Reddit user has dug through the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare files after today’s game update and has found the key art and images for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Absolution DLC Pack 3.

These images/key art are reportedly supposed to be used for the Message of the Day in-game.

Multiplayer Maps include Ember, Bermuda, Premafrost, and Fore. The Zombies map is Attack on the Radioactive Thing!

SOURCE: r/InfiniteWarfare and r/CODZombies

  • Lol one of the maps has different environments like that one map from BO3..

    • GinsuVictim

      “Fore,” so I’m thinking mini-golf.

  • Diego Diniz

    Infinity Ward…Put a HEADSHOT SOUND on this Game!!!
    is that ask too much ???

    • ccrows

      *in a sweet grandma voice*

      HEATSHOT! Good one dear…

    • Atiendo Boludos

      Wow, there’s no headshot sound on IW?

      • Diego Diniz

        No! And that’s sucks!
        Simple things makes the game better
        Headshot sound , hitmarker sound is very important…

  • PoonjabMcDaddy

    All 4 maps set on earth. Not that I like IW’s setting, but at least take advantage of the opportunity to be creative and make some interesting maps on other planets.

    • Diego Diniz

      Dude, standard maps SUCKS!
      Let them bring us colorful maps, fun maps
      because those Facility Maps are crap!

      • Because Call of Duty should be about pretty colors…in a war game.. Nice

    • ccrows

      Look at it like this, this is gonna be the last COD that gets all crazy/silly with the DLC for a while.

      I just don’t think we’ll be seeing WWII soldiers fighting inside a dance club. At least I hope that doesn’t happen…

    • Adrian Rivera III

      How do you know they’re all on earth? There’s no map description yet stop assuming

  • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

    yo..I completely forgot this game still had upcoming DlCs lmao .

  • Looks really gd tbh, probably will buy it !

  • TheLichKing

    Please not another gauntlet

  • Aidan



    why is a black man wearing that uniform

    • RogueMURICAN

      Umm maybe because blacks served and fought during the korean war, the 1950s during the time this zombies map takes place? Moron.

      • ccrows

        Looks like you’ve met Demolition for the first time… <_<

      • DEMOLITION12

        and what % was that

        • RogueMURICAN

          I don’t know, but definitely not as low as it was during WW2. During Korea and the 50s blacks were far more integrated into the army than the 40s. Go look up pictures.

  • More maps that don’t fit with this games theme.

    I know this game is shit but at least try and have one map in outer space/on another planet.

    • Qaotik

      They did do that already

    • Rorke File

      They’re doing this recently with all the COD games since BOII and Ghosts.

  • ghosts sucks

    This game is ruined! The Proteus gun is trash. There is some type of glitch with that gun. Some type of aim bot. This is crazy!

    • Adrian Rivera III

      Use it or stop crying its an exploit

      • ghosts sucks


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  • rob andy

    these dlc’s are just to late, i garantee so many dropped this shit game like i did months ago, its just to late and there to slow to putit out there, everyone has lost interest in this shit game.

    • Zac M


  • kpilkingtonn

    yeah…i dont think anyone is going to be looking forward to updates, gotta make it so there isnt always (every match basically) someone hacking, going like 50-2. Boots on the ground, scrap jetpacks, or at least nerf the synaptic so it cant fly around. Add maps, but also scrap the shit maps like frontier, mayday, neon…crusher….excess…

    • XboxISdead

      But see what i dont get is most people like you after a game cry their eyes out because i USE MY EXO SUIT INSTEAD OF CROUCH WALKING CORNER TO CORNER GETTING SHIT ON. Like stop thinking people use scufs all the time and turn on stick and move AND LEARN to USE THE EXO its not difficult. And exo suits are in the game so why not use it instead of crying because i just killed you crouching in a corner not even moving with a jet pack on your ass 1 off a care package camping.

      • kpilkingtonn

        exo suit?

  • Michael Romo

    Not gonna lie, this map pack looks good

  • Alex Brogan

    trying to be unique like bo3

    • Adrian Rivera III

      How is colorful maps unique specific to BO3?

  • Oh man, Fore is like Splash and Micro all over again,

    I hope they cut this cartoony shit down in WWII.

    • W1LL1AM04

      They will probably release a map inspired by Diner, drive ins, and dives

      • Haha, with a Guy Fieri voiceover pack

    • GinsuVictim

      WWII will still manage to have stupid shit. It may start serious, but they will fuck it up before its cycle is done.

      IW is slightly more serious than BO3 and AW, but I’m fine with colorful maps. So much better than brown and gray rubble.

  • digitalblurr

    Thumbs Up……faaack you Haters!
    The themes and storylines for Zombies are unique and very much relevant.
    If you enjoyed Advanced Warfare, you like IW.