The same concept of Perks in previous Call of Duty titles is not in Call of Duty: WWII. Instead, Sledgehammer has replaced those with Basic Training.

Basic Training selections are not restricted to any Division; all of them are available to pick from across any Division you play in.

From E3, here’s a list of all the known Basic Training items available to pick from. This is just what was available at E3.


  • Quieter movement
  • Take no fall damage
  • Invisible to enemy Recon Aircraft while moving


  • Extra piece of lethal equipment
  • Smoke Grenade as tactical equipment


  • Extra magazines
  • Reload weapons faster


  • Move faster while aiming down sights
  • Extra attachment on Primary Weapon


  • Scorestreaks cost less
  • Re-roll Care Packages


  • Two attachments on Secondary Weapon


  • Immune to shell shock and tactical equipment
  • Sprint for longer distances


  • Reveals enemy equipment
  • Take less explosives damage


  • Kill without revealing enemy death locations
  • No name or reticle color change when targeted


  • Swap weapon faster
  • Throw equipment faster
  • Resupply ammo and equipment from dead enemies

Via Reddit

  • Wuz

    Undercover/phantom master race.


    These actually sound really good IMO

    • Diego Diniz

      No it’s not! It will limit our classes!
      What if you want to use a Shotgun + SMG
      Sniper + SMG
      OR SNiper + Shotgun???

      • TupperwareNinja

        Think thats the whole idea behind it

  • A concerned fan

    Hey Charlie Intel

    I need to ask you guys something, could you guys represent the community and DM this link to both Activision and SHG?

    Its really important for us fans to preserve authenticity and Im sorry but WW2’s map doesnt have any, we are not asking you to take sides or agree with us, just make sure activision and shg sees it

    We are counting on you, as you can see 55% of the community are on board and 31% are neutral.

    We all want to play and enjoy the game and we all hope its the best cod ever made, but some of us wont even buy the game if they keep disrespecting history.

    Could you guys upvote this one comment just to make sure CI sees it?

    • Cody Stevenson

      Where is the authenticity lacking?

      • A concerned fan

        #1 No swastikas, nazis or anything like that in MP or zombies

        They could easily have added a “offensive content: on” feature in the options menu of the NON german versions of the game, yet they stand by their SJW agenda standards.

        #2 Women in multiplayer, SHG is trying to shove that in as hard as they can even in trailers, its completely innaccurate.

        There was less than 1% of women as frontline soldiers in WW2 and even that 1% was french/russian only, yet in the game there are even black female nazis iron cross soldiers(which you know…..its the opposite of what nazis stood for, its like having a civil war game with black people on the confederates or KKK).

        The game also shows a 50/50 rate on men/women on the battlefield, female models are constantly screaming and shouting while men are quiet.

        This is absolutely disrespectful to reality, to history and most importantly to most vets who fought nazis to preserve the freedom of their loved ones at home (mostly women and children), if they refused going to the war back in that period their women would just call them cowards.

        • Cody Stevenson

          So let me get this right you are bitching about “authenticity” yet you are sad that there will be no swastikas in zombies? Last time I checked zombies weren’t real in any time period. It’s 2017 and you are complaining about gender amongst playable characters. The campaign is going to be as accurate as possible..they hired a WW2 historian with a degree lol if all the content that is being provided doesn’t satisfy you then simply don’t purchase the game..either way we all know the people bitching and moaning are going to fork over the money anyhow.

          • Batman

            Kid, if you dont care, why are you answering my comment in such an agressive way?

            Why do you try to shut down critiscism? Saying bad shit about a game you like hurts your self esteem or something? Grow up ffs

            They cant call the mode nazi zombies without nazis btw

            If mp cant be historically accurate add robots, lasers and pink camos then, its fucking great progressive idea

            And at last, if you want a product but there are problems with it, you have to voice your opinion and if the company wants your money they will have to listen.
            Thats how the industry works

          • Jon

            LOL…you don’t even know what a Nazi is. If you want to criticize at least learn some history and quit making up shit you don’t know. You must know how ignorant you sound…don’t you?

          • Group_935

            It’s “the current year” is not a argument.

          • Cody Stevenson

            Everything is a argument dumb ass it’s reddit..get used too it lol “group 935” that’s extremely historical right?

