Raven Software is introducing Beach Bog to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered for the Days of Summer seasonal event, which is the Bog map updated to a beach-side location with new sand castle, seaside graffiti, a surfboard shop and café, and more.

Preview images:

The new updated map also includes limited time challenges, which allows players to unlock special seasonal themed camos. The challenges are only available during the Days of Summer event.

Days of Summer event is available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered for five weeks.

  • Psychomaggot105


  • Michael Romo

    Nah. That map is just plain trash. I don’t want to play it

    •  naTe

      Well don’t then. Ain’t no one gonna care…

  • Elias Peter Hugo Ericsson

    when is it starting?

    • ccrows

      Already started…

      • Stephanie Mina Lopez

        I cant find it anywhere even after a softwarre update?! am i missing something.?

  • Diego Diniz

    We have to pay for it???

    • ccrows

      It’s free…

  • Adrian Rivera III

    They’re acting like we care for Bog its a clusterfuck

  • ccrows

    The only map in the entire game that I don’t like. *sigh*

    Welp I’m still playing it… *shrugs*

  • Beast Mode

    Now you can clearly see across the map when you snipe spawns…


  • ccrows

    This will be the first time since launch that I’ll be using Jugg as a perk. First time in almost a decade for COD4/MWR.

    Eh whatever, I got get those challenge points at some time I guess…

  • DJSaviD


    • ccrows

      Please explain further?…

      • Guessing they’re talking about Winter Crash

    • Chris Fitzsimmons

      It was Treyarch that first remade a night map into a day map. See WAW Makin.

      • DJSaviD

        I’m talking about seasonal map reskins

  • Holgi Dolgi

    we need serverfiles