division (Yeah I know, some are obvious)

  • theoster1

    do it give you zombie maps?

  • Albert Hueg

    Actually a very fun game quit being spoiled children and go have fun instead of complaining.