          • MacTavish

            Seems like a lot of people who aren’t women, Jewish or German who want ban on women and are trying to lobby for Swastikas for “historical accuracy”.

            I’m sure they could make Swatiska symbol like they always do.

            I’m not a super liberal type but do people even get what they’re saying?

            Why not use gay and ethnic slurs while we’re at it. That was widely accepted in the time period

          • Cody Stevenson

            Funny thing is the people that are always bitching about changes in cod and especially this year’s title regarding women and swastikas are probably a bunch of millennials that would shit their pants upon actually coming face to face with an SS soldier/officer.

          • MacTavish

            I agree for option to enable at users choice.

            I honestly didn’t even think twice about number of female soldiers and especially the lack of Swastikas. Then again I’m 27 date an Asian girl and have more than the token “one black friend.”

            I’d feel stupid saying, “this COD game doesn’t have Swatikas and has black women in it” to my circle of friends.

          • Cody Stevenson

            well the female soldier’s in the MP shouldn’t be a huge issue regardless considering I don’t even know the % of females that play cod but I would assume it’s extremely low..therefore I still believe male models will dominate character gender ratio & swastikas shouldn’t make or break someone stance towards a product that’s being put out. If the symbol not being shown in the game offends people I truly feel sorry for them..they must not understand how the symbol effects people who were actually touched by everything it stood for and the devastation it caused.

          • MacTavish

            A lot of folks in America at least wish they lived in 1940s where less political correctness so this was their chance I guess.

            They’re almost forced to embrace diversity and respect women in real life. This was their chance to be living in the “good ol days ” lol.

          • Cody Stevenson

            I’m just confused because nobody has been able to show me proof of these female black soldiers for either side..the only models I have seen are the russian and french females for the allies and german females lol.

          • SG_991
        • Jon

          Grow up kid. You have no clue of the history. Better to educate yourself before copying and pasting someone else’s comments and acting like they are your own. What a joke

          • Batman

            Lmao, dont tell people that they need to grow up if you get butthurt everytime you see someone criticizing a game that you like.

            Btw I didnt copy paste shit, I wrote the text carefully as a letter to CI because they are the guys I can sorta trust.

            Its not me who needs to get educated though, but go on thinking there were black nazi women in colorful suits dabbing in front of an iron cross with a bright neon ak47 in ww2 normandy

          • Jon

            Like I said Batman. Quit copying and pasting someone else’s comments from reddit and trying to call them your own on here. You can criticize the game all you least have the nerve to use your own words kid.

          • Group_935

            Not a argument.

        • Dante

          You want authenticity yet we can respawn in the game. I maybe wrong but I’m pretty sure we can’t respawn in real life, though like I said I maybe wrong about that.

          • Group_935

            So you would not mine sledgehammer adding in pink weapons and trans soldiers based on the argument “e can’t respawn in real life,”. We get it, you’re new to cod.

          • Dante

            They can add whatever they want to MP IMO cause MP isn’t supposed to be super accurate historically. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna use it.

          • MacTavish

            They just want Nazi symbols and no women. What’s wrong with that? COD is known for it’s authenticity /s

        • DEMOLITION12

          the good guys lost ww2

    • Spas Tik

      Disrespect history, lol? Lighten up Francis

    • Rectal Thermometer

      I don’t see how you’re getting those numbers, all I see is 15% saying they won’t play at all. About 75% of that 15% are probably gonna get the game either way. CoD is CoD.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Hi there!

      SHG has stated that Swastikas will not be in MP or Zombies because those are played by the global community and viewed worldwide. It also impacts how online videos can be shared because the symbol is restricted.

      It’s in the campaign to preserve authenticity.

      Women did fight in the war as well, and there are represented by the army they fought in during the war.

      • Batman

        Thanks for answering but…

        They can easily add a uncensored option in the menu in countries that dont have a swastika ban.
        Just make the censored version the default one but if you are playing an “international” version you can just go to the options menu and turn censorship off and still be in a lobby with germans

        One player would essentially see one texture while the other player sees other texture, its perfectly possible.

        The women are not authentic, none of the axis forces had women as soldiers, neither did the US.
        In this game they are adding women to the US frontlines, they are adding nazi women, this is completely innaccurate and completely destroys the immersion and shg needs to know that as fans we dont like these “rewritings”
        You cant have that much women screaming in normandy from both sides.

