The Days of Summer event has begun in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3! Play Awakening DLC for free during the three week period, which starts now and ends on August 1 at 10AM PT.

Alongside that, two new weapons – AN94 and China Lake – have been added to the Supply Drops in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

And, a new limited time Pack-A-Punch Camo — Cherry Fizzy — is also in the Supply Drop pool. This camo is limited edition, which means it will only be in the loot pool for one week.

  • Ak74u


    • CoD Rapist

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          this poor guy is getting smacked by everyone in this comment section. jk he deserves it lol

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  • Samuel Hirmiz

    supply drops are so bullshit, and yes i’m salty

  • Bindal

    The 4 maps aren’t that big of a deal on PC as, apparently, the 30-day-DLC-trial is still going (which means all 16 DLC maps are free to play on PC) because according to pcdev on Twitter “the button to turn the trial off is broken”.
    Works for me.

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  • Boldcyclonus

    Got that stupid Chinalake on my first drop. What a waste of 30 cryptokeys. Time to noobtube this shit.

  • Ivo Knorr

    No update on PC yet?

  • Elite Predator

    Perfect. I just finished my contract yesterday and these assholes gave me the D13 Sector for my bribe. Never gonna use it anyway.

  • Pls stop adding guns

  • Treliazz Eliazz


  • Samuel Hirmiz

    can’t wait for the same system in cod ww2

  • Vikrant Singh

    they’re basically repeating history at this point. remember when they added the m1911 and the ak a week after chronicles, and then added those two into ZC more than a month later? that’s exactly what they’re gonna do with the an94 and china lake

    • RdJokr

      Yeah, except… The AN94 hasn’t been in any of the ZC maps. And who honestly wants the China Lake back?

  • Where the free dlc

    They could at least give us some guns for free since the game is almost two years old? Look at games like Gears, R6, Battlefield and now Battlefront who are giving the players free dlc and maps and weapons etc for free. A lot of game companies are going down that root of free dlc. Yet you still have cod putting guns in supply drops and the typical 4 maps and season pass shit. Seriously hope activison changes this otherwise cod will just keep in the same formula and not progress. Hoping we get some free dlc maps and guns with WW2.

    • succ

      i believe if future cod’s dlcs are free, there’ll be more supply drop content. and no one wants that

      • succ


        apart from youtubers who use it for video ideas

  • lunator100hd .

    More guns in supply drops= More reasons to be mad about this game.

  • Nostalgia Guy

    What happened to “3 weeks of double XP”?

  • Mick

    I had over 300 keys about a week ago and spent them all. FML man.

    • ccrows

      Well there’s the recent weapon bribe from a month ago to work towards. Unless you did that already… *shrugs*

      • Mick

        Yup I did that one. Luckily though I’m close to this 100 wins contract. Hope for the nail gun or AK-74u.

        • ccrows

          Best of luck on that, and I hope that you get the pull that you’re looking for… 🙂

  • Ak74u

    I also like how bo3 is still being supported but treyarch really needs to focus on their next game. I would rather them add all this new content on their next game

  • Emre

    Another weapon i will never get. They keep adding weapons because people keep buying this supply drops.

    • Angelarbridges

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  • Tayler Hammond

    Can we PLEASE get one of the guns for FREE already? SO many weapons out there that NOBODY are getting. Come on Treyarch….

    • ccrows

      Weapon bribes bro, there were 4 of them… (you should have 4 free DLC weapons at the very least)

  • Group_935

    More weapons that I will never get unless I lay down some actual coin.

    • ccrows

      or do the weapon bribes… (you should at the very least have 4 weapons if you did them all)

  • scrotesmd

    Tr3yarch have come from being my favourite developer to my least , I wish they would drop from the 3 year cycle. All these weapons and literally no chance of using them

    • ccrows

      F&F how many of the 4 weapon bribe contracts did you complete?

      2nd, outside of the Dual Marshals, which DLC weapon is better than stock?

      ^ BTW *spoiler alert* there is none outside of the duals, and I can defend EVERY DLC gun vs stock (including the latest AN94), stock in every case sans duals is better.

      3rd, HowTF can you put SH ahead of Trey when AW is generally agreed upon as the worst COD in the entire series, and CODWWII hasn’t been released yet?

      4th – Outside of your hate for Trey’s DLC weapons, what makes Trey the worst dev IYO out of them all?… (especially since Trey doesn’t use weapon variant BS, and everyone here knows that weapon variants are never balanced)

      • W

        Weapon variants are pretty balanced in IW imo.

        Also, none of them might be better than stock, but not having a realistic chance of getting them sucks major balls. I’m not OP btw.

        • ccrows

          ERAD Cyclopian and Mauler Mammoth (yes again) badly need a nerf.

          There’s more, but those are the ones that easily stand out…

  • Sentinel

    Infinity Ward are by far the best studio at handling the content in the supply drops. They have set an example on how these notorious supply crates should be distributed in the game. All new DLC weapons were given free to all season pass holders nd that is how it should be! I like the idea of having the same weapon variants in the supply but nothing more than a boost of XP on all the useable weapons in the game, including DLC weapons! I just hope that the two other studios carry on with the same blueprint nd not try to buttfuck consumers like the last 2 years.

  • imBATMAN

    tbh i’d rather pay 10$ for individual items than supply drops

  • theargaminggroup

    Anybody notice they got rid of bonus modes in multiplayer?

    • ccrows

      Is that Chaos moshpit or something else?…

      • theargaminggroup

        Chaos Moshpit (which is sometimes Nuketown), Gun Game, Ground War I think

        • ccrows

          Didn’t notice that till now, been playing too much MWR lately, but good looking out…

  • theargaminggroup

    I desperately wanted the cherry fizz, and even though I vowed to never spend money on supply drops, I was so upset with not getting Into the Void after opening 16 supply drops, that I bought the $10 coins. Then I realized I just spent $10 for a camo that would have cost $2 in Black Ops 2

  • DudeGamingHD

    Is there a new community contrtact camo for days of summer?