As part of the Days of Summer update, Raven has released a brand new Operation content drop for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered’s Depot. The Operation is called Copperhead and is live with the latest patch update for the game.

New content includes a new sniper, new LMG, and a new shotgun, along with all new customization content.

  • Pyromaani

    So still no new attachments?

    • ccrows

      I really hope we never see that stuff in this game… ūüôĀ

  • meh..

  • Adrian Rivera III

    Idk how ppl like this cod there’s no counter UAV no real technology whatsoever its modern warfare but no thermals nothing modern at all lol

    • Mick

      Which is why they incorporated all that stuff in MW2 and so on.

      • Adrian Rivera III


        • Niko Hyv√§rinen

          But the games have 2-3 years of experience and feedback difference. Also multiple different ideas implemented in between developvement cycles….

    • Truth

      I know lol none of the dlc weapons are even from modern times just stuff thrown together to avoid licensing fees because activision don’t want to touch their billions of dollars but what the f can we do lol

    • ccrows

      UAV Jammer is in the game…

      • Adrian Rivera III

        UAV jammer is not a counter I guess the devs got tires of thinking of ways to counter everything anything without a counter in the game is fkn op and just gets used by every npob in the lobby

    • awlagfare

      ‘there is no counter uav’ dude insert your tampon already

      • Adrian Rivera III

        Sorry if you don’t know how to play the game and you get spawned trapped every fkn time the enemy calls in a UAV sorry you’re mad those cuavs fuck up VSATS too lol

        • awlagfare

          Dude … uav jammer!
          If you don’t know how to make a class with uav jammer you’ll never get counter uav

          • Adrian Rivera III

            There is no counter UAV in the game whatsoever UAV jammer doesn’t jam their UAV its just ghosts genius lol

          • awlagfare

            Lol u have zero idea what your talking about.

          • Adrian Rivera III

            Lol youy must not understand no counter UAV means I have to run a stealth perk instead of jamming their UAVs damn you kids have no strategy you just point and shoot and hope you win the gun fight lol

          • awlagfare

            Lol you are the dumbest person ever. Enemy has uav –>use jammer. Enemy doesn’t have uav? –> don’t.

            Or like me, play a competetive game with descent teammates and barely ever deal with enemy uav.

            Good luck playing free for all with your m16 stopping power

          • Adrian Rivera III

            Lmao have you ever had your UAV jammed in cod1 its not a jammer its essentially a ghost perk it doesnt jam anything smh lol

          • Adrian Rivera III

            If I don’t run stealth perks then I can use a cuav for when the enemy has a UAV get it now ? UAV jammer does fkn nothing to their radar its the fkn ghost perk

          • Adrian Rivera III

            It doesn’t jam their uavs lol holy shit you won dickhead of the year all it does is make you invincible on their radar

          • awlagfare

            No radar/invisible on the radar tomeeto/tomato.

          • Niko Hyv√§rinen

            butthurt about the game not having a stupid killstreak. gitgud

          • Adrian Rivera III

            Lol IDC actually I was just saying how it’s “Modern warfare ” no technology modern at all lol they have a fkn UAV jammer but nothing to counter anything else no flak jacket to counter nades or to counter helis lol its a clusterfuck and noobs like you call this or MW2 the best cod the best cod is one with NP noobtubes period

          • Niko Hyv√§rinen

            chill man. It’s a game. the game has a name. it doesn’t and is not meant to represent it accurately and completely.

            I like how you immediately think my age would matter in this case, even if I actually aren’t older than cod, my point still stands and you had nothing to shut it down with. Maybe you’re the one that needs to grow up, mentally at least.

          • Adrian Rivera III

            I’m pretty sure cod is older than you or the same age lmao

    • anon75849302

      Seems modern for a game based in 90s warfare

      • Adrian Rivera III

        Even the 90’s had thermal technology and counter UAVs

  • The good days of CoD are gone

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2007) based of actual events, real life weapons/equipment technology etc…

    Call of Duty: Modern warfare Remastered (2016) beautiful game at launch a lot like the original real weapons etc.. 2017 rolls around supply drops and now we have prototype weapons they’re not even real weapons any more that is the sad part only a hand full out of the dlc weapons (magnum, rangers, mac 10 and pkm) only weapons that actually exist others and made up weapons

    What has happened to Call of Duty? I know it’s just weapons but i liked the fact that they always used real weapons in older call of dutys with their real names, all them fictional and prototype weapons belong in the futuristic call of duty not a modern one

    • SSR

      Based on actual events huh?

      • TheAdversary

        You mean a ragtag team of special operatives who took down armies while managing to survive nearly every misfortune which a soldier can experience never actually happened?

        That’s preposterous!

    • AA Watcher

      Believe me or not, but magazine fed lmg’s are a real thing. That lmg looks very similar to a picture I’ve seen a while ago

    • Michael Romo

      Uh, in case you didn’t notice, this isn’t a game for realism, especially with Multiplayer

    • Rorke File

      It’s cheaper to make own games than rather use other ones with rights.

  • DJSaviD

    Dual rangers :'(

  • Mark Richards

    This game has been ruined!!!!!!!! This last update was the last straw!!! I will not buy anymore COD’s