        The amount of women in the war isnt even 5% of the amount of men on it, yet the game has way too much women

        Please if you guys think thats okay, that is totally fine, but the majority does not and we want an answer from them

        The only thing I want from a ww2 shooter is authenticity and a decent netcode

        • Dante

          Kinda hard to make MP or any video game at that authentic when we can respawn upon death.

          • DEMOLITION12

            not an argument

          • MacTavish

            So you want Swatikas and no women allowed for “historical accuracy”? It’s an arcade shooter not documentary on History Channel

          • DEMOLITION12

            history channel is owned by the same people as activision. also not an argument

        • Cody Stevenson

          I wanna let you know that in 1945 germany declared ‘total war’ enabling every woman, man and child to fight for their homeland. So don’t tell me germany didn’t have women fighting.

          • Jon


      • ScOott

        Hows the ttk .. i dont have twitter to message u .. can never tell by watching gamplay ..

    • MacTavish

      “Some of us won’t even buy the game if they keep DISRESPECTING HISTORY ”

      Lmao. 1st off yeah right you won’t buy it.

      2nd isn’t Nazi symbolism banned in Germany so are they disrespecting too?

      3rd, You guys are in 2017 fighting for Swastikas and no women in an arcade shooter just because it’s WW2 based???

      This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read in a long time

  • Guide the comp gamer

    Phantom and Steady will be used the most imo

  • I’m playing as the Airborne Division, using the Pathfinder card and the Phantom perk to death.

    • Gabriel

      By far the best option.

  • bsktballmsu1

    so do you only get one?

    • PoonjabMcDaddy


    • Elite Predator

      Nope, you get three.

  • PoonjabMcDaddy

    Sorry, but even after the reveal, I still do not like this. It’s basically grouping perks into “perk packages” that are stuck together, and half of them are limited to only 1 weapon class. Sure, those perks might work well together, and work well with certain weapon types, but let me choose those on my own. If I want to make dumb perk choices that don’t fit together or fit with my weapons, let me do it. Overall, this is ultimately a limiting of customization, and I don’t see any benefit from it.

    Hoping traditional create-a-class returns with the next COD.

    • Jon

      Lol. Quit crying kid.

      • Lesliemdayton

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    • Elite Predator

      Bro, re-read the description man. It literally says “Basic Trainings (being the replacement of perks) are not limited/exclusive to certain Divisions” (Divisions are those that arw what are broken down into weapon classes and limited to their own training)
      I fuckin’ love this system and I think SHG has balls for finally replacing such a rehashed class create model like the pick 10. Just my opinion dude. But I hope that clears out your issues with it because I agree, that would suck but it definitely isn’t the case.

      • ScOott

        Im sure the divisons are the the asult rifle divison, sub machine gunn devision where they have silencers they can take off the weapons .. lmg divison where u can wall mount ur gun for better accuarcy and shotgun who take less expolisve damage and snipers im sure they are the divisons and they are saying dont matter what division u are u can still use any group of perks .. dont think u can pick one from each section ..just how i read it ..

    • Bespeckled Cephalopod

      It’s more for balance reasons.

    • FuckMe

      Cries for change, gets change, cries because they don’t want change. Make your fucking minds up.

      Shit. Excuse me for my swearing.

  • Phantom whore

    Everybody is gonna be using phantom…

    • Mick

      I don’t think so man. I’m sure there will be lots of variety. Especially in the War Mode.

      • Evri

        Phantom is the most versatile one because it combines Ghost and Dead Silence, which had always been the most op perks in every CoD. The second choice is steady due to the longer sprint. At least Phantom does not include unlimited sprint, otherwise it would be insanely op. Everyone remembers the broken Marathon Lightweight Ninja / Commando setup back in MW2.

    • Elite Predator

      Perks aren’t exclusive to divisions.

  • I’m liking this way better than perks and the pick 10 system. SHGames is really impressing me with all these changes

    • Uglybugly

      Is that sarcasm lol?

      • Nothing in my comment gave out any sarcasm.

      • FuckMe

        What? Is everyone supposed to hate everything CoD does?

        • Uglybugly

          No, I just don’t understand why CoD always has to be different. I liked the pick 10/13/Ghosts systems.

          I love CoD, but I don’t get why we just can’t get what we want, i.e. BO2/MW3 with new maps. I don’t want different…if I did I would play a different game!

