As part of the Days of Summer, Raven will be activating Double XP and Double Depot Credits in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered starting June 30 and ending on July 7.

Alongside those two, the new Beachcomber Prop Hunt mode will also be active during that time period as part of Days of Summer.

  • Subaru


  • Chris Fitzsimmons

    HYPE! All seriousness though, great job by the Activision people here.

    • TupperwareNinja

      Kind of bugged though that Summer Graves is easier to get than normal graves. All that hard work I put in buying cod points 😐

  • Probably will play more, but the game is just a clusterfuck with BOS14 atm. Fucingk hell what where Raven thinking.

    • ccrows

      1 – BOS14 being overused? lol no.

      2 – BOS14 isn’t even that good.

      & 3 – I’m happy that it adds weapon diversity to this game… 🙂

      • And your mentally ill

        • ccrows

          “And your mentally ill”

          ^ Says the guy that doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”… <_<

          • Correcting grammar is the best comeback you can think off. Sad.

          • ccrows

            Making medical assumptions about people you don’t know IRL is even worse… lol

          • Except I was not assuming anything. You have to be mentally ill if your saying BOS14 not overused or not good. That or you’re just not playing the game a lot.

          • ccrows

            I play the game every day. Actually it’s my most played COD ATM. (trying to enjoy every last minute of it before the “possibly” of the attachments that might be added in)


            *Real Talk Here* I rarely see the BOS14. Actually I see more XL-LAR. As for not being good. I’d honestly rather use a silenced AK, since it does more damage than the BOS14, and works great with my UAV Jammer class…

          • M8 WTF kind of game modes are you playing. S&D, Sabotage and Domination got hit with the fucking Plague.

          • ccrows

            “M8?” Before I go any further, you’re not from the US right?… (not even trolling just trying to help, I’ll explain in a sec after you reply)

          • No…?

          • ccrows

            OK, if there was one positive thing about Advanced Warfare, is that playing in lobbies filled with people in Europe or Australia showed me a different way / play style than normal US lobbies.

            ^ That’s probably why “you” see more BOS14’s, because your pool of players are different than mine. BOS14 really isn’t “that overused” and I see more XL-LARs TBH.

            Also nobody plays Sabotage here in the US…

          • Well there you go. In Europe its all over the place. Sabotage has a decent player base and there are at least 2-4 people using BOS14 in a match.

          • ccrows

            Yeah, Sabotage, HQ, Team Tactical, and Old School FFA are so dead that they threw them in a classic playlist over here.

            Sabatage got ruined by trolls a long time ago sitting on respawns over here, so it’s no wonder why the playlist is dead… (both on COD4 and MWR)

          • Also S-Tac is the shit right now. Played for two hours today and oh boy If you thought M40A3 and Barrett were a problem get ready to scream REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

          • ccrows

            Yeah I know, I’ve used it already, and it is good. Thing going against it is if you get a hitmarker against the M40A3, the latter can get the 2nd shot faster.

            It’s an interesting trade-off, but overall I’m more of an AR/SMG guy… *shrugs*

          • Same. My favourite gun is the G36C. Love it more for the aesthetics than stats.

          • ccrows

            G36C I used a TON in MW3, but in COD4/MWR I use the AK more because (IMO) it’s the best AR if you like to stay off the radar without that much of a range penalty for using a silencer.

            ^ Which really fits my play style playing with randoms…

          • Same MW3 was special to me because it was the last game (at the time) that had G36C. Also I don’t know how it is in the US but oh boy BERED MK8 is a monster atm. It’s like L86 LSW and Stoner63 had a baby. Just disgusting.

          • ccrows

            I haven’t used the new LMG yet. Been too busy trying to carry randoms on Beach Bog. (hate BOG, but I still want to do the camo challenges)

            I thought the PKM was quite impressive. It’s hard for me to imagine the Bered being better. I might have to try that out soon…

          • If you see someone using it, try to pick it off the ground you will get emotional. What kind of emotions that depends on the person. I already know It’s stupid.

          • GinsuVictim

            “Think off”

          • Go, go POWER RANGERS!!!

          • GinsuVictim

            Fuuuuuck! I lose!

          • It was an honourable dual.

          • Jon

            Ignore the trolls

          • GinsuVictim

            Ignore the Jons

      • Keith Volt

        No, the BOS isn’t overused, but it is OP (or at least it was last time I checked)

        • ccrows

          If it was OP, then it would be overused with the community…

          • raptroes

            Not everyone has it unlocked, so it can’t be overused. I don’t have it, but I would probably use it if I did.

          • Keith Volt

            It WOULD be overused if it was available to everyone

    • Michael Costall

      as someone who has the bos14 and all the other guns aside from the rangers(all earned through scrap/credits from gameplay) the bos14 is not OP The m16 is. m16 will dominate any gun in the game. you get it at level 1. if you cant dominate with an m16 you won’t do much better with the bos14

      • ThisGuy

        The m16 is the best AR Sub Shotgun and sniper in the game.

  • Michael Romo

    So they won’t even keep Prop Hunt in for the entire summer event even though it’s summer themed? Smh. Ah well, it’s not like I’ll be playing this game anyways. With Splatoon 2 and Crash Bandicoot, my July will be filled with fun

  • Stephanie Mina Lopez

    Is anyone having issues finding prop hunt? i dont see it anywhere ?

    • GinsuVictim

      Maybe read the article above. The headline will suffice.

  • Michael Romo

    Just add Prop Hunt in permanently. That’s all anyone actually plays this game for.