In this post, we are recapping all of the different information that Sledgehammer Games revealed about Call of Duty: WWII during their Reddit AMA on r/WWII.

  • Supply Drops confirmed, plan is for weapon variants/gear to all be cosmetic. No info about how DLC weapons will work. 
  • Ranked Play and Game Battles are “important” to their feature set. More esports info coming later this summer
  • SHG will be at Comic-Con. Details on what they will be showing will be announced later.
  • Zombies info is ‘coming sooner than you may think.’
  • No Nintendo Switch version.
  • The team at SHG is very dedicated to MLG/esports.
  • There’s no Clan Wars support in WWII
  • With War, HQ, and all of MP, “this is the largest amount of content we’ve created for MP at launch.”
  • Campaign is 1 player only, not co-op.
  • Scorestreak progress will reset on death. There is a basic training perk that will allow it to continue, but scorestreak will then require additional points to earn in match.
  • Details on PC version are coming soon
  • Game server tick rate is 60Hz
  • MP maps will be featured in ‘variety of different locations.’ Specific details coming later.
  • Focus is on having historical gear/uniforms for characters at launch

SOURCE(s): r/WWII, u/SHG_Hammer, u/MCondrey

  • infinity396

    fuck… no clan wars.. so many rumors.. now having second thoughts.. it looked so good, but they continue to not seem to listen or listen to a small subset..

    • Keshav Bhat

      Well, Clan Wars development was done by a different studio – Beachhead. As far as I’m aware, Beachhead no longer exists as a full studio

      • infinity396

        doesn’t mean they couldn’t have used a new studio.. good trolling by Felix Gallo from beachhead.. yeah he now is listed as working for Amazon.. but those tweets talking about releasing some news soon with yolo_clan_news.. seems like a major joke and not that funny now..

        • Keshav Bhat

          He doesn’t work for Activision. He worked for a third party vendor called Sesmic Games, not beachhead.

    • Element115Will

      So just cause of Clan Wars, youre basically saying this game has lost potential? Wtf?

    • Elite Predator

      I think it’s better this way. That way public matches, league play, Game battles are separate from each other. So.. the game still has a very healthy competitive field. I honestly don’t care why you’re upset and I hope they won’t either. This is the best move. Sometimes I just wanna lay back and play, every single lobby would be filled with parties and clans going try hard for no reason. With it like this, everything has its own place for it’s time.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Clan Ops was better.

  • Interesting details. Can’t wait for this game.

  • CoD Rapist

    Focus is on having historical gear/uniforms for characters at launch.

    LOL, can’t wait for the bullshit were gonna see a few weeks after launch!!

  • BradyAlucard

    “The team at SHG is very dedicated to MLG/esports”. I rest my case on my complaints about this topic and Advanced Warfare. 8)

    “Game server tick rate is 60Hz”. More people need to talk about this. As far as I know (correct me if I’m wrong), but this is the highest server tick rate so far. I could be wrong.

    “Campaign is 1 player only, not co-op”. Huge missed opportunity.

    “Supply Drops confirmed, plan is for weapon variants/gear to all be cosmetic. No info about how DLC weapons will work”. As in, the weapon variants themselves will not affect stats in any way, but officially new guns will. They’re not trying to say anything else nor deceive us so that’s good.

    “Focus is on having historical gear/uniforms for characters at launch”. I hope Sledgehammer finds it important to not add anything otherwise, even post-launch.

    • Elite Predator

      Please no, leave my story campaign single player only. I love everything you said, I love my single player experiences. We have zombies and Multiplayer for co-op.

      • BradyAlucard

        Campaigns are more fun when they have more “game” in them IMO, hence Co-Op. I’ll get a lot of hate for this, but video games aren’t movies and shouldn’t be treated as such. It’s not like CoD has a good story anyway.

    • KX virus

      Huge missed opportunity? No. Absolutely not. It ruins the flow of a squad-centered story (especially this one which is supposed to be emotional and focuses on characters and single soldier’s experience) and it limits the immersion and cutscenes, and makes level design and scripted moments worse. BO3 tried, look how that turned out.

      I’m so glad the campaign is not coop.

