A new playlist update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is now live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In the patch notes, Infinity Ward has revealed that, after hearing fan feedback, they have decided to remove kill trading feature from public matches. This playlist update also brought updates and fixes to Attack of the Radioactive Thing! Zombies map, and more.


New Feature:

  • Kill Trading: In June of this year, we enabled Kill Trading in public matches. Doing so gave us the ability to test this feature on a large scale. Since then, we’ve heard a lot of player feedback, and have seen a few unforeseen effects on the Scorestreak system and Hardcore modes, so we’ve decided to remove the feature from public playlists today, Friday, July 14th. However, you’ll still be able to access the feature in custom matches.

General Fixes and What’s New

  • Genesis is now back in rotation
  • CTF has been removed and Epic Gun Game has been added (thru July 21st)
  • Weapons:
    • Hailstorm – Ordinance: Akimbo rate of fire has been reduced to match the rate of other pistols
    • M.2187: Fixed issues with some challenges not working as intended
    • M.2187: Adjusted the Smart Show attachment from 8 to 5 pellets (does not change the effectiveness of the attachment)
  • Players were able to join the Competitive playlist using FTL Payloads and Traits (Phase Shift, Perception, and Super Charge), which are now restricted to match the CWL ruleset
  • Uplink: Fix for an issue where the drone could fall between the hay stacks outside of the barn and force a time out on Throwback
  • Added the Proteus, Trek-50, and M.2187 to Gun Game and Epic Gun Game
  • Fix for players being able to use the secondary modes on hybrid weapons like the Type-2, RPR Evo, and the EBR-800 in the Competitive playlist
  • Various map fixes

Attack of the Radioactive Thing (PS4):

  • Pack-a-Punch Axe now track progress correctly for bounties
  • Traps now correctly track progress for bounties
  • Charges fuses can now be turned in while holding an upgraded weapon
  • Various weapon bug fixes (Proteus, Volk)

SOURCE: Infinity Ward

  • ccrows

    Thank goodness! 🙂

    Hopefully COD devs never try bringing that back…

  • Thank god, I got tired of killing someone then their gun drops to the floor and end up killing me. -_-

    • ccrows

      There’s no doubt that SS were down because of that. It was a lose-lose situation for both sides and the community…

      • Patsylrobinson

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        • Cheesesteakwit

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          • sXeGraetness

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    • sXeGraetness

      Cuz u suck at lifr fucking loser

      • Sexy Mcgee

        Yeah, the people complaining about kill trading are the ones who don’t realize how many bullshit kills they get thanks to bad lag comp. Kill trading made it a little more fair so it sucks it got taken out.

  • Alex Brogan

    why was genesis out of the rotation??

    • ccrows

      Another FTL Boost Jump Glitch.

      They should just nerf that before more spots are found and abused with it…

      • Alex Brogan

        so stupid, this game has been such a mess. wish i didnt buy the season pass.

        • sXeGraetness

          u bought the season pass?!? LMAO what a dumb fuck

          • Alex Brogan

            I didn’t know the game was gonna suck :/

        • Nuclear af

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    • sXeGraetness

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  • Psychomaggot105

    About time. One of the dumbest ideas in cod history.

    • ccrows

      I was starting to get worried that this was a testing ground for Condrey to use in COD WWII.

      Glad to see that the community got vocal against it… 🙂

      • Nuclear af

        Kill trading is better so shut up

    • Nuclear af

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  • TheAdversary


    • sXeGraetness

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      • Nuclear af


  • I thought this feature was more funny than frustrating for some reason.

    • sXeGraetness

      Edit – I thought this feature was amazing, I love killing people then dying, very realistic.

      • I have never seen a user so butt hurt in my life that they have to impersonate me lol..And they don’t even do that correctly.

        • sXeGraetness

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          • Charlie

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          • sXeGraetness

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  • GinsuVictim

    I never even saw this….
    What was kill trading?

    • Ryan Gorman

      Kill Trading was when you could kill each other in a gunfight (both players die)

      • Aidan

        Oh, I noticed that. It really pissed me off sometimes. I’m glad it’s gone.

    • ccrows

      Ryan already hit the nail on the head with putting this in the most simplest form.

