UPDATE: The official Comic-Con website has revealed that the Call of Duty: WWII Zombies panel will take place July 20 at 11:45AM PT. There’s no information if this will be streamed (previous years, Comic Con panel has not been streamed). Here’s the official description of the panel:

Call of Duty is returning to Comic-Con with a new, dark chapter in Call of Duty’s fan-favorite zombies co-operative mode. Get the first look at this new zombies horror experience from the team at Sledgehammer Games, as they bring their rich horror pedigree to zombies! Be the first to see the popular zombies mode in all its glory, and meet members of the zombies dev team and some of the Hollywood cast of actors who will be surviving this year’s zombies horror. Attendees will receive a limited-edition Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies poster!

Original Story:

Activision and Sledgehammer Games have announced that Call of Duty: WWII’s Nazi Zombies co-op mode will be revealed on Thursday, July 20 during San Diego Comic-Con.

Stay tuned for more information.

SOURCE: @CallofDuty


    Here’s to hoping that this Nazi Zombies game mode isnt just another 3Arc Zombies spinoff. *Cough* IW *Cough*

    • Hoping it’s not either. Maybe in some ways it can take some Treyarch elements but no dev is going to have a stand out third game mode if they just do completely 100% what Treyarch did. So far Extinction is honestly the only one that stands out and that should have returned in IW.

      This is SHGames first take on zombies so I’m excited to see what they can do and I hope it’s different instead of a 100% copy like AW and IW

      • Kyle Emery

        This is sledgehammer games we’re talking about here. If you haven’t played dead space then I dunno it’ll be good trust me! They used to make dead space games and there were horror.

        • I played a little bit of Dead Space. I do think they’ll probably deliver on the horror aspect

      • DEMOLITION12

        lol did you forget exo zombies?

        • Raven Software did Exo Zombies I believe not SHGames.

      • BradyAlucard

        Extinction was a reskin that wasn’t nearly as good.

        • Extinction was far from a reskin of Treyarch Zombies. Think you’re confusing the current Infinite Warfare Zombies with that.

          • BradyAlucard

            Not at all. All Extinction is is Zombies with aliens and killstreaks and it wasn’t nearly as good.

          • It really does not play like zombies though. Still think youre getting confused with IW

      • RdJokr

        Maybe the point now is not to make a standout mode anymore. The community never gave Extinction a chance, so Activision isn’t gonna even try. Zombies is gonna be like Multiplayer from now on: same round-based survival mode with a story quest on top, with slight variation each year from each developer. And nobody ever asked for MP to be vastly different between each dev, so neither will Zombies.

        • But yet MP is being handled much diffently than IW and BO3. There is no jet packs. Pick 10 seems to not be coming back.

          If SHGames and IW don’t want to make there game mode differently or something a bit different, it doesn’t even have to completely different but doing completely what Treyarch does in every sense? Well, they aren’t ever going to get anywhere.

          There is a reason why IW isn’t very popular with fans. Not just the reveal and the setting. But the entire game is just another Black Ops 3

          • RdJokr

            I mean in terms of core gameplay. Even with the advanced movements, you play AW, BO3 and IW and you can still tell it’s COD MP. Same way Zombies does. What you named there are simple features that make up the difference between each title. Similarly, going from BO3 to IW, you have the Fate and Fortune cards which are like Gobblegums but then they work slightly different. That’s the kind of difference you can expect between each title.

            Me personally, I’m not too bothered, since I’m a huge Zombies lover, and I thought Infinity Ward did great with their Zombies maps. But like Extinction, it’s packaged with a multiplayer component that everyone loves to hate, even when it’s actually doing some decent stuff lately. So whether they do Zombies or not, it’s a win-win for me because I either get more of what I love or I get something new and fresh.

          • Like I said, I said they could still take some elements from Treyarch to make it Call of Duty Zombies. My main problem with IW and AW is that it is completely 100% a Treyarch rip off. I think there needs to be some changes if they truly want the mode to be successful and to be up there with Treyarch.

            I say keep the round based system because that’s what Zombies is in Call of Duty. But change up the way perks are done. Or wall weapons. Or mystery box. I think some of those core features need to be changed.

