Activision will kick off a new promotional seasonal, five week, event for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered on June 27 called Days of Summer. The event will feature maps, double XP, new playlists, gear, and more for Call of Duty.

Raven also plays to introduce a new summer themed map for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered on June 27, but the specific map has not been revealed yet.

In celebration of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered launch, players will also be able to participate in the newest seasonal Call of Duty event called, Call of Duty “Days of Summer.” The five-week community celebration begins June 27th and will feature a bevy of in-game giveaways, XP events and new playlists across multiple titles, including a new summer-themed map for Modern Warfare Remastered that will be available through the duration of the event, along with much more to be announced on Tuesday.

Activision says more details coming when the event kicks off on June 27. Stay tuned.

  • Fursthahahahaaha

    Firstlol but cant wait sounds awesome!

  • I havent touched this game since I hit 10th prestige so this probably get me back in for a bit

    • djml9

      How did you hit 10 prestige? You level up so slow.

      • DonkeySlapz

        Im master prestige level 370? Just grind shipment on 2xp weekends?

  • I really hope this new map is free, I’ll be a bit p*ssed if not

    • Keshav Bhat

      it probably is, like Daybreak

    • Daybreak and Christmas Crash were free. There’s no reason this one wouldn’t be either. Also, censoring yourself? Really? You didn’t even do enough to make the world unreadable.

      • I use a few sites which have disqus comment section, sometimes my messages are put into review (moderation review) due to swearing, I keep forgetting CharlieIntel doesn’t really moderate comments

    • ccrows

      It will be free like Winter Crash/Daybreak. After it’s out of the rotation, you still get to play the map in private matches just like the other 2… 🙂

  • Sir Strikes A Lot

    Oh, wow, a seasonal in-game event where player can earn free supply drops, unlock exclusive limited time items, and play on a reskin of an old map. I’ve never heard that one before. XD (For the record, I’m actually quite happy about new content. Just making a joke is all my intentions were.)

  • Aidan

    This is nice. I really enjoyed the Winter event.

  • GinsuVictim

    It would be kinda funny if it was Wetwork, but with sunny skies, seagulls, dolphins leaping out of the water, etc. That would really change the way I view that map.

    • djml9

      Wetwork is by far the worst CoD map ever. Id be willing to venture that its the worst multiplayer map ever.

      • TheAdversary

        Half of the maps in CoD4 are hot-trash campsites with terrible spawns. Wetwork, Vacant, Countdown, Bloc, Downpour, Ambush, District, and worst of all, Pipeline.

        • ccrows

          And yet if you just turn on UAV Jammer, problem fixed… (with every single one of those maps)

          • TheAdversary

            That doesn’t help remotely. There’s still grenade spam, there’s still M16 headglitchers, there’s still the terrible hit detection, and there’s still horrible spawns. Besides, if I use UAV jammer, I’d be putting myself at an immediate disadvantage for every direct gunfight. I’d just become another of the corner campers that were pissing me off on all those terrible maps.

          • ccrows

            “Besides, if I use UAV jammer, I’d be putting myself at an immediate disadvantage for every direct gunfight. ”

            ^ Anyone that uses Jugg or SP 24/7/365 will always struggle with that noobsauce. You need to know when to switch up your tier 2 perks, especially in the middle of the game… <_<

          • ccrows

            ^ (cont)

            Also, (& FYI I’m not bashing DJML9 here) Wetworks is an incredibly easy map to play. All you need to do is throw a smoke grenade in front of you after you respawn, and Run&Gun with a silenced SMG.

            People that spawn trap, or sit in corners get all screwed up by that. I usually pull a 2-5KD on that map, and TBH I used to cry about WW myself back in the day during COD4’s peak. (until I figured out on how to play it)

            ^ So yeah I get why people WHINE about Wetworks, but it’s literally the easiest Run&Gun map in the entire game if you know what you’re doing… (and also have a pair of working thumbs)

          • TheAdversary

            Don’t try and stonewall my argument with your petty assumptions. Almost every red-tier perk is designed to give players an edge in active engagements. UAV-Jammer is the only one that doesn’t, instead playing as an option for people who want to hide for their 7-kill streak.

          • ccrows

            I’d honestly take you more seriously if you didn’t already say:

            “Besides, if I use UAV jammer, I’d be putting myself at an immediate disadvantage for every direct gunfight.”