      If you’ve noticed (over the past month or two) when you and an enemy die at the same time, and the medal of “trade” popping up top, that’s “kill trading”.

      However (IMO) it’s a bad mechanic in the COD universe… (give me a sec to explain)

      • ccrows

        ^ (cont)

        Gunfights (very basic explanation) “Without kill trading” – 2 people shoot at each other. One person does the right amount of damage first, and the other person dies.

        ^ The moment that the other person loses the gunfight, their bullets
        basically don’t exist/count anymore. They were declared the loser in
        the gunfight. and that encounter is over. This is the way that gunfights
        have been over the years, because COD is an arcade shooter.

        “With Kill Trading” – Take that same scenario above, but once you
        are declared the winner of the gunfight, the loser’s bullets still keep
        flying at you, and now you’re BOTH dead. You were initially declared
        the winner, but the same scenario now turns into a tie…

        • ccrows

          ^ (cont)

          Some people might look at the kill trading scenario, and say well that’s realistic. What’s wrong with that?

          ^ Welp, COD was meant to be an arcade shooter, and not a war simulator.

          you turn on kill trading, you have a lot more “ties” in gunfights which
          means a lot less scorestreaks are gonna get earned. When you have less
          SS getting earned, less people are happy, and when less people are
          happy, the population goes down.

          & That’s what happened
          with IW during that time period. It became more dry and boring because
          less people were going on streaks. Also, (especially late at night) it
          was taking longer to get into lobbies, or constantly getting thrown
          back into the same lobby. Usually that stuff happens the most when the
          pop is low… *shrugs*


          • Nuclear af

            I think you need to shut the fuck up nigger

        • Cheesesteakwit

          It all has to do with people with bad internet connections getting an advantage cause there internet is slow so u die with ur good internet connection even though u shot first and got the kill 1st!! Worst idea ever and it would be Infinity Ward that would do stupid shit like this!!

          • ccrows

            That’s the other part, (Basically a Lag Comp mechanism being used on top of the game’s Lag Comp system) but the main difference is that bullets keep flying towards you after you get your kill.

            TBF, you can’t blame bad internet connections for “all” of this, because for those that play HC, this was a nightmare. I always play core, but HC users actually had it worse than core with kill trading being used.

            Either way, (core or HC) this was something that the majority of the community was vocal against, so hopefully kill trading never returns…

          • Nuclear af


  • Whats kill trading?

    • ccrows

      Read my “book” that I just posted below… 😉

    • sXeGraetness

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  • Fuck this piece of shit! COD: WWII hype train has no breaks! Choo choo motherfucker!

  • 88 Fingers Edward

    Because of Kill Trading the near impossible happened when we Tied a Team Deathmatch 100 to 100. Never bring it back again. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d9c2721aa9331a32d79e2e98ee336e53a6bfee79dd93eeab88445198e3524e6d.png

    • ccrows


      Thanks for sharing that… 🙂

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  • kpilkingtonn
  • Adrian Rivera III

    Never understood how this was a good idea I think the devs are the real noobs of cod

    • sXeGraetness

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      • The Gaming Revolution

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        • sXeGraetness

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          • The Gaming Revolution

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          • The Gaming Revolution

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    • Nuclear af

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  • Cheesesteakwit

    No one plays IW it is the worst CoD multiplayer ever made!! More people play BO3, like me than waste there time on a garbage game like Infinite Shitfare!! If it wasn’t for BO3 and Treyarch Activision wouldn’t even have a CoD in the top 10 most played games list on Xbox1 and PS4!!

    • Nuclear af

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  • Cheesesteakwit

    It’s funny that i would have to be at a disadvantage for having great internet connection in an FPS game cause others are playing with a dial-up internet connection or there smartphone service wtf this is just another reason why Infinity Ward’s CoD’s are inferior to Treyarch or Sledgehammers CoD’s!!

  • Eddie Tupy

    low ttk games dont need this shit.

  • Nuclear af

    Trade killing is actually realistic. Some fans apparently don’t know that cuz they are too stupid.

  • kpilkingtonn

    How about not adding anymore shotguns/shotgun variants/snipers that are also shotguns….there’s already too many of them. it just encourages crap players to duel wield the m.2187 and run around not aiming and just blasting away. every corner i turn there’s some dick head hip firing a reaver variant.