          • Jon

            Lucky for you….you can still go play both of those games if you like. Live a little kid.

          • Uglybugly


          • Adrian Rivera III

            Exactly SH is touching things in the game that arent even broken if you and I mean cod players in general like this idea then you dont know what youre doing anyway

    • Adrian Rivera III

      There is absolutely no difference between this and perks its the same thing you’re trying to make it sound like innovation lol

      • I didn’t say anything about innovation at all you moron lol

        • Adrian Rivera III

          If you said “Sh games is really impressing me with all these changes ” lol youre implying innovation you dont have to exactly say it for it to be an implication

          • Actually no. That’s not implying innovation at all you moron. Like seriously no where near at all. The stuff they did to create of class and perks is a change up from the usual stuff we have been getting like the Pick 10 system. What they describe here is obviously a different take on CaC.

            If you think by me saying they change something means I’m saying innovation you’re an idiot.

      • Diego Diniz

        There is a HUDGE difference! And that’s sucks!
        What if you want to use a shotgun + SMG??? You can’t!
        A sniper + SMG
        SNIPER + Shotgun???
        You can’t!

        • Adrian Rivera III

          Only noobs use overkill lol please

          • Diego Diniz

            OH yeah??? Thats why im ALWAYS on first place!
            Nobody kills more than me bro!
            Close quarters = SHOTGUN
            BOOOOM!!! 1 SHOT 1 KILL

          • Adrian Rivera III

            Ahahaahahaah dude being in first means nothing you can go 2-15 and go first if your team is shit learn how to use gunplay and aim

    • i mean it’s still perks, but not in name lol

      • Probably, but it’s still a change from the usual create of class system and perk system. So it’s still a change and it’s needed a change instead of all three devs using the usual pick 10 systen, so.

    • Lmao chill this is exactly why COD doesn’t give a shit anymore it’s because of people like you that are super easy to convince. One explosion in a trailer and “holy shit this game looks fantastic, best COD in years, thank you Sledgehammer for bringing back COD” then you and 20 others pre-order like chill the fuck out

      • >Lmao chill this is exactly why COD doesn’t give a shit anymore it’s because of people like you that are super easy to convince.

        Lol so it’s now forbidden to make positive comments now? Do you even read any of my comments in the past or are you just making retarded ass statments?

        >One explosion in a trailer and “holy shit this game looks fantastic, best COD in years, thank you Sledgehammer for bringing back COD”

        I was talking about the create a class system and perks. Not one explosion. I guess you didn’t read my comment

        >then you and 20 others pre-order like chill the fuck out

        Funny enough, I haven’t even pre orderd the game. So the only idiot here that needs to chill out is you.

        • Didn’t say that, the game is nowhere near close enough to make assumptions. However, if they know X amount of people are already pre-ordered they don’t really give a shit how it goes, so with COD it’s always been bad to pre-order (as with every single other game as well).

          I wasn’t talking about you, I was talking about this entire community. Again, that follows my first point. I used explosions as an example, a figure of speech.

          Good on you, keep it that way then.

          I’m telling you just wait until March and I wouldn’t be surprised if the game was dead. When we said we wanted original CODs back, we wanted original CODs. Not original CODs with all of these ridiculous, unnecessary changes like Divisons from Battlefield or wherever it came from. We wanted classic COD, say the same layout as BO2 but with a WWII skin.

          Not entirely sure how I’m the idiot either because my IQ is clearly superior in this argument.

          • >Didn’t say that, the game is nowhere near close enough to make assumptions.

            I can make any type of assumptions I want at any time.

            >Not entirely sure how I’m the idiot either because my IQ is clearly superior in this argument.

            Because telling me what to do makes your IQ superior. You haven’t done anything at all lol. Your entire argument was “lol u dum dum of you excited and pre order. Lol wait.”

  • hoosier2017

    I showed my grandpa some of the multi player game play and asked him how authentic it looked compared to the real thing. He just stared at me for about 10 seconds, completely expressionless, and then slowly walked away.

    • Group_935

      You’re telling me that WW2 didn’t have black girls running around screaming German……

      • DEMOLITION12

        Activision would have you believe that was how it was

        • Dante

          This has nothing to do with Activision. Sledge Hammer made the game not Activision.

