With the latest patch update for Infinite Warfare, it appears the trophies for Infinite Warfare DLC 3 have gone live earlier than they should have.

The trophies have confirmed that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare DLC 3 is called Absolution, and the Zombies map with the DLC is called Attack of the Radioactive Thing.

The Zombies menu inside of Infinite Warfare has also updated to confirmed Attack of the Radioactive Thing as the Zombies map name.

There’s no other details regarding Infinite Warfare DLC 3 yet. Stay tuned.

  • Elite Predator

    It’s been a while. I could use some new maps. Haven’t touched this game for months.

  • What a zombie map name huh

  • Zac M

    I told my Dad last week that Elvira was the playable character (he really likes Elvira), so I’m glad I was right on with that one :p

  • CoD Rapist

    This game is complete trash, nobody cares. Quit posting articles on IW, just stick to BO3 & WW2 please.

    • TupperwareNinja

      Yeah stop being the guy that gets us call of Duty leaks, and just get us fandom leaks

    • honus

      black ops 3 is overrated. it plays about as smoothly as a bike riding over cobblestones. not to mention the countless measures they implemented to supress the skill gap that made AW so much fun for fast, calable players.

      • honus


  • Michael Romo

    I like the title of the zombies map. It actually sounds like a title of a cheap thriller movie from the 70’s/80’s and whatnot. This zombies mode is going for silly, and that’s what they’re sick sticking with. Good for IW