            ^ You do realize that UAV spam is a thing since there isn’t any other way to choose a different 3KS right? So somebody (or some team) that has a UAV in the air will have an advantage on you right? (especially by prefiring)

            I’m not trying to put you down, but people that tend to rely on Jugg or SP 24/7/365 are usually EZ kills for me… (especially since they usually run the same predictable patterns)

          • TheAdversary

            Well, looks like the discussion is finished now that you edited your reply to make mine look bad.

          • ccrows

            Where and what did I edit?… (other than a grammatical error, that’s all that I recall)

          • João Ribeiro

            You are funny. I use Jugg/SP 24/7 and i dont struggle. How curious is that huh?

        • djml9

          I do dislike countdown alot, but the rest are fine.

        • Boba Fett

          Pipelines the best on search and destroy but I do see your point on respawn gamemodes

      • ccrows

        You obviously never played Free Fall… lol

        • djml9

          It was good for gun game and small game modes. It wasnt a great map but it definitely wasn’t as bad as wetwork.

          • ccrows

            Yeah no, Free Fall for starters had a completely pointless theme. The building itself even mysteriously stops falling at the end.

            The map itself was filled with clutter that you constantly got caught on. Corner campers EVERYWHERE (waaay worse than WW).

            Let me sum it up like this:

            “Meat Grinder maps” are very popular with the community, and usually voted in. Free Fall was rarely picked, outside of Infected.

            Wetwork gets picked a whole lot more than Free Fall, and that’s with Free Fall being more of the “meat grinder style”…

          • Qaotik

            It would have been a great map if the screen shake wasn’t bad and if the map didn’t include the elevator room where most people camped

      • GinsuVictim

        I’m certainly not a fan of the map either. It’s not the worst, but it’s definitely toward the bottom. I just think it would be interesting to see a blue skies version of it.

      • Sam

        Someone forgot Estate.

        • djml9

          I actually like estate. Its a good sniper map.

    • ccrows

      I called over on GF (back in March) that the next “themed map” would be either Wetwork or Overgrown with a dusk like atmosphere and fireworks going off.

      ^ I’m gonna stick with that guess, but I’m excited for a new summer map either way… 🙂

      • GinsuVictim

        Ooooo, what about Overgrown…..on fire?!? Halfway through, the fireworks spark all the dry brush and the map starts going up in flames.

        • ccrows

          NOOOOOOOOOO! I like Grandma’s house… 🙁


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    • Seatown

      • GinsuVictim

        Oh, that would be awesome. They would definitely sell copies of the standalone MW:R if they started releasing MW3, MW2 maps as well.
        I mean, hell, they’ve already strayed off the path anyway, so just go nuts.

        • SPAWNST4R

          well now they know they can sell any old shit repackaged they will save that for the MW3 remaster bundled with the next subpar CoD they make, they now know that kids will buy anything.

    • AjPgh

      This is a great way to have a map it would make call of duty better bc it would actually seem like summer on the beach and ppl are walking around on it I wish they make it like this

  • The9tailedgamer

    Alright, im interested, a summer map sounds great, especially if the mwp is normally dark, like wetwork, the msp everyone seems to want.

    On the topic of MWR, the weekend warfare mode is streaks confirmed, which im glad is back again, after a while.

  • DonkeySlapz

    Guys, Winter Crash is back on the “Streaks Confirmed” weekend warfare!

    • ccrows

      That’s actually huge news for me, since I never knew that the camo’s were limited to get back when it was active. I made sure that I didn’t make that mistake twice with Daybreak.

      Thanks for the heads up bro… 🙂

    • VAQnotVAG

      Yeah I was surprised as well! It seemed like over half the matches I played last night on it were Winter Crash though, so it got a little old real quick, but still props that they added it back to a playlist

      • dereck

        Santa never gets old. HO HO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Michael Romo

    I honestly wish it will be Wet Work. I fuckin hate that map, but I’d hate it less if it were brighter

  • MPC14

    And the Xbox One players that have to wait a month for the standalone release? Just ‘f**k you’ to them then?

    • CoD Rapist

      yeah, fuck xbone fags

    • Dante

      Just because the standalone comes out layer Xbox can still play it of they have IW with MWR. So they aren’t fucking anyone.

      • Kind are to the people who want to purchase MWR without IW. There is literally no logical reason to sale Xbox and PC a whole month later for an actual game but punish the consumer for choosing anything but PS4.

  • SLYDOG55

    Could be Bog?

  • Remember this

    Remember this comment, overgrown will probably be used as an Halloween themed map 😉

  • User 1 fan fan

    User 1 and User 1 fan. Where are you i need you

  • Sweep

    Just hurry and drop it will ye!!