A new voice over pack is now available for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare!

  • Grandma Knows Best pack costs $3.99 – Who’s the best at telling you what to do? Grandma! Everyone knows that Grandma Knows Best so listen up while she’s calling out killstreaks or letting you know about enemy activity in multiplayer. Hurry up and win that MP battle because she’s got a pie waiting for you in the oven.

Alongside the new pack, Infinity Ward has released a new Voice Over Pack bundle, which includes all of the four released Voice Over Packs for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for $7.99.

Listen up to Method Man’s hip hop flow, Ken Jeong’s comedic relief, Ozzy Man’s hilarious commentary, or Grandma’s snarky remarks with this VO 4-pack. Level up your MP gaming experience and have your killstreaks and enemy activities called out by one of these iconic voices.

  • ToonToons22

    Seriously? That’s stupid AF.

    • Chocobooo!

      It’s optional, dude. You are not being forced to buy it. You won’t even hear it when playing. So, stop complaining if it doesn’t affect you and your own gameplay.

      • ToonToons22

        I got a good reason to complain. It’s useless paid items like this that caused COD to take a step backwards.

        Who’s gonna buy this, anyway? I’d rather commit suicide with grenades than hear myself playing as an old granny. I’m sure many others feel the same.

        • Qaotik

          I don’t think weapon skins caused weapons to become imbalanced or anything like that

          • TheAdversary

            That wasn’t his point. MicroDLC is very much what’s making Call of Duty worse and worse. CoD4 Remastered still has the same shitty spawn system, terrible balancing, poor hit detection. No effort has gone into fixing any of these issues, but sure! Why not just slap on microtransactions and DLC guns instead? That is the culmination of microDLC.

          • Qaotik

            The teams that design new weapons and actually program how the game behaves are 2 entirely different groups: the art team and the programmers. How the game functions solely depends on the programmers. I also don’t think you understand why this game is bad, because that’s how the game actually was bad then minus the low tick rates on the servers.

          • TheAdversary

            Did you purposely misunderstand my post for the sake of condescension? My point is that the devs are putting less and less effort into fixing their games because people are dumping their money into the bullshit microtransactions. There’s no incentive to fix something as long as you are able to distract their audience with shiny objects. Companies do this all the time and it fucks with their customers and in the end, their reputations. That doesn’t matter though because they’re still making more money that way. It’s absolutely despicable to see a company shove off fixing their shitty rerelease of a 9-year-old product for the sake of pumping microtransactions up our asses.

          • Qaotik

            The DLC that people buy has nothing to do with the functionality of the game.

  • Diego Diniz

    I have IW with season pass…but this game is a joke!
    Worst Call of duty game ever!
    Not even a HEADSHOT SOUND???!!!
    I mean…cmon…

  • GinsuVictim

    Wait….what? Who the hell thought this was a good idea and why did no one stop them?

    • PDX Guitar Freak

      It was an odd choice for sure. I would rather have military characters do the voices, like Sgt Hartman from Full Metal Jacket yelling at you to wipe that grin off your face LOL.

      • GinsuVictim

        R Lee Ermey was already in Ghosts.

        • Ah, I forgot about that! … didn’t play a ton of Ghosts. Was Snoop Dogg in that one too?

          • GinsuVictim


      • W1LL1AM04

        Maybe they should of asked Arnold, Van Damme, Stallone, or Norris?

        • Would really love to hear Arnold do it, but we know Activision wouldn’t spend the money to get him. Instead we get an out-of-work rapper, a “C” actor who was only funny in one movie, some lame “YouTube celebrity”, and… someone’s… grandma.

  • Little things like this is why i like infinity ward. It reminds me it’s a game i play to have fun and enjoy myself


    more degeneracy

  • Qaotik

    Have we really went gotten to this point?

  • That is laughably bad

  • Barsik_The_CaT

    They miscalculated the price and it costs 180$ in Russia and CIS, lol

  • Thanasishim

    I feel bad for the grandma… the only reason why I won’t hate today.

  • Ayob Rossi

    This shit aint worth more than 50 cent.