            They seem to be talking about the big horror aspect of it and if that delivers than great. I think this mode needs a good story and a good unsettling vibe.

            Basically with my point about the MP part is yes it’s still Call of Duty at it’s core but WWII isn’t doing every exact feature the same way IW completely copied Black Ops 3. That on it’s own is already making WWII a different experience than IW and BO3. All three devs shouldn’t be copying each other word for word.

            Same thing for zombies. SHGames and IW shouldn’t be doing every Treyarch feature word for word in their modes. They need more differences to stand out.

          • Leo

            What gave MP some flair for me was also the addition of some bland form of storyline – I’m somewhat eager to know exactly who is the “mystery man” behind the simulations.

          • RdJokr

            Sure, I feel ya. But there’s a certain Treyarch Zombies mold that they should stick to. Things that should be unchanged to retain that Zombies feel. You mentioned perks and wall guns, but I feel that’s similar to how perks and classes are retained in nearly every COD MP game since COD4.

            That’s just my opinion anyway. I hope there’s enough difference to keep things fresh, but not too much to the point where it becomes something entirely different with just Zombies slapped on it.

    • djml9

      IW Zombies is great. Its their take on on Treyarch’s formula and theyve done a fantastic job with it. It has a ton of features that should be copied over to treyarch zombies.

    • Agreed. About time for something different (something ACTUALLY different)

      • Ritabblake

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  • Tested

    It better be endless rounds of zombies and not some crap story thing.

    • Leo

      Thanks but no thanks. What pushed zombies forward in Treyarch’s games was how they at least TRIED to explain the whole thing, at times via adding touches to level design.

      I’d actually call for questlines, i.e. more explicit clues as to what needs to be done in order to clear the map: it’s damn annoying to be waiting for someone to publish a list of abstruse, at times time and resource consuming steps that need to be taken.

  • Diego Diniz

    Multiplayer > Zombies > Campaign

    Let the RAGE begin!

    • Totally agree!

    • Atiendo Boludos

      Multiplayer > Campaign > Zombies
      I don’t like Zombies at all.

    • The9tailedgamer

      Alright, I can respect that, personally im actually campaign > zombies > multiplayer, but i can see the reasoning behind your choice

  • If it’s third person I’m already keeping my distance from the mode.

    • Thanasishim

      Why would it be third person though?

      • Aidan

        Michael Condrey compared Nazi Zombies to Dead Space.

      • People are having some kind of huge speculation because of them saying stuff about Dead Space and the whole third person in Headquarters thing.

    • Vikrant Singh

      idk, they might make it a separate bonus mode if anything. I do welcome the proposition though, 3rd person is something cod hasn’t visited since mw2

  • Felix Plante

    How can it be bad ? Team leader did Dead Space, there will be WWII weapons, it’s probably gonna be creapy. I’m just hyped guys.

  • Was about to say hope next year we don’t get zombies again, but Treyarch is next year. So I hope Infinity Ward don’t do zombies again, I thought extinction was a good change and hope they can improve on it’s flaws and bring it back but more not to do for the base map

  • Thang Tran

    Should be called Axis Zombies. Keeps with the theme.

    • ToonToons22

      No, just call it German Zombies to keep the SJWs happy.

      • For some reason I find that really funny. Like a bunch of dead guys walking around in lederhosen eating bratwurst

    • RdJokr

      Axis would imply having Italian and Japanese zombies. Hell, fuck it, maybe just call it Zombies so we can have zombies of any possible nation.

  • Slothigans

    Just please let zombies actually be scary this time. Or creepy at least. The only creepy moment I’ve ever had on zombies was buried from black ops 2 when that floating lady would chase you around lol.

    • Michael Romo

      I thought the bloody bodybags in the showers of MotD were creepy af. Eventually you just think of them as walls, but still

    • Beast Mode

      George from Call of the Dead kind of scared me just knowin the fool was following u the whole time

  • jackingoffonbus


  • Michael Romo

    But will there be BUMPA CAAARS?

  • sXeGraetness

    This looks sooo fucking stupid. Same shit every year and they expect us to buy this crap?!? No way.

  • Eddie Tupy

    whatever it is itll be fine. I hope its more like extinction tho