          • DEMOLITION12

            i guess it’s just a coincidence that all 3 developers are forcing marxism in their games then

      • Adrian Rivera III

        Its fkn mp they don’t haveto stick to the source material for everything it is a videogame ffs

      • MacTavish

        You’d rather they be in the kitchen cooking or drinking out of a different water fountain huh?

        • DEMOLITION12

          they would be happier that way

          • Maryphelm

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          • Deborahtstroh

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      • Lydiarwicker

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    • MacTavish

      I’m pretty sure you’re lying. Just say it doesn’t look authentic. No need to pretend. This might be worse than the guys who have “both consoles” so they can shit on one of them without looking biased. Sure, you’re “grandpa” is taken aback by this.

    • fiendish

      I like to make up stories on the internet too, but you need to be more convincing.

  • Loaded + forage plz


    it’s exactly the same thing with a different name

  • That’s it already confirmed all im ever gonna use is scoped

  • Zero(erik)

    Yo i used to tell my homies that cod ghost was a test subject for an even bigger game look u see i always protected ghost cuz honestly i liked it for what it was it was a project ahead of its self man look at the perks from back then and now some of the perks come from ghost and why do u think the maps where huge they had planned to compete with battlefield size they had hope to do some changes with ghost but since everyone complained the wrong way the project was canceled for a second ghost with what they actually would have put it i mean shit we may not even would of had the damn future slate guys we would of had modern warfare or old school again and then future this is why i protected ghost the way i do it deserves something for making way for a game yall r inticapating right now which is ww2 i would hope that some one in the company would see this and b like yes this zero guy was right in what he said just to shove it in some of my friends faces lol please please help me rub it in cuz i predicted something to them and i would apprciate maybe getting to know the charlieintel staff cuz i come here all the time to catch any news on cod and also i would love to meet up with the developers of this amazing work of art and thank them in person for such an amazing work keep it up i appriciate what you do. #CODWW2 #INYOURFACE #LOL #sledgehamer

  • Roscoe

    Scoped and Phantom are instant top tiers.

  • MacTavish

    This game is a return for boots on the ground in old school terrain with old school weapons and aircrafts……

    I guess for an alarming number of folks it’s a chance to live their dream of wearing a Swastika and having their women at home cooking and making sure “coloreds” to drink out of different water fountain or something?

    I’m sure there will be emblem editor to make your Swastikas and MP lobby to call folks N word guys.

    I always thought “SJW” were those who pandered to weird trans folks or fat folks being “shamed”. I was wrong. So an SJW is someone who cares about catering to more than white American men? I say this as white man but then again I did buy Kendrick Lamar’s album.

    • MacTavish

      ***Conservative white american men

    • Jon

      Love it.

  • Phantom is now my go to!

  • Diego Diniz

    Waiting for a “OVERKILL”:
    -Be able to use 2 Primary Weapons

    • Former

      Screw that pussy shit.

      • Diego Diniz

        I ilke to put a SHOTGUN as Secondary weapon

        • John Andrew McCullough

          Will you stop with the Overkill?? Jesus Christ, you have posted the same thing 15 times.. Just kill someone with a shotgun then pick it up like the rest of us do. No need to waste your only perk on Overkill.

  • TBK Joshua
  • BudEagle

    Im assuming there is like a give and take with Division Training and Basic Training. From first scan through there seems to be too many options with some being better than others. But if I’m correct, I think some of these attributes are in Division Training so you can choose a DT with similar traits as a BT and a BT with similar traits as a DT but there will be a couple differences that’ll influence your choice based on preference of which differences you want to run with, but that might mean running an AR or SMG to get the right DT that combos with the BT as you like. THAT I’d like to see. It’s like they are realigning the perk system in a way that varies based on choice of weapon class.

  • Peewy 978

    These are the same perks from previous Cod games. Its just labeled differently!

  • Diego Diniz

    Waiting for an “OVERKILL”: use 2 Primary weapons.
    I like to use a SHOTGUN as Secondary weapon!

  • Diego Diniz

    Divisions will limit customizations!
    What if you want to use a Shotgun + SMG???
    That’s sucks…
    And we will miss UNLIMITED Sprint

  • John Andrew McCullough

    Who the hell gonna use Duelist? SMDH

  • John Andrew McCullough

    Do we seriously only get to pick one of these to choose from?