      • BradyAlucard

        That’s your opinion, though. In MY opinion, I don’t care about scripted moments in a video game, let alone an FPS that feels like a shooting gallery regardless. I prefer fun over cinematics.

        • KX virus

          That’s what zombies is made for.

          • BradyAlucard

            Are you sure about that?

          • KX virus

            yes, mr. cena

          • BradyAlucard

            Exactly why I said it actually. LOL

    • Rorke File

      Sometimes a coop campaign isn’t suitable with COD campaigns.

      • BradyAlucard

        Only because of the way they’re made. IMO they need to make an effort.

  • se7en

    Anybody else notice that they said that character outfit customization would be historically accurate AT LAUNCH…..clown masks incoming….

    • Elite Predator

      Yo… I completely missed that. Oh these guys are getting sneaker by the games

    • jordanxbrookes

      I noticed that too. Incoming Clowns, Divers and Gingerbreads after New Year’s.

    • RdJokr

      To be fair, IW’s character outfits have been mostly in theme with the game, with a slight few quirky ones here and there. Wouldn’t be too bad if they did the same with WWII.

      • Aliceerodriguez

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  • Group_935

    “Focus is on having historical gear/uniforms for characters at launch”
    At Launch
    At Launch
    You know what that means for us…….

    • snake56

      Gingerbread nazi uniform.

  • cody harbaum

    just the news i wanted. Supply drops! Not buying this game!!

    • Charlie

      Sucks to be you.

      • Hitman

        Nah, he just has more intellect than you to stay away from this money grabber as we all come to expect from Activi$ion

        • Duke of hazard

          So Im guessing you and cody were 2 of the very few people that couldnt grasp the obvious fact that supply drops are here to stay no matter what.

          • Hitman

            Its not the implementation of supply drops, its the past and present tactics employed by Activision that is routinely distributed. In other words…its the same old shit and people just lap it up.

  • Qaotik

    I understand people are worried about supply drops, but the real most important thing is 60Hz SERVERS

    • Sexy Mcgee

      Refresh rate doesn’t have much to do with the real problems behind complaint’s of crappy netcode: bad lag comp and game enginegraphics engine synchronization.

      COD has mostly been 20 hz throughout the majority of the series and it has varied in quality. In fact netcode often varies from title update to title update within the same game.

      I’m not saying 60hz is bad or doesn’t improve the feel of the game, which it does. However, if they don’t fix bad lag comp and sync the game engine better so you don’t have player models in one spot, aim assist boxes in another, and hit boxes in yet a third then you’ll still get bull shit deaths and situations where you’re fighting with the controls. In fact, I’ve seen some bull shit deaths in WWII gameplay (in a lan setting, mind you) already.

      • Qaotik

        True, but it’s still very important. We all know that BF4 at one point had a server tickrate of 20Hz and how well that ended

        • PuddingAuxRais1ns

          BF4 had a tickrate as low as 10hz at one point. Now BF4 runs at 30hz on average, and BF1 upgraded from 30hz to 60hz on console now. If BF can do it, CoD can too.

        • Sexy Mcgee

          When Hardline had 60hz servers added, yes the game felt better, but the bad lag comp was still there until they improved it later when 60hz servers died out.

          The thing is whether a game is 10,20,30,45, or 60 hz, it’s the same refresh rate for everyone. no one is treated to a different server tick rate so no one has an advantage. However, the whole point of lag comp is to treat every connection uniquely and add more or less smoothing depending on how much someone’s connection needs it.

          Depending on how it’s implemented this leads to people with worse connections seeing enemy player models sooner while people with better connections seeing them later than where a player actually is. It can even effect bullet damage.

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        I’m sure the higher tickrate will help out with lag comp and game sync. It won’t be perfect, but it’ll still be a huge upgrade over what we had over the past several years.

      • Interesting. Can you link some examples of bullshit deaths from WWII footage?

        • Uhh I think the gameplay we seen of WWII MP isn’t on internet connection I believe..

        • Jon

          No he can’t because he is talking out his arse again.

          • Sexy Mcgee

            Here are a couple of examples from just 6 minutes of watching. Mind you, these aren’t even the worst I’ve seen and this is all lan gameplay.

            Awkward animations as the enemy pops out of the corner, he is shooting far to the right of the player when the player is killed, it looks like he is killed in one or two quick bullets when the enemy unloaded a volley on him:


            He’s getting hit markers in the air when the enemy is long gone behind cover, then gets a similar out of sync death as above.


            Even the kill animations look off, he kills a guy and it looks awkward and then his team mate kills an enemy who outright teleports a meter from the spot he was last alive to the spot where the game registers him as dead.


            I don’t know what you’re butt hurt about but if you want to be in denial that’s your right. I just don’t understand why you would be when the past eight games in the series have had these issues. With MWR (a game that’s closest to WWII’s engine) being the worst of the recent entries.

          • Jon

            I have never had issues in COD games like you are describing.

          • Sexy Mcgee

            Congratulations, you’re very fortunate or you might just not recognize it but the footage clearly shows those issues in WWII. If you do a search for any of the CODs and lag comp starting with black ops 1 you’ll find plenty of videos on it.

          • christopher woodhead

            I have had all the issues he mentions. Since MW2 the netcode in COD has been utterly woeful. Playing HC seems to alleviate some of the issues. And,no, it isn’t my connection. I can play literally every other shooter just fine, COD is the only one that I have issues with.

        • Sexy Mcgee

          Check my reply to Jon.

        • Jon

          He is just another one of these constant complainers

  • Ak74u

    COD ghosts is now backwards compatible, why hasnt CI covered this or any other big youtuber.

    • GinsuVictim

      I mentioned it when it came out, but no one noticed. 🙂
      Both here and on Kinja:

      • Ak74u

        It seems like people dont care or their just ignoring it. Cant believe they made it backwards compatible as its not that old and games like mw2 or mw3 more requested still arent backwards compatible

        • GinsuVictim

          It has a bigger population and you can play LAN matches with a 360 and Xbox One.

        • I think the reason why MW2 and MW3 aren’t backwards compatible is probably because that have plans to remaster those games.

    • Yecart

      That’s due to already having a disc and digital download Xbox One version of the game it just made the player base bigger on cod ghost either way I don’t think anyone cares lol

    • Nick

      Because the released cod ghosts on the next gen consoles lol

  • Evri

    What about theater mode? Will it make a return?

  • Tsaki

    60Hz on the game servers. That’s promising

  • EnVoltage

    Zombies info sooner than we think? My guess is a teaser at Comic Con, and a full reveal at Gamescom?

  • lamelo

    does this mean that it’ll be 60 HZ in *AND* out??

  • 60Hz , We did it!!

  • imBATMAN

    This will be a Historically Accurate CoD until DLC 1 then we will get the cancer SHG gave us in AW

  • Hitman

    “Focus is on having historical gear/uniforms for characters at launch” Man that is funny! Here we go with the authenticity getting booted asap

  • People are overreacting about everything that sounds vaguely like there’ll be variants or daft outfits. Take it easy, wait until the game comes and if it does and they fuck it up then we’ll be mad and they’ll have screwed up any chance they had of winning over the CoD community. For the time being the game looks incredible and we have no proof of variants or clown soldiers so let’s just hope it stays like that!

    • lunator100hd .

      It will happen.

  • DeBriefBarbie

    I haven’t played COD since COD 2 on my PC…yes, about a lifetime ago. Anyway, I have no idea what supply drops, score streaks, clan wars, etc…are. Is there a good website with all the general info that will get me up to speed with the basics?

    • Michael Romo

      Not necessarily. I suggest just going on YT and watching past gameplays of the older games. That, or you could buy CoD: Ghosts or AW for a cheap price and try it out yourself. Each game is basically the same in gameplay besides movement, and the create-a-class systems issuable change from year to year

      • DeBriefBarbie

        Thanks! Appreciate the feedback and I’ll check out some youtube gameplay.

  • Zakin ?

    calm down people, this will be most like the advanced warfare supply drops, its not gonna be like that bad like BO3 and infinite wafare,

    • Adrian Rivera III

      IW actually gives you the gun thru Sp or unlocks AW and BO3 drops are lottery you can only earn guns thru drops which is bs but IW gets a